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Stag Parties

Been appointed the best man and experiencing a roller coaster of emotions ever since? Excited about the send-off you’re about to give him but also worried about the many responsibilities that come along with it? Allow us to take away one of your biggest worries. And no, we’re not talking about abducting the bride here but organising an epic stag party.

Why Stag Parties are so Popular?

Simply because it’s his last night of freedom. It’s not like he’s about to get imprisoned but he sure will be serving a different kind of life sentence. Besides they are also a great way for guys to rekindle their bromance before the groom gets busy with his own family.

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Came for a lads weekend away, we did the Argo Cat (amphibious vehicle), off road buggying, quad biking and shooting. Would definitely recommend for a stag do or something similar but would also be suitable for families. The staff on site are great and let you get stuck in after giving you a safety talk and instruction on your activity. If you have a sensible approach to the activities you will get a lot out of your day. We are now planning our next trip for later in the year!!

You sure had fun watching ‘The Hangover’ but would you like any of it happening to your best friend on his stag night? Certainly not. Arranging a stag party is not an easy feat. It will be remembered for many years to come and you want it to be remembered for all the right reasons. Following are some tips that should come in handy when arranging stag parties:

Confirm the Wedding Date

It may sound obvious but you will be surprised to know just how many people get it wrong. You don’t want the dates and activities of your stag night to coincide with the groom’s big night.

Confirm the Stag Party’s Dates

It is generally believed that stag parties should be planned well in advance, at least two weeks before the big day. The bride shouldn’t think that you have plans of absconding along with the groom. Planning the event in this way will ensure that everything goes smoothly and the bride has nothing to worry about on her big wedding day.

To invite or not to invite

The last thing you’d want to do is invite a person who just spoils the night for the groom-to-be. Those who are invited to stag parties are usually the ones who are extremely close to the groom. You can keep it a surprise for the groom only if you know him and his friends well enough.

If you intend to keep things simple and by simple we mean not get over the top drunk then you can consider inviting the groom’s father and also the bride’s father (only with the exclusive permission of the groom that is).

The stag parties organised by Avalanche Adventure will make sure that you enjoy the stag party to the fullest without having to bother about who is invited and who isn’t. You also needn’t worry about the size of the invite list as we have about 400 acres to accommodate your stag party.

Don’t go too far

Strange isn’t it when it comes from somebody other than your mother? But this is one of the most practical advice that one can give you about stag parties. You may think of it as a buzz killing advice but you will be thankful when you are tired of all that you’ve done throughout the day. We understand that you may have the craziest and most ridiculous things planned for the stag party but there are also less risky ways to have crazy fun.

These are the two basic things that make up a stag party, the place where it is being held and the activities that are being done. Our personal belief is that the company you keep during the stag night more than makes up for the location, making it the lesser important of the two priorities. This leaves us with the only concern, which activities should you participate in on the big night?

There are many thing you can do to make the night memorable on the stag night. Most of us choose to walk down the path of indulging in alcohol. But do you really wish to spend such an important night in a haze with hardly any memory to recall? For this reason we encourage people to sign up for stag parties with Avalanche Adventure.

Think about all the adventure activities that you’ve participated in. These are the memories you have the least difficulty in recalling. It’s as if you have a dedicated corner for them in your memory palace. Adventure activities are not only a lot of fun but also great for making special days really memorable. Here are some amazing adventure activities that you can indulge in on your big stag do party:

Quad Bike Safari

A quad bike is essentially an All-terrain vehicle that makes it possible for us to drive on almost any type of terrain such as concrete roads, desert areas, grasslands, mountainous terrain, rugged terrain etc. It’s the perfect activity for those who are apprehensive about dirt biking where the biggest threat to safety is the possibility of losing your balance and getting injured.

quad bike safari has everything that you need to make your day special. It is adventurous, has the adrenaline rush and not to mention a lot of fun. In all the stag parties that we have hosted, quad biking has emerged as one of the most popular choices for activities that people sign up for.

Land Rover off Roading

There’s hardly an activity that’s as much fun as off roading. Everything about it is fun especially the fact that you’re away from the beaten trail and about to splash mud left right and centre. Even if you’re a beginner our experts will ensure that you receive the adequate training that will allow you to enjoy this activity to the fullest. This makes it an ideal activity for stag parties.

