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Clay Pigeon Shooting

Even if you’re a novice or a seasoned shooter, there’s always something new to learn in the sport of clay pigeon shooting. At Avalanche Adventure we can show you how improve.

If you’ve just started off there are many things that you need to get a hang of before you can step out and shoot a clay pigeon. Those who are new to clay pigeon shooting will need to undertake several crucial shooting lessons that are provided at Avalanche Adventure. If you happen to be well acquainted with it you may still need to take sessions to keep your skill and technique well honed.

Be Prepared

There’s a good feeling about arriving at a shooting ground with complete preparation. Irrespective of whether it is your first lesson or first competition, being prepared is one of those things that has the maximum influence on your performance and learning graph. It is also a good way to ensure that you hit more targets than the individual shooting next to you.

If you’re going in for an independent session then the best time to get your kit ready is the evening before you set off for clay pigeon shooting. The kit includes ear defenders, thermos, gun, cartridges, sandwiches and anything else that you might need on that day. If you have signed up at Avalanche Adventure, individually or as a team building activity then you will be provided with everything required for this activity.

You should also wear the right shooting outfit. There’s no particularly defined outfit for clay pigeon shooting but it should be one that fits you well and is perfect for the weather outside. If you have taken care of all these things the night before then you will feel a lot more relaxed. It will ensure that you enter the venue with a clear mind which is of utmost importance in an activity that requires you to focus hard and concentrate.

The last thing you want to keep yourself busy with on the morning is scavenging for your gun certificate, counting your cartridges etc. All these concerns will result in your mind being pre-occupied with worries and this can affect the quality of clay pigeon shooting.

Needless to say, you should enjoy yourself because well, that’s the primary reason why you signed up for the activity and you have paid a price for it. You will have an experienced instructor standing behind you who will dispense some logical shooting advice while you’re holding the gun. You shouldn’t get stressed about it but try to learn as much as you can.

Be prepared

12 Years and Over

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Took two grandchildren for a clay-shooting taster. Went mid-week during the easter holidays so no crowds. Very well organised, clean and tidy. Good spectator area (ear defenders provided). Instruction was excellent. Result, two happy boys.

The reason you’re out there on the field with a gun in your hand is to put to dust as many birds as you can. Something that can help you to achieve this is reading the movement of clay birds. It may be difficult initially but once you get a hang of clay pigeon shooting you will not miss a single bird. If you’re able to follow the bird’s movement exactly with your finger then you will be able to anticipate whether it is going to drop or rise. You will be able to guess exactly when it is going to veer to the right or left. Tracking its movement will give you a fair idea about its speed and which will be the best time to strike the target. It will also give you the time that you need to get in the right stance.

No matter how much we emphasise on the importance of watching the bird before shooting it, it will never be enough. When you practice this technique several times you will be in a better position as you will know exactly where they are coming from and this should help you to hit bullseye.

The last thing you want to do is fire a couple of quick rounds in the sky that return back to the earth without hitting anything. It can shake your confidence and give you a feeling that you just don’t want to have because there’s nothing as embarrassing as being embarrassed.

However hard it sounds, you should not give two hoots about the possibility of doing something stupid or not striking a single bird. Nobody is bothered and most people out there are also learning how to go about it.

We understand the enthusiasm with which a person signs up for this activity and we always try our best to give them a shooting experience that is second to none. We have experienced and qualified instructors who can tell you everything you need to know about shotguns and safety guidelines that need to be followed.

Our clay pigeon shooting venue boasts of 12 remote controlled electric traps that enables us to serve all levels of experience and ability. We offer a variety of clay pigeons that include Driven, Down the line, Crossers, Teal, Crossing Pairs and our new Rabbit Trap. We provide both 12 and 20 bore shotguns suitable for children, ladies and gentlemen.

The three clay pigeon shooting packages that we offer are:

25 Bird Sporting Clay Shoot (shooting at 2-3 different clays)

50 Bird Sporting Clay Shoot (shooting at 3-4 different clays)

100 Bird Sporting Clay Shoot (shooting at 4-5 different clays)

You can combine this activity with other activities that we offer such as Archery, Land Rover off road driving, Quad Biking Safari, Gemini off road buggies, Amphibious vehicle driving, Hovercraft experience, Paintballing, Caterpillar club days, DTV shredder riding, Blindfold driving and Opposite steer buggy.

In itself Clay Pigeon Shooting is a fun activity and anybody who has done this at our Clay Pigeon Shooting ground will tell you the same. So contact us now and select your favourite Clay Pigeon Shooting package.