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Archery has become very popular among people who indulge in shooting, combat and hunting games. Archery is a sport demanding a wide range of skills which also havea number of health and fitness benefits and it is also very social and enjoyable.

Archery is not just popular among professionals and adults but also among kids and students. In many schools and colleges, archery has been a part of extracurricular activities which can improve skills of children and they can acquirethe skills required in this game.

(minimum of 4 people)



12 Years and Over

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Great customer service prior to the activity - great welcome and good facilities. We were surprised by the range of activities available. Robin and Rachel attended to our needs and the activity ran like clockwork, with adequate but not excessive safety training, leaving lots of time for fun and even a brief inter-family competition at the end. We will certainly go back - 4x4 looks great, as does quad biking.

There are several benefits that can convinceyou to choose archery overother sports activities.

Physical benefit:

Archery is the game that involves every part of the body. Your upper body will help to control the position of the bow and your lower body will help to stabilize the position of your body.

It will generate strength inyour arms which will be needed to hold the arrow through string and the shoulders will stabilize yourarms. It will enhance the grip of your fingers which helps to hold onto the string.

Playing the game of archery regularly will add up to your exercise schedule. You just need to attend practice sessions which will help you to improve your game. Overall, archery will improve physical strength and skills of your body.

Improves focus and concentration:

Archery is a game of focus and concentration. It will enhance the stability of mind and improves coordination with your body. It will allow your mind to relax and keep stress at bay.

Archery is an open field game where a lot of distractions are present. Also, while competing in a tournament there is a high-pressure feeling in your mind that will deflect your focus fromthe target. This will help you to enhanceyour concentration so that you will focus better on your target instead of giving in to distractions.

Coordination with the body:

Once you find a way to improve your focus on the target, you will need to find best hand-eye coordination to take perfect aim for the target. This will need proper practise and stable mind which will allow you to have a proper grip on the bow and string. Your body posture is the most important thing in making a draw.

Balance and stability of the body and mind will help you to improve postures and hand-eye combination andit will result in increasing your chances of hitting the target.

Along with building physical strength, it will to increase mental strength thus help you to develop attention skills.

Archery is a sport that has multiple benefits to its credit. A few of them are mentioned below:

Builds Self-confidence:

With the combination of both mental and physical attributes, you shoot the target. With every shot taken, a player gains confidence which is enough for inner-satisfaction. It will help improve your form and also builds self-esteem so that next time you will be able to take proper aim.

Archery will also teach you the lesson of being patient. To attempt a good shot, patience is very important. Significant level of practice will help you reach a decent standard of patience and dedication.

Improves social skills:

During a competition or participation in the game of archery, archers learn sportsmanship, teamwork and game spirit. It will help them to realize the importance of being a good sportsperson. To be a good player, it will take impressive body language and good interacting manners with their team, fieldsmen, opposition and coaches.

Suitable for all ages:

From children of 8-10 years to the adults, archery is suitable to play at any level. Kids can play with their family members and also with group of friends. For group of friends, it is an ideal fun sporting game which will quickly develop healthy form of competition between the members of the group.

Archery is a game which accessible to everyone especially for those who are looking to discover a new sport.

The game of archery is a matter of pure focus, good instructions and techniques which will help you to achieve your target impressively and at Avalanche Adventure we love the fun and skills that are required to hit the bulls-eye. There are some techniques which will always help you to improve your aiming skills and at Avalanche, we have got the most proficient team of instructors who will be there to help you out at every step.

The bow contains anchor points through which it is pulled to shoot the arrow. If you are getting unstable with your feet while holding the bow, you will need to experiment with anchor points to find the best position that will work most consistently for you.

You will have to find a position at which bowstring is pulled in a way that it touches the tip of the nose and the other side of your cheek bone. This position will verify the correct position of the anchor points.

To keep consistency in locating anchor points, keep looking at bow positions. It will not only help to hold the bow at the same position but also give you a moderate level of grip.

It does not matter if you are a veteran or a beginner as the knowledge that our instructors impart will always be useful no matter what.

Proper posture

Your stance will be responsible for your shot. So to increase accuracy and power,form a good body balance and posture. Your feet have a great dependency on your body balance so keep them wide at shoulder width and perpendicular to each other.

Always check your stance before taking up the bow. It may seem easy but body balancing can be difficult on rough grounds.