We have the right kind of terrain that is perfect for a group of people to go off roading. Our terrain has everything you can hope for shallow and deep water, hard and soft ground, side slopes, steep inclines, axle twisters and a wooden section.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

The next on our list of masculine sports that you can sign up for on the occasion of stag parties is Clay Pigeon Shooting. Once a person has held a gun in his hand it becomes an inseparable part of their personality. Even if you’ve never held a gun in your hands before our experienced instructors will provide you with sufficient training to help you enjoy this sport.

You will experience a different feeling when you’re out on the shooting ground. There will be a lot of excitement and anticipation building up inside and it may not necessarily relieve you even after you’re done with the shooting activity. So do consider to include this activity on your to-do list of stag party.

Hover crafting

If you’ve become tired of driving the standard four wheeler on paved roads then hover crafting is just about the right activity for you. It helps you experience something other than the ordinary feeling of being on roads. This experience is different primarily because you’re not on a surface that offers the same tire-road interaction but on an air cushion that completely changes the dynamics of driving.

Just to give you an idea about how much fun this activity can be, imagine being on an air cushion that does not have brakes. It’s a machine where steering is of very little use and taking it down a slope means drifting down with very little control over the hovercraft. There are many out there who may not have experienced this strange yet fun feeling and this is why we recommend this activity for stag parties.


Paintball is a fun activity and you will never hear a person who has played it say that it’s not fun at all. It’s a great way to build good rapport and strike good friendships. Whether it is conspiring behind your friends back to hit him hard or the joy of bragging after taking someone down everything about this activity is fun.

The only thing you need to make this activity a lot of fun is the presence of a good number of people. Those who are part of stag parties need not worry about it as they are already with a group of friends. A great way to maximise fun in this activity is to make groups based on how many individuals are there in the group and then play against each other.


Archery is not just a competitive sport but one that can make you shriek out in joy. Even if you do not wish to play it for the sake of competition you can always play it for recreation. When you are faced with those circles you have just one wish and it is to hit the bullseye. You will not rest until you achieve it and the process of getting there is, to put it in one word, amazing. This makes it a must-do activity for all stag parties.

Blindfold Driving

In this activity you will be blindfolded and your companions will be helping you steer to the right direction. It is one of those feelings that makes you really uneasy at first but as you go ahead it will bring out laughter and nervousness in one breath. It challenges the best of the drivers because there’s little that you can do with your eyes blindfolded and the only option you have is to trust those directing you. This makes Blindfold driving a must do activity on your stag party.

Opposite Steer Buggy

Ever been in a vehicle that moves right when you steer left? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? This activity will challenge you on many levels and it is the ultimate test of your brain power and reactions. As much as you try to remember to steer right when you need to move left, you are bound to forget it and this is what provides all the fun. It puts to waste everything that you’ve learned about vehicles and introduces you to a whole new crazy world. You will be briefed on how to go about driving it and our trainers will be there to help you with whatever you need.

Along with the activities mentioned above we also provide the following services for your stag party:

Off road race buggies

Amphibious vehicle driving

Team building activities

Buffet Lunch

Our events are filled with action to the brim and they are guaranteed to provide you the adrenaline rush that you have been on the lookout for. Our activities are designed in a way that it brings out the best in you and fills your surroundings with fun and laughter making it a stag party to remember. Check out our price list and select the activities that have spiced up many stag parties.

Avalanche Adventure is located at the heart of England and boasts of an impressive 400 acre site where the various adventure activities take place. It is home to many activities such as Archery, Quad biking, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Land Rover off road driving, Gemini off road buggies, Hovercraft experience, Amphibious vehicle driving, Paintballing, DTV shredder riding, Caterpillar club days, Opposite steer buggy, Blindfold driving and many others.

If you’ve signed up for multiple activities during the day and wish to put your feet up and relax for some time then we have exactly what you’re looking for. An air conditioned log cabin that offers unlimited refreshments and comfort. Our activity centre is not only ideal for stag parties but also for hen-do’s, corporate day out, team building activities and basically any event that you wish to make special. Check out our exciting vouchers to know more.

We firmly believe that those seeking adventure should be given an experience of their lifetime and one that gets them in touch with their extremities. With the expert guidance of our experienced instructors you will definitely experience a feeling of being in safe hands, something that is extremely crucial in order to fully enjoy an activity. Our staff is CIPD qualified and have over 20 years of experience in training development. They have also worked as coaches and facilitators for major UK and European organisations.

Irrespective of whether it is an adventure activity or sport, we believe it is the mind that needs to be trained well and not just the body. Our training is designed in a way that you get to understand each activity properly and ensure that you enjoy to the fullest whichever activity you sign up for.