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Corporate Days Out

Corporate Days Out

If you are noticing droopy shoulders around the office, then it is a clear indication that your employees need a well deserved break from work life. You can now get the spring back in their steps by organising the perfect corporate days out with Avalanche Adventure.

As a responsible and thoughtful employer, reduce the amount of stress that your employees are burdened with, by awarding them with a change of scene from the monotonous work schedule. Instil team spirit and bonding afresh amongst employees by giving them the gift of Avalanche Adventure’s corporate days out, as it is the perfect opportunity for everyone to have a really good time and make fantastic memories in the process.

Our corporate days out is the perfect solution for you and your employees as it will give them all a chance to get to know one another outside the confines of an office space and the “professional” environment and attire. We promise you an incredibly fun time where everyone has the chance to let their hair down and bask in the fun activities that are tailored keeping in mind your preferences.

If you’re planning to treat your employees in a fun and unique way, Avalanche Adventure is your go-to option without a doubt. We offer top of the range fun activities for a memorable Corporate Days Out.

We mention top reasons why choosing a corporate days out with us is ideal!

Bonding time for staff

At Avalanche Adventure, we believe that bringing staff together and placing them in a situation where they have to rely on one another for support gives them a fresh perspective on their co-workers as well as the company. Once you establish connect by means of activities that we offer, it will reflect in the work that they do, back at office. Staff working in different departments may not even cross paths in the day to day running of the business activities. The opportunity to meet and get acquainted with one another in an informal environment gives the entire team a positive spin and corporate days out is the perfect platform to bring out these changes.

Satisfaction of the staff

Avalanche Adventure’s corporate days out brings the entire staff of the company together as a whole and all the employees will have a sense of validation and a feeling of importance. They will know that the workplace cares about them and this in itself is enough to give their morale a much needed boost and an altogether positive outlook for their workplace. Employees who are satisfied with their work and the people they work with, will give their best both individually and as members of a team. This will lead to more productivity in terms of output and peak the overall sales of the company.

Boost team development

Majority of the team building activities are structured to motivate people so as to pool their talents and give their best both individually and as team players. Our corporate days out, gives team members the perfect opportunity to discover that multiplicity is their most prized possession and trust, cooperation and effective communication are integral for a team to be successful. The structured activities that we offer at Avalanche Adventure will not only encourage individual development, but bring together all the team members to achieve a common goal.

Promotes creativity and problem solving

At Avalanche Adventure we offer team building activities that take employees out of their usual environment and present them with an out of the box task to perform. This charged environment often taps into the creative side of the employees and leaves them free to use their imagination to complete the tasks before them. This also sends a clear message to all the teams involved that their creativity is more than welcome in the work atmosphere. Additionally, corporate days out offer team building activities that gives employees structured ways to solve problems together while making them all aware of the resources that every member of the team brings to the workplace.

Staff integration

Corporate days out that are fun and interesting allows people to know each other better. It helps integrate new employees into work groups and kick starts easy flow of communication and strengthens work relationships. Moreover, seeing teams involved with team building activities at our venue will help senior management identify and develop future leaders.

A horde of options

Avalanche Adventure’s corporate days out are rife with a variety of team building activities that you can choose from. These activities generally require team members to rely upon one another to see a task to completion. These activities create a situation where trust, team spirit and coordination are at the heart of the tasks at hand.

It is fun!

Fun is the most important aspect to motivate your team and our corporate days out package ensure that you and your team have their fair share of fun. Such team events help employees realise that although they have crucial roles to play in the business, they will still be able to enjoy and let loose. At times, work will surely be stressful but there is always the silver lining to keep a lookout for! Avalanche Adventure’s corporate days out will play a role in making your work life happy and establish a balance between work and fun. The happiness of the employees is invaluable to any company and it more than justifies the small investment per head.

So, without further ado, book your adventure with us today. Check out the price list right here!

If you are bringing in the horde, Avalanche Adventure offers the following games for everyone. Check them out below!

Giant Jigsaw

Teams have to work together for this activity so as to complete the puzzle as quickly as possible. At first teams will be divided and each will be given separate bags containing puzzle pieces.

