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Gemini Off Road Racing Buggies

Avalanche Adventure offers you the chance to zoom around the track in our tough Gemini Off Road Racing Buggies with their 400cc engines. With a completely automatic transmission with a full roll cage and all-round suspension, these buggies are one to watch out for!

These off road buggies are really simple to drive. All you have to do is put your right foot down on the juice and just whizz away! Oh and don’t forget to press down your left foot occasionally to stop.

(Minimum of 4 people)

12 Years and Over

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A group of us went to Avalanche Adventure on a girls day out and we decided to do the Gemini Race Buggies. We all got a long practice session and then we went into a pursuit style race to see who get the best time. It was great fun and definitely would recommend to those petrol heads out there.

Off road buggy racing, are fast in dry weather and when it comes to drifting in damp and muddy terrains, these little beasts are unbeatable! At Avalanche Adventure, our purpose built race circuit is designed to challenge the open drifting turns, winding chicanes and fast straights!

You have probably never seen anything like these Gemini Off Road Racing Buggies; light and can easily pass off as pocket rockets. In no time, these buggies are capable of going from 0 to 60 mph. This is exactly why these dirt buggies are the new generation racing vehicles and you are bound to love them!

At Avalanche Adventure we offer this amazing off roading experience to you and your loved ones so that you get a healthy dose of blood- pumping adventure running through your veins.  Racing in our Gemini Off Road Racing Buggies is an enticing experience, even more so as there are no real roof or body shell. This basically means that you get to feel the wind whipping away at you with the probability of a bit of mud splatter which makes it the perfect recipe for a completely madcap driving experience.

As you slip and slide and make your way across our 800m race circuit, try and keep your Cheshire cat smile under control as it takes real time concentration to keep these buggies going in the right direction.

The off road buggy is low on weight and high on adventure and fun. It is a small motoring machine and is a multi terrain vehicle which is an apt description considering the fact that it is most comfortable on both tarmac and rutted mud tracks.

At Avalanche Adventure our expert instructors help you have an astounding buggy racing experience. We house two-seater buggies as it helps with counterbalancing the light construction of the vehicle. With its 400cc engine, the Gemini Off Road Racing Buggies are very energetic and you are bound to have fun getting a hold on all the useful instructions from our experts teaching you how to tame this beast. Check out the price list before you book your adventure!

The Gemini Off Road Racing Buggies activity kick-starts with a download on safety briefing where the drivers are given safety equipment and are familiarised with the controls of the buggies. After this, the drivers are shown how to get the most out of the buggies and our 800m racing circuit. Our instructors will also issue tips on braking points and how to extract the most out of the Gemini Road Racing Buggies.

Our Gemini Off Road Racing Buggies have a 400cc engine aboard and rack pinion steering for top class handling. These are ‘back to basics’ models with head height roll cage and a three point harness. These Gemini Race Buggies will introduce you to the open elements so, come prepared to get splattered with mud from head to toe.

You will be in awe of the Gemini Road Racing Buggies that Avalanche Adventure houses, especially if you love high power vehicles and these come with aggressive styling to their credit. These buggies are equipped with motorcycle engines so look forward to insane amounts of torque and a launch speed.

These dirt rage buggies are fun to drive around our circuit race track. We want you to keep in mind that this is a non-contact motorsport but with all the dust, mud and noise involved racing off road is going to be a gripping experience for you and your group. Contact us today to know more!

At Avalanche we give you the gift of our 800m race circuit with the challenge of racing around a slippery, muddy and wet track. You and your troop can indulge in challenging each other in a time trial competition and add to the excitement of the adventure; or you can simply choose to have fun racing on the track.

Our Gemini Liberator 400cc race buggies feature a comprehensive roll cage, three point harness and fully independent suspension. These mean machines are really fast, exhilarating not to mention highly responsive. Before you mount these buggies, we will provide you with all the necessary safety clothing, training and equipment. All you have to do is Get Set and GO!

The individual rides that we host here at Avalanche last for around 30 minutes. This is based on 4 people sharing 2 buggies for an hour long session. At Avalanche Adventure, we can run up to 3 Gemini Off Road Racing Buggies at a given time in a pursuit format and not wheel to wheel, if the size of the group requires us to do so.

Before you book your adventure with us, we advise you to wear appropriate clothing, boots, trainers or wellies depending on the weather. Many a times, you might require a change of footwear and socks after the event owing to the extreme puddle splashing!

The Gemini Off Road Racing Buggy venue is located in a manner that is perfect to organise a Corporate Days Out that is just the place to escape the city and rejuvenate teams.  This event is a really popular choice for organising an out-of-the-box stag and hen parties and set your group up for a thrilling off road racing experience.

This event is fit for both men and women. Children of age 12 years and above can participate in this event.

Powered by a 400cc engine, these fun vehicles are a source of immense entertainment as these are specifically designed for off road grassy and mud-spattered courses. Our Gemini Off Road Racing Buggies will have you chugging across the race circuit in no time at all! You and your flock will be driving around the circuit filled with twists and turns, chicanes and hairpin bends – all designed for a challenging and fun drive!

Each participant gets a chance to practice before jumping on to pursuit style races. The best part is you will get to laugh at the snail in your group while at the same time engage in neck to neck competition with the rest of your mates. Each circuit race will feature 2 drivers in a buggy with an all round suspension, a full roll cage and racing harness to ensure utmost safety.

Avalanche Adventure boasts an impressive 400 acre site located right in the heart of England, offering the best outdoor activities in the country.

After your fun-filled adventurous day speeding around the course in our Gemini Off Road Racing Buggies, it is only expected that you will need some time to relax. Our brand new air conditioned log cabin offers you absolute relief after a long day of racing. You can sit comfortably with refreshments pouring in, plus we have other activities that are tailored to suit your group and you are guaranteed to have a great day out.

We have always been a family friendly place and in addition to offering adrenaline pumping action, we also allow barbeques, picnics, and camping on our lawn areas. We know that slowing things down for quality time with the family is just as important. We have activity gift vouchers that you can give away as a birthday present!

We are open all year round (mud is fun) but booking in advance is essential. Check out the list of other activities that we offer right here

Get in touch with us today and we will set you right up to what would be an adventure of a lifetime!