Activity Centre Leicester

In this fast-moving world, people have busy schedules and they don’t get enough time to spend with their loved ones. Even the younger generation are getting caught in the same habits; bogged down with the pressure of studies and career – inevitably pushing aside the extra-curricular activities.

But, for those people who wish to break free of the constraints of the modern world and partake in adventurous activities then look no further than the professional thrill seekers Avalanche Adventure.

We have various activities at our facility that will coax out your adventurous side and help you quench your thirst for thrill and excitement. You will get amazed by our services and sporting events when you visit us. With our trained and professional experts, you will get quality assistance for each and every activity that you participate in.

Activities Provided at Our Activity Centre Leicester

There are many options to from at our activity centre in Leicester and in no time, you will be having fun with your family or friends.

DTV Shredder is one of the most extreme activities that we offer and is especially made for mountain bikers or off-road driving lovers. Our activity centre in Leicester can transform into your personal playground with highly equipped vehicles especially made for all-terrain purposes; you will get a combination of motor-cross bike, skateboard and jet-ski when you ride it.

What more could you ask for?

Our shredders are perfect for off-road riding and are tested by experts and professionals. With proper instructions given by our qualified and experienced instructors you will be able to enjoy every possible moment during a ride.

Along with DTV shredders we also have quad bike safari as an adventurous sporting activity for off-road riding lovers. These vehicles are also known as all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and can be considered as a mixture of standard motorbike and sports car. They are specially built for dirt roads, concrete, grasslands, rugged terrains and mountains. If you want to experience some thrilling moments whilst enjoying the country side then quad biking at Avalanche Adventure is for you. As it is a four-wheel drive, it offers safety and flexibility while driving off-road. Quad bikes have the ability to drive across any type of landscape irrespective of weather conditions.

If you are new to shooting and wish to learn, this is a great choice for you. Our instructors and technical staff will equip you with proper guidelines to enable you and your group to shoot safely. It is a good sport for friendly competitions. A group of visitors can challenge each other to a friendly game and can improve their shooting skills; making this the perfect activity for team building on a corporate outing. We have only the best shooting equipment and you will also be provided with appropriate safety equipment before you get started. This activity can actually be very helpful in gaining self-confidence, concentration and stability of the mind.

Land rover driving is more suited to more advanced drivers. Visitors will be able to drive through rough tracks, on steep inclines, in shallow and deep water, down slopes, axle twisters and wooden bridges. Our experienced instructors will brief you with proper guidelines and demonstrate how you should drive the vehicle safely and help you tackle various difficulties while driving. We have specially made tracks and routes which can match your driving on any tough terrain track. In this off-road driving experience, you will able to test your 4-wheeler driving skills and improve them and learn to control the vehicle in tough conditions.

Our buggies are specially equipped with powerful 400cc engines, power steering, full roll cage, all-round suspension and completely automatic transmission. When it comes to drifting in muddy terrains, these little monsters are powerful mean machines to drive. Before starting with this off-road trip, you will be given safety guidelines and equipment and a demonstration for controlling the buggies and our instructors will give some tips on how you can optimise our 800-metre racing track to gain maximum performance.

Besides adventurous and sporting activities like racing and off-road driving, archery has also become very popular at Avalanche. A game of archery requires a wide range of skills which also have a number of benefits attached to health and fitness. It requires high concentration, stability and overall body strength. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, our trained instructors and qualified professional will always provide the best support in any situation. Before you start, our instructors will give you a brief introduction about the game and explain the rules to the participants. They will also instruct everyone about the equipment and how it is to be used. Our sessions are 60-minutes long in which we allow 2 to 4 targets per team.

To make your driving more adventurous and daring, have a crack at blindfold driving. Requiring a minimum of 4 team members; blindfold driving is a challenging yet fun team building activity. One of the team members is blindfolded whilst driving one of our special Land Rovers, which drives itself without using a clutch, brake or accelerator, whilst the other will guide the way by giving instructions as accurately as possible. Before this activity begins, you will be briefed about the rules and regulations of the game by our instructors and they will also give you tips on how you can help your blindfolded partner. Each team should attempt to properly navigate the drivers so that they will cover the laps within the time limit.

Our activity centre in Leicester is an ideal location for some muddy good fun! We’re situated in the scenic countryside and with over 400-acres to explore we’re confident you’ll enjoy our activity centre in Leicester. Our staff has over 10 years’ experience in providing only the best services to satisfy our customer’s requirements.  So, book any activity today and have fun with your family and friends.