This will give the teams the impression that they are competing with each other but they will soon come to realise that they have absolutely no way of completing the puzzle without the help of the other sub-teams as they are likely to hold the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Avalanche Adventure will provide you with the puzzle pieces that will keep all the team members occupied during the entire exercise. This activity will be conducted in a reasonably spacious place which will be big enough to accommodate all team members while also making it easy for the team members to look at the puzzle which will make the solving even more fun and exciting.

The teams involved in this event will come to realise that every individual has a role to play within the team as a part of the corporate days out activity.

The learning outcome that the teams will gain from this will be as follows:

Strategic Planning

Leadership Skills

Improved Problem Solving Ability

Enhanced Communication Skills

Blindfold Driving

Blindfold driving is an activity rife with challenges and is both fun and interesting. It requires the participation of a minimum of 4 people and is a true test of trust and skill. It consists of a blindfolded driver using one of Avalanche’s Land Rover Defenders. Blindfold Driving is the best activity to demonstrate the true value of team work, collaboration and communication.

The driver sits in the second gear and leaves the Land Rover to drive itself without the use of accelerator, brake or clutch. The other team member has to give clear instructions to the blindfolded driver to help them steer around the obstacle filled course. Our expert instructors will brief you on the corporate days out event beforehand and you will get to practice so that you get a good understanding of how it is done. Your last lap will be timed and the team with the quickest time wins the event.

The course at Avalanche Adventure is made out of tyres and these will act as obstacles while the teams try to drive around navigating their way to avoid these hurdles while also keeping the time penalties at bay. Our instructors will always be around at all the locations where the tyres are placed to guide you with the operation of the controls of our Land Rover Defenders.

Get ready to be surprised, enthralled and thoroughly entertained by the results of this thrilling activity of corporate days out.

Opposite Steer Buggy

Another interesting and challenging activity that is a part of Avalanche Adventure’s corporate days out is Opposite Steer Buggy. The special thing about this activity is that the participants will have to apply all their driving lessons in the reverse order. This is mainly because as you steer to the left, the buggy goes in the right direction and vice versa testing your reactions and brain power in the process. You will have to go against everything that you have been taught to ace at this one.

Our qualified instructors will always be around to help you with hints and tips for driving the Opposite Steer Buggy. Our team will walk you through the controls of this vehicle in a 10 minute brief session to give an idea of how to control the buggy.

Air Rifle Shooting

This event requires the participants to get the big guns out (literally!). Get set, aim and fire away! You are bound to have fun participating in this challenging target shooting activity as a part of the corporate days out that Avalanche Adventure offers. Points can be scored and accumulated to determine the winning team.

This activity requires team members to attempt shooting the target from a specified distance and earn points for their team. To begin with air rifle shooting session, we will start with a safety briefing that teams will have to observe diligently. We will also give the teams a tutorial on how to hit the target and perfect their aims.

This activity places emphasis on the importance of precision and making the right choices when one is being a team player. Air rifle shooting activity as a part of corporate days out, will determine if you have what it takes to hit the bull’s-eye.

To know more about the activities that we offer, select the activity of your choice from the menu at the top of the page. We will tailor your chosen activities in a package. All you have to do is fill out the enquiry form or call us on 01858 880613.

Trying out something new with your staff will reflect good vibes amongst employees and at the same time go a long way to benefit the overall business as well. When you opt to do something different and new, employees will take cue from you and come out of their comfort zones and facilitate team bonding in new ways.

With the plethora of benefits attached to it, it will be incorrect to term corporate days out as splurging – it is an investment and a fruitful one at that. At the end of your corporate escape you will notice that it was an indeed a worthwhile investment. After all, the point of organising a corporate days out is to invest in something unique and get satisfying returns that benefit both the organisation as well as its employees.

Our packages are tailored to meet your requirements and budget for a successful corporate days out. Our new building is the perfect hangout place for holding meetings pre or post activities along with excellent catering services to please your taste buds.

At Avalanche, team development is at the core of all the activities that we offer to unleash the potential of your team. Our qualified experts stretch the mind a lot more than the body for strategic development all the while incorporating your main theories and tools.

Have a look at the price list page and the activity pages for more information on each activity. We will tailor your choice into a bespoke package.

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