Always keep your eyes focused on the target after releasing the arrow through bowstring until the arrow lands on the target. This will help you to observe accuracy of your shot so that next time you can improvise your shot even better. Avalanche Adventure specially provides instructors who give directions to achieve better aiming positions.

Stay relaxed

Don’t be nervous while taking a shot, as it may deflect you from the target. Keep your nerves relaxed and body calm so that your bow will remain stable. It will keep you  focused on the target. This situation is faced by most beginners, but practising will make it comfortable to aim precisely at the target.

A perfect archer is the one who has a lot of experience as well as immense talent in the world of archery. He can make a difficult and impossible shot look easy with experience and years of practise. He has the ability to define a perfect draw even in the toughest circumstances.

There are some characteristic by which a perfect archer can be recognised in the field of archery.

Possesses knowledge and experience

After every game of archery, a player gains some experience which helps him to correct his mistakes and evolve his shots for next competition. With each game played by him, there is an impact of previously played game that shows how quick he improves his shots and techniques.

No matter how many times he loses or wins, a good archer always gathers  observations of his own and opposition’s technique which help him to improvise his game.

Know about best equipments

A perfect archer will always know what is best for his game,because a good archery kit will always help to be the best in the game for an archer. To be a good archer, he should know to recognize which equipments are made with quality materials while selecting one for his match.

Your equipment should match your comfort level and should be safe to use. It is important to give priority to safety instead of choosing those equipments which are expensive.

To be an accomplished archer, the foundation of your training has to be really strong. Being observant really pays off too!

  • Always choose right training

A perfect archer will always train under recommended guidelines. He will always follow right techniques like holding the bow from correct positions, applying not more than enough strength to pull the bowstring and likewise other rules.

Before starting the training, he will always check that his equipmentare properly working. This will enhance safety and prevent any harm to both the archer and the equipment.

More observation than talks

Studying our opponent is most important thing in the field of archery. It will provide guidance to make a strategy or game plan. Instead of being more aggressive with small, intensive talk a good archer always concentrates on his game plan and carefully observe the mistakes of his opponent.

Sometimes you find a typical opponent who is more aggressive than you and try to provoke you to attempt and lose a shot. This is where a perfect archer uses his strength of concentration and let his skill do all the talking.

Staying calm and stick to your target is very important for an archer at this time as this might affect your aim on the target.

We have trained professionals and qualified instructors which will help and instruct you at every step of the game. We provide quality equipments like bows, arrows and essential instructions especially for beginners. We have bows for both left and right-handed players as per their convenience.

Our fieldsmen are always there to provide safety during the game so that no one can get hurt. They always look after the condition of the equipments so that they can work without being damaged at the time of use.

Our instructors will guide beginners about:

Rules and regulation of the game

Give knowledge about archery kit and other essential equipments

How to hold the bow properly

How to make the grip on the bow

Use of each finger on the bowstring

Safety rules and precautions while holding the bow

Body balance and correct body postures while holding the bow

Loading and unloading the arrow on the bowstring

Making a draw from the bow

Reactions on whistles of the fieldsman or coach

Alignment of the target with your aiming position

When to take a shot

Along with these measures our professional coaches will teach you building physical and mental strength. With proper technique, they help you to sustain stability of mind which will allow you to focus on your target.

At Avalanche Adventure, we have 15 metre outdoor range specially designed for archery lovers with excellent conditioned bows that can draw 12 to 22-pound weight.

Any person,above the age of 12 years can enjoy a good game of Archery at our site. Archery has become one of the most popular activities in our business and we are able to gather more and more people at our site.

Most of the people prefer to come in groups, so we provide them with the guidelines about appropriate clothing and boots or wellingtons. We also cater corporate events for businesses, stag and hen partiesand team building activities. So you can book your event anytime at our facility.

One can enjoy this game with family members and kids can also participate in the game at our site. Our sessions are 60 minutes long and at a time 2 to 4 targets are available depending on the size of the group. This arrangement is made  so that each member of the group gets the opportunity take an aim.

We have been serving as the best in business over two decades and keep impressing our customers with our services. Our farm is spread over 440-acresite which is big enough for any group activity.

Other than sports activities we also have party lawns, campaigning areas, picnic spots and other curricular activities to attend with your family and friends. We also present gift vouchers in case someone wants to throw a party or spend quality time with family.

Get in touch with us anytime and we will provide briefing about our services and exciting offers for a whole new experience in adventure activities.