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If you are among those who crave adventure then a quad bike safari around our farm is what you will love. 400 acers of tracks through woodlands and farmlands make it ideal to view some beautiful English wildlife and countryside.

  • Must be 12 years or older
  • We provide helmets, gloves and waterproofs 
  • Full tuition and each safari tailored to client’s ability
  • Quad bikes are a Honda 250cc with 5 speed semi-automatic gear box



Quad Bike Safari 1 Hour

£55 Inc VAT

Price Per Person

1 Hour

Estimated Activity Time

2-12 People

Recommended Group Size

Quad Buke Safari 1.5 Hours

£75 Inc VAT

Price Per Person

1.5 Hours

Estimated Activity Time

2-12 People

Recommended Group Size

Quad Bike Safari 2 Hours

£95 Inc VAT

Price Per Person

2 Hours

Estimated Activity Time

2-12 People

Recommended Group Size


“We had a fantastic time at Avalanche, the Quad Bike Safari was amazing and it was great to race colleagues around the fields!”

Dapa Marketing, Northamptonshire

“Best experience at Avalanche for my boyfriends birthday, we did off-road driving, quad biking and clay pigeon shooting… lovely staff very special day for us 10/10”


“Company outing, quad biking and clay shooting. Brilliant afternoon, friendly staff! Thank you all very much for such a good day.”

Gemma Green

“Thanks for making my birthday such a memorable one, really good instructors and really professional from start to end. Quad biking rules!!”

Serina Boksh

Why Are Quad Bike Safari’s so Popular?

All-terrain vehicles or ATV’s as they are commonly called are basically off-road vehicles that can be considered to be a cross between a standard motorcycle and basic car. The following are some features of an all-terrain vehicle that makes Quad Biking an exciting experience


As the name suggests an ATV is an All-Terrain vehicle which means that it can be driven on any type of terrain. Their design and build make it possible for us to drive them in desert areas, concrete roads, grasslands, rugged terrain, mountainous terrain etc. You name any type of terrain and this vehicle can take you for a ride on it. When you take a Quad Bike Safari you can understand that quad bikes have been designed to handle all types of roads and can absorb bumps and dips.

 So, if you want to experience the thrill of driving a machine on hills then an All-Terrain vehicle is your best bet. It is also the best option to help you reach inaccessible areas as they offer us a minimum level of convenience on any type of terrain.

 Thrill with safety

The biggest concern that most people have when trying off-roading on bikes or motorcycles is safety. There is always an element of danger involved in riding a two-wheeler on a rough terrain. A lot is dependent on balance and losing it can be a dangerous affair. Since a quad bike has four wheels it is a lot safer to drive and can handle the inconsistencies of a path better than a two-wheeler.

This makes All Terrain Vehicles a popular choice among those who wish to combine adventure with safety.

Even a person who derives more pleasure from a two-wheeler ride will enjoy this safer adventure that is offered by a quad bike. Such people generally love a varied experience and quad biking is the perfect way to satisfy the urge of exploring off roads in a completely different style. It can also be a great experience for a person who prefers driving a car such as a Sports Utility Vehicle as a quad bike is more open and has a structure that is more suitable and steadier in pits and off roads. Quad bike has a versatility that is not comparable with any other type of vehicle and this makes it extremely suitable for all types of terrain.

Struggling to choose?

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