4 Unique Outdoor Activities For Car Enthusiasts

Our daily routine has significantly changed since last year. Leaving home for adventures has been reduced to visiting the local supermarket or, if you’re feeling particularly fancy, going on a virtual tour

This has been particularly hard on car enthusiasts who like chasing the wind and driving over picturesque courses. While you might not be able to strap yourself in your vehicle and simply zoom around for fun, you can still plan for adventures in the future. 

Being a car enthusiast, indoor activities may not satisfy your craving for adrenaline rushes. Having outdoor activities to look forward to, may give you the motivation to get through these unprecedented times. 

If you agree with Bilbo Baggins when he said, “I think I’m quite ready for another adventure”, then we couldn’t agree more, and have just the thing for you.

At Avalanche Adventure, we’ve put together a list of unique outdoor activities for car enthusiasts who are looking for an adrenaline thrill. 

These activities are suitable for every motorhead so without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Gemini Off Road Racing

Imagine speeding away on little beast-like machines, crossing muddy terrains with picturesque views! If you liked the visual that popped up in your head, Gemini off road racing is a sport you must try.

A unique adventure that is perfect for car enthusiasts, Gemini off road racing buggies serve as smaller cars that are capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in no time. These new generation racing vehicles are sure to deliver the thrill and adrenaline rush you’re looking for. Additionally, these buggies have no real roof or body shell, meaning maneuvering different terrain will require concentration, awareness and expertise.

To make things more fun, you can build a competitive atmosphere by racing with your friends or your teammates across different terrains to see who completes the track first. 

2. Quad Biking

ATVs have always been immensely popular. A unique hybrid of a car and a bike, an ATV is a unique experience in itself. This makes quad biking one of the best sports out there for adrenaline junky motorheads.

Perfect for adventure-seeking car enthusiasts, a quad biking safari allows you to navigate across different terrain with muddy paths and gorgeous views. Moreover, the resistance against road obstacles that ATVs provide make them incredibly safe and suitable for all kinds of terrain.

A great alternative to conventional vehicles, a quad bike experience is entertaining and simple for every individual. All you require are a few basic riding and safety instructions and you’re good to go!

3. Land Rover Off Road Driving

Remember the excitement you felt when you first tried driving a car? The sense of achievement you feel after learning how to deal with multiple moving parts and getting going in a car while also considering the external factors, is incomparable. If you wish to experience something similar, consider trying off roading in our land rover.

Learning how to off road is similar to learning how to drive for the first time. Moreover, manipulating rough terrain with a monstrous vehicle will provide you with an exhilarating experience. Off roading in different places and terrain can provide you with unique experiences.  

A perfect combination of fun and safety, those who experience off road racing always swear by it. This activity can be enjoyed with your friends or family. With the added challenge of unfamiliar terrain, this sport serves as the perfect outdoor activity for every car enthusiast.

To find out more about off roading, contact Avalanche Adventure here.

4. Opposite Steer Buggy

A rare and unconventional sport, opposite steer buggying is an adventure that will truly surprise you. The reason behind the uniqueness of the sport is the way the controls of the buggy work – if you steer left, the buggy goes right!

Through this outdoor activity, every car enthusiast can test their agility and brainpower through the confusing controls of the buggy. However, if you master the controls, your skills will be greatly enhanced and you can proudly brag about them in front of your friends. 

What’s more, manoeuvring the buggy across a challenging course is sure to give you an adrenaline thrill. After a few instructions and tips, you can test your skills and embark on your adventure.

Contact Avalanche Adventures for Unique Outdoor Activities

After the lockdowns and restrictions, a vehicle based adventure is what every car enthusiast needs.. If our list of activities has enticed the motorhead in you, we have a solution.

Avalanche Adventure offers various outdoor activities for car enthusiasts that are not only thrilling but also safe. From off roading and quad biking to camping and archery, we have it all!

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