​Here’s How to Plan The Perfect Stag Do During Lockdown

With lockdown restrictions following us into 2021, many stag parties have been cancelled. As we’re now all maintaining a distance of two metres from our mates, all stag do silliness is off the table – or is it? 

In 2020, we saw a rise in virtual hen and stag dos during lockdown, which means having a good time isn’t completely off limits. Even if your travel plans have suffered a setback, all is not lost.

Start by checking your calendar and the availability of the groom and his best mates and host a virtual stag do in the lockdown! 

Sure, you can have a proper celebration when things get back to normal, but for now, you’ll be amazed at just how much fun you can have with a WiFi connection and a group of friends

From food and drinks to games and adventures, at Avalanche we’ve put together a solid plan to help you host a virtual stag do during lockdown!

Let’s take a look!

Organisation is Key

With a virtual stag do, sure there’s less logistical issues to worry about, but that doesn’t mean that you put no thought into it at all. You can’t just log in with your mates and hope for the best (well actually, you could, but the more effort you make, the better!). Being prepared and organised is therefore extremely important. 

Ensure that you iron out the core details of the stag do. Think about when and how it’s going to be hosted and whether it will be a surprise for the groom. Another thing to consider is which platform you use. Set up a group on WhatsApp for further discussion or, if you’re feeling particularly fancy, consider sending out evites

If surprising the groom is the plan, ensure that you rope in his fiancé to help him get ready for the party. Speak with the other attendees and have a plan of action ready with various ideas and activities to make your virtual stag do unforgettable. 

Order Food and Drinks

When planning a stag do during lockdown, it’s important to concentrate on the details. None of the stags will want to be hungry and parched, so it’s better to figure out what you’re going to order in advance. 

Channel your organisational skills and make arrangements for all the stags to order in at the same time. Don’t forget to order for the groom too. Pizza and Chinese seem like a safe go-to option but why not see if there’s some other cuisine you’d like to experiment with

It would also be really considerate for everyone to chip in and send over the stag’s favourite drink (or a crate) to his house in advance.

Play Some Games

Structure is key for virtual stag dos, hosted in lockdown. If you don’t have a plan of action ready, the whole evening might sputter and fall flat. Ensure that you have some games ready to keep the fun vibe going. Start off with an icebreaker game and get the drinks flowing. This way, stags who don’t know each other can familiarise themselves.

Since the stag is the centre of attention for the evening, ask him to say something about each guest and others can guess who he’s talking about. This can help spark conversation amongst all stags and fun and laughter will follow suit. 

As the evening progresses, consider playing virtual poker, Cards Against Humanity or Pictionary as these can now all be played online and are perfect for a virtual stag do!

For something a bit more sophisticated, why not consider a fun outing (while staying in, of course) with the help of a virtual tour!

Host a House Crawl

In the age of Covid-19, virtual house crawls have garnered quite a bit of popularity. It’s exactly how it sounds and with a group involved, you can double up on the fun factor. 

Kick off your house crawl by downing a drink and then moving around each room in your house, downing a different drink in each. Beer in the bedroom, tequila shots in the living room, etc. 

We just hope the groom lives in a small apartment and not a mansion or else things are bound to get messier as the evening progresses. 

Outdoor Activities to Indulge in Post Lockdown

2020 has been a different year with all of us trying to adapt to what we are now referring to as ‘the new normal’.

While it might sound a bit bleak now, it doesn’t have to be that way forever. There are many outdoor activities to look forward to post lockdown. When it comes to outdoor adventures for stag parties, at Avalanche Adventure we’ve got you covered!

In fact, there are some activities that make adhering to social distancing norms easy. This means that you can enjoy the perfect stag do without compromising on the fun. 

Let’s see what activities you can indulge in post-lockdown, shall we?

Quad Bike Safari

Ride through muddy waters and dirt tracks and enjoy the countryside to its fullest riding atop quad bikes at our Leicestershire activity centre with your group. Since you can maintain a safe distance while quad biking, it’s an activity that’s sure to spike your adrenaline. 

Off-road Driving

If your mates enjoy the idea of racing through a muddy trail while firing up the engine to make it to the finish line, then Avalanche’s incredible off road sessions are for you. It’s the perfect stag do activity as you can limit the number of people per vehicle, meaning your safety is ensured

You could also consider participating in our 4×4 pay and play day with your mates.

Bubble Soccer

This activity is as fun as it sounds – play a game of soccer while having your upper bodies wrapped inside giant bubbles. Instead of covering your face with a mask, you basically take an extra step and mask half your upper body in a bubble. Bubble soccer is both fun and safety wrapped – pun intended!

Clay Pigeon Shooting

If an adrenaline rush is what you’re after, then it doesn’t get better than clay pigeon shooting. This is especially true if the group is big on sports and blowing clay birds to smithereens is their idea of a good time. 

Notable Mentions:

Book Your Slot In Advance with Avalanche Adventure

We have done our best to suggest both indoor and outdoor stag do activities, keeping in mind the current events and social distancing guidelines. All the outdoor activities we offer post lockdown will adhere to the health and government guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.

In the meanwhile, you can host a virtual stag do during lockdown and take inspiration from the ideas mentioned above to celebrate the groom’s final days of singledom. Till then, practice personal hygiene and stay safe for when the lockdown is lifted!

Give us a call to book your slots to participate in outdoor adventure activities we offer at our venue!