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4 Reasons Why Outdoor Team Building Activities Will Bring You Together After Lockdown

Outdoor team building activities; lush, green pine trees with snowcapped mountains in the background

When it comes to fun employee engagement activities, why escape your conference room and run into an even smaller room? With lockdowns starting to be lifted and outdoor sports facilities like Avalanche Adventure being reopened, it’s a great idea to take your employees for a fun team building escapade in the great outdoors.  Not only […]

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Our Top 3 Picks for Off Roading Vehicles

Selecting the right off roading vehicle can ensure you have an adrenaline-filled adventure; A Land Rover Defender, driven in water

When it comes to thrilling adventures and adrenaline rushes, there’s nothing better than an off roading experience. Speeding on a 4×4, across different terrain, is a truly freeing experience. While there are several landscapes that will provide you with an exciting off roading experience, having the right vehicle is essential to enjoy this activity to […]

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5 Activities To Explore The Great Outdoors

outdoor activities in nature, two friends sitting atop a mountain watching the sun set

At Avalanche Adventure, we love exploring the great outdoors and participating in adrenaline filled outdoor activities (well, this doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy indoor activities!) That said, if you’re one of us but have fallen into the trap of “adulting” and are looking for an escape, then you’ve landed in the right place. In today’s […]

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5 Fun Outdoor Group Activities To Try Out With Your Friends

Participating in fun outdoor group activities with your friends can lead to unforgettable adventures; a group of friends laughing in the middle of a rocky hike trail

Spending time with friends is a great way to have fun and relax – after all they are always a source of happiness for everyone. That said, whenever we want to try out new activities or sports, our mates are always our go-to. However, with restrictions on going out, trying out new activities and sports […]

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Cleaning Your ATV After an Off-Road Experience – Here’s How!

cleaning your ATV, yellow coloured quad bike parked in the middle of a desert

If you’re an off-road driving enthusiast like us, then you are no stranger to how dirty your ATV gets after an adrenaline-filled off-road adventure. However, when it comes to cleaning your ATV, that’s where all the fun and excitement stops and the work begins. That said, at Avalanche Adventure, we’ve washed our fair share of […]

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