3 Unique Ways To Celebrate This Festive Season With Your Team

team building activities for festive season; A group of friends having a good time outdoors.

Team building activities always play an important role in bringing your team members together, making them understand each other more while exploring and uncovering their potential skill set. 

That said, at Avalanche Adventure, we offer experiences dedicated to team building activities. What’s more, all the activities we offer are best enjoyed outdoors. 

Moreover, it gives a sense of being one with nature, not to mention our Leicester countryside view is simply terrific. Since Christmas is just two months away, it is a sure fire way for you to get your team together and experiment with different team building activities for the festive season.  

With the variety of outdoor activities we offer, your team is bound to have a great time at our activity centre as they truly enjoy the Christmas spirit. Here are some fun ways you can make your Christmas corporate day out festive and exciting for your team! 

Let’s dive right in! 

1. Blindfold Driving 

team building activities for festive season; Avalanche's blindfold driving experience.

Christmas is a festival of joy and cheer that brings people together. The holidays, however, last more than just one day and this is your cue to reap the benefits of this opportunity. 

What we mean to say is that your team would definitely be thankful for a corporate break. When you engage your team in fun and thrilling activities like blindfold driving, it will make them feel more involved and in sync with one another. 

Now, in terms of technicality, blindfold driving is the perfect team-building activity for the festive season because it encourages healthy synchronisation between its members, a profound experience to make their adrenaline rush and a perfect getaway from the four walls of the workspace

Additionally, activities like these will eventually work in your favour because it increases personal motivation, while sparking a new spirit of productivity that eventually results in overall company growth. 

It is also the perfect activity to enjoy and bond over before everyone goes off on their Christmas break!

2. Quad Bike Safari

Avalanche's quad bike safari activity.

Our quad bike safari experience takes place using an All-Terrain Vehicle (an ATV, for short) which gives the adventurers full flexibility to race on the different terrains  our Leicester activity centre has to offer. The vehicle is designed to support all kinds of challenges, be it desert areas, concrete roads, rugged and muddy terrain, mountains and more. 

Our testimonials show the kind of fun we offer, of how challenging it can get for your colleagues as they try to bring their A-game to win the race. 

This activity creates healthy yet challenging competition amongst your team members, as they swerve their way across the obstacle-ridden course to reach the finish line. 

3. Axe Throwing 

team building activities for festive season; Avalanche's axe-throwing activity.

Our corporate axe throwing team building challenge allows your employees to channel their inner warrior as this experience is based on ancient hunting and warcraft. It is popular opinion that instead of throwing the axe, the loud thud that it makes when it meets the target gives the thrower the real thrill.

Before you and your team immerse yourself in this activity, our instructors help you understand the basic techniques that’ll help make the most of the axe throwing experience in a fun yet safe way. Safety lies at the crux of all our outdoor adventures as we do everything in our power to make it a memorable experience for you and your team.

Once you try a few ‘angel throws’ (as we like to call the trial throws) with your team, you and your squad will be all set to unleash your true self as you go all out to awaken your inner barbarian to hit the bull’s eye! 

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We have several other activities that require your team to use their physical strength and smart planning to excel. 

That said, Avalanche Adventure provides the necessary equipment and ample space to carry out these activities smoothly. Our instructors are well-trained and spare no detail to ensure maximum safety for all our customers. 

Since it is the season of festivals, you must consider pre-booking because chances are, a lot of companies are already booking their share of slots! 

To ensure that you and your team have a great day outdoors, visit our website today to book your slots