5 Key Skills You Can Gain By Practising Archery

An exciting shooting game, archery requires an array of skills from strong shoulders and flexible muscles to sharp eyes and steady hands to nail the game.

While the equipment used to practice archery has improved significantly over the past several millennia, the way one shoots the bow (be it a modern compound or medieval longbow) has remained the same – drawback, aim, release and watch the arrow hit the target with a rewarding thud!

That said, regularly practising archery has several benefits as it enables you to gain various skills.

At Avalanche Adventure, we’ve put together a list of 5 key skills that you can gain and improve on through this sport.

Let’s take a look!

1. Builds Physical Strength

When it comes to archery, getting your body to move in the right direction is one thing but having the physical strength to remain steady when aiming is another.

While this isn’t a physically demanding game, it does require you to not only develop but also strengthen your muscles to draw and hold a heavy bow.

Initially, it might also seem like archery is all about arms; but when practiced properly, you’ll realise that the majority of work is actually done by your back muscles. What’s more, even your core muscles play a crucial role in this sport; as you keep practising archery, you’ll notice these muscles becoming stronger and toned with each passing day.

To learn more about how you can build your physical strength, click here!

2. Improves Your Balance and Coordination

At first, drawing a bow back might feel awkward since it needs the right balance and coordination of your body from the ground up!

It requires your hands and arms to work in sync while keeping your head, neck and shoulders aligned properly. Moreover, it’s also important to ensure that your feet and legs offer a strong foundation while enabling you to keep your weight evenly distributed and balanced.

In the beginning, these steps may seem overwhelming and combining all the movements might be a bit difficult to manage at once.

However, as you work towards developing the right archery form, your body will gradually learn all the steps that you need to perform and later your muscle memory will kick in and take care of the rest.

3. Develops Patience

While learning archery, the most common mistake that an archer makes is to either punch the trigger or rush the shot.

This usually happens when you aim at the target and a sudden nervous flurry hits you, pushing you to quickly release the shot. The movement caused due to this rush makes your bow jerk in your hands, changing both your aim and the arrow’s flight.

Now, how do you improve your focus and ensure that you aren’t rushing the shot?

It all boils down to “in-the-moment-patience”. Put simply, when you’re drawing your bow back and taking an aim, it’s natural for you to panic and punch the trigger.

Having said that, with regular practice, you’ll develop patience and come to realise that you’ve got enough time to reflect on your mistakes and work on improving your shot. After all, it’s all about developing incredible focus and allowing the perfect shot to happen.

4. Helps You Achieve Clarity of Mind

Research has revealed that practising archery regularly can help you cope with stress.

Being a sport that takes you outdoors and keeps you engaged, the biggest benefit offered by archery is – it allows you to withdraw from the distractions and other noises of your everyday life.

Not only is it an excellent way for you to mentally detox from everyday stress, but it also helps you concentrate on one thing at a time!

Additionally, similar to other forms of meditation, the more you practice the easier it becomes for you to achieve clarity of mind and live in a stress-free environment.

5. Boosts Your Ability to Judge Distances

Golfers and archers have one skill in common – their uncanny ability to judge distances.

While this skill may not be required outside your archery training (unless you’re also playing golf), spending enough time on the field will surely help you judge the yardage better. Moreover, it’ll also help you improve your accuracy to aim and hit the bullseye.

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Archery is an incredible sport to participate in, thanks to the many benefits it offers in terms of both mental and physical development.

While it might be a little overwhelming in the beginning, especially if you’re a beginner, with regular practice, this sport can help you improve your aiming skills.

If you’re ready to become an accomplished archer and amp up your skills, book your slots at our activity centre for a fun-filled day in advance.