Land Rover Off Road Driving Experience

If you’re about to have your first Land Rover Off Road Driving experience we should probably warn you – it’s addictive.

Irrespective of whether you’re an off roading virgin or a seasoned vet, the off roading experience at our activity centre is going to be something you and your friends will remember for a long time to come.

When booking, you are free to share the driving activity with a few others, or even bring along up to three passengers. In the case of the latter: so they can witness, in-vehicle, your all terrain driving skills.

A Land Rover Off Road Driving Experience, Is it for Me?

The first Land Rover off Road driving experience is always a memorable one. Like any other cool thing that you do for the first time there’s anticipation, expectation and suspense.

Our group 4×4 driving sessions makes for the ideal Stag Weekend activity.

There are a number of things to remember when you are about to get behind the wheel of an off-road machine for the first time. These things are usually related to your safety and the driving techniques that should come in handy in tricky situations. Our off-roading experts will be there to assist you at every turn and corner to ensure that you have an unparalleled off roading experience.

18 Years and Over

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Absolutely fabulous place, very friendly, my son loved his 4x4 experience and I will be booking again to have a go myself. Can't recommend this place enough.

The first time you sat in the car to learn how to drive, you experienced a lot of things coming at you all at once. The series of challenges started with locating the clutch, accelerator and brakes and operating them in tandem. Learning how to off Road is quite similar in terms of learning new things about driving.

Off Road driving gets you acquainted with the true art of driving. After handling a monstrous vehicle on a rough terrain, driving on flat roads will be a cakewalk for you.

The Land Rover Defender Experience

The Land Rover we use for our off roading activity is the iconic Land Rover Defender 90. It is the kind of vehicle that catches plenty of glances on the streets and is a personal favourite of those who love to off road. With a 2.2 litre turbo diesel engine this machine was born for the off roads.

Handling this beast will take some time to get used to but once you get a hang of it you will not be able to stop yourself from falling in love with it. The Defenders have been used for decades by off roading enthusiasts. It’s off roading capabilities have been tried and tested extensively over treacherous terrains and it has consistently outlived our expectations.

Now Google wants to impress you so it is going to throw at your huge mountains and an unreasonably-sized monster truck. But not every off-road terrain is like that and that is definitely not the way you get introduced to the sport. The off-road terrain at Avalanche Adventure’s activity centre has been created in a way that it is ideal for first timers as well have those who have some experience of off-roading. Following are certain things you’re likely to experience at our off-road terrain:

An Experience You Can Customise

At Avalanche Adventure we believe it is necessary to be comfortable in order to enjoy something to the fullest. If you have any reservations about the type of obstacles on our off-road terrain we will take your suggestions and tailor make the route just for you, so that you have an off roading experience you enjoy more than you worry about.

The Off-Road Terrain

The off-road terrain at Avalanche Adventure covers a vast range of off road obstacles such as hard and soft ground, steep inclines, shallow and deep water, side slopes, axle twisters and a wooded section. Basically, we have every type of terrain that you are likely to come across when it comes to off roading in a controlled environment.

Sounds Interesting, Tell Me More About it

There’s a good reason why off roading loyalists swear by this sport. Simply because it is amazing! Unlike some other adventure sports, it has the perfect combination of safety and adventure. The techniques can be easily picked up in an hour and when you do, you’re bound to get hooked onto it.

You learn to enjoy Driving without the Speed

One of the biggest misconceptions is that only speed can bring thrill into driving. But speeding can be more dangerous than most adventure sports. It should be avoided not only due to the threat to personal safety but also due to the possibility of running into trouble with law. Fun related to driving should be explored in ways other than what you see in Fast & Furious movies. Not everybody is as lucky as Vin Diesel to continue street racing without getting imprisoned for a long time. So quit making that noise with your engine and exhaust and get to the real deal, off-roading.

Bid your stress a goodbye

There are various reasons to give off roading a try. Some do it out of their sheer curiosity to try new things and then there are those who do it to break the monotony of their regular lives. Whatever your reason may be to try your hand at off roading, there is one thing we can assure you, you’re going to walk out of our activity centre leaving all your worries behind. There’s hardly an activity that’s as big a stress buster and as addictive as off roading.

