Give Your Loved Ones The Gift of Adventure This Holiday Season

As December approaches, the Christmas cheer is becoming more and more pronounced. This holiday season, make it a point to spend some quality time with your loved ones in a unique and adventurous way. At Avalanche, we have a host of outdoor activities for families that you can treat your loved ones to. 

Outdoor activities for families; a family enjoying a game of giant jigsaw

Our motto for Christmas 2021, is that you give the gift of adventure to the people you care about. While exchanging gifts and presents is a tradition, creating fun memories over the festive season is even better. 

We hope you’ll love our outdoor adventures with your loved ones so much that they end up becoming a crucial part of your Christmas tradition; who knows!

At Avalanche Adventure, our insanely enjoyable Christmas activities for families can help you transform your regular December days into a proper winter wonderland! 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Let’s dive straight in to see what’s in store for you and your loved ones!

Digger Driving

Outdoor activities for families; a man manoeuvring a yellow Volvo Digger

Ever fancied operating a monster machine, all 3.5 tonnes of it? At our Leicester activity centre, come have a go at manoeuvring our Volvo Digger. After a 10-minute safety briefing, you can look forward to an hour of blading, digging and dancing with our monster diggers. 

One of our instructors will be at hand in case you or your family needs help with the steering or controls. Once you get behind the wheel, you’ll see it’s more challenging and demanding than it looks. It’s a unique Christmas activity for families as you’ll use your judgement and skills to make the most of your Digger driving experience

You will also see how oddly satisfying it is to dig pits and fill holes with a truckload of mud! This works as a great outdoor activity for families as you can rope in your kids (above the age of 12) in the experience and have a real good time with this heavy-duty machine! 

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If you or your family consider yourself as a bit of a car or driving enthusiast, check out the following activities that guarantee a fun time:

Axe Throwing

When it comes to unique outdoor activities for families and friends, you need something that’s downright fun and out of the ordinary. How about giving your loved ones the chance to channel their dormant combatant with an hour-long session of focused yet stress-relieving axe throwing experience? The gift of adventure in its purest and unadulterated form, our axe throwing experience is one of a kind!

A man posing with an axe lodged in the log at Avalanche's Leicester Activity Centre

Using no modern equipment, with axe throwing, you and your loved ones could go all primal. The thrill of flinging an axe at your target nestled in our beautiful Leicester countryside is unparalleled. You will see that hitting the bullseye is more difficult than you imagined, but that doesn’t make the activity any less fun. 

Get the chance to work on your technique and your strength with our qualified instructors and their tips. In no time, you will be prepared to throw axes and revel in the satisfying thud as the blade successfully lodges itself into the log. 

Here are some more activities that you and your family can explore:

Air Rifle Shooting

Outdoor activities for families; Women with air rifles

This is one of the more fun outdoor activities for families that serves as the perfect adventure for this festive season. Gather your friends and family to see who’s a better shot. Go on a shooting spree at our Leicester activity centre as you hold a steady gaze and pull the trigger

If you are new to the activity, you probably may not hit your target, but shooting with an air rifle will still lend a great sense of achievement, not to mention the feeling of exhilaration and excitement washing all over you. If you manage to hit the bull’s eye, then that calls for a celebration as there’s nothing more satisfying and fun to see your target explode. 

One of the perfect outdoor adventures with your loved ones, this experience is ideal for the inner adventurer in all of us. If nothing, you and your family will be elated to finally find out how it feels to hold and shoot an air rifle. Nothing can compete with that feeling. 

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Some other similar activities that you can explore with us are:

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