Position of Differential

Being aware of your rear and front differentials is necessary as they give us an idea about the ground clearance of our vehicle. The other factors that contribute to the ground clearance should also be taken into consideration such as the spare tyre, exhaust etc. There are many benefits of having a clear idea about the ground clearance as it helps us to navigate our way over large obstacles such as a huge rock.

If a driver directly accelerates the car over such obstacles without any knowledge of the ground clearance the vehicle stands at a risk of getting damaged. Usually a person with good experience of driving should not face this problem, especially when off roading in a controlled environment such as Avalanche Adventure’s activity centre.

Limitations of the Vehicle

When you are driving a 4×4 you simply cannot treat it the same way you treat your normal car. It is huge to begin with and this change in dimension changes a lot of things. The first difference that you will realise is how it turns around corners. You need to keep in mind the geometry of your vehicle to accurately predict the angle at which you can turn the vehicle without hitting it against the obstacles on your either side.

There’s also one other thing that you should be mindful about. It may sound like a lesson from your physics book but it is quite important to explain to somebody who is about to take their first step into the world of off roading. The centre of gravity of an off road machine is at a much higher level compared to normal vehicles. Due to this the vehicle tends to roll over much easier when taking a sharp turn around a corner.

Before you are sent off on your own to off road we conduct a trial session in which one of our off road experts will give you a demonstration of how you should drive. In this session you will be given various tips and advice that we believe you should know before you begin to off road. Once this session is over the sacred moment shall have finally arrived. However, there are certain things that are so important that you should ideally have stored at the back of your mind. It mostly constitutes of all the safety tips and riding techniques that are important for anybody who is about to leave behind the beaten trail.

Positioning the Hand

This safety tip is mostly applicable to vehicles that lack power steering. An important advice regarding the position of your hand around the steering wheel, never place your thumb on the inside of a steering wheel. As it often happens on an uneven terrain the vehicle slides to either direction causing the steering wheel to behave of its own accord and turn suddenly to the left or right.

In such a situation if a thumb has been locked on the inside, there’s a possibility of the thumb getting injured. So at any given point you should ensure that your thumb is placed firmly on the outer rim. Those with experience of driving vehicles without power steering must be aware of the speed at which the steering wheel turns in such situations.


When the brakes are applied hard the front suspension compresses completely and most of the suspension travel is used up. When you are about to approach an obstacle you may tend to brake sharply in order to stop your vehicle in time. At this point you should remember to release the brake pedal at the right time before you hit the obstacle. This gives the front suspension the required time to return to its normal levels and frees up the travel suspension which is crucial when the vehicle is about to hit an obstacle.

There are many essentials that every off road machine should have in its deck. These items include:


When you come across a type of terrain that requires your tyres to have lower pressure, deflator is the equipment you need.

Recovery kit

As it often happens on an off road terrain, the vehicle gets stuck in such a position that it seems impossible to get it out using the steering wheel. In such situations you need a recovery kit to get your vehicle out of the mess.

Traction Mat

Sometimes the off-road vehicle gets trapped in a pool of mud and no matter how much you accelerate you cannot get the vehicle out of it. A traction mat is what you need at such times as it provides the tyres the necessary foothold.

There are many other essentials that you should carry with you when off roading such as a tyre inflator, shovel, jack, first aid kit, tool bag and fire extinguisher.

But these items are necessary only when you are about to go solo. This is the biggest advantage of off roading at Avalanche Adventure’s activity centre. Consider us to be the crew that takes care of everything backstage so that you can have the pure pleasure of off Roading with nothing to worry about.

Why Avalanche for Land Rover Off Road Driving Experience?

Avalanche Adventure has everything that it takes to give you the best off roading experience. Our experienced instructors ensure that you know every trick in the book to enjoy your off roading activity to the fullest.

We have the perfect terrain that makes off roading even more fun, hard and soft ground, shallow and deep water, steep inclines, side slopes, axle twisters, wooden section and a lot more. We also offer gift vouchers for our various activities. So contact us today and sign up for your unforgettable Land Rover off Road Driving Experience.