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Quad Bike Safari

If you are among those who crave adventure then a quad bike safari at Avalanche Adventure is perfect for you. We will make sure that your day out at our activity centre is something that you remember for a long time to come.

Why Are Quad Bike Safari’s so Popular?

All-terrain vehicles or ATV’s as they are commonly called are basically off-road vehicles that can be considered to be a cross between a standard motorcycle and basic car. The following are some features of an all-terrain vehicle that makes Quad Biking an exciting experience



As the name suggests an ATV is an All-Terrain vehicle which means that it can be driven on any type of terrain. Their design and build makes it possible for us to drive them in desert areas, concrete roads, grasslands, rugged terrain, mountainous terrain etc. You name any type of terrain and this vehicle can take you for a ride on it. When you take a Quad Bike Safari you can understand that quad bikes have been designed to handle all types of roads and can absorb bumps and dips.



So, if you want to experience the thrill of driving a machine on hills then an All-Terrain vehicle is your best bet. It is also the best option to help you reach inaccessible areas as they offer us a minimum level of convenience on any type of terrain.



Thrill with safety

The biggest concern that most people have when trying off-roading on bikes or motorcycles is safety. There is always an element of danger involved in riding a two wheeler on a rough terrain. A lot is dependent on balance and losing it can be a dangerous affair. Since a quad bike has four wheels it is a lot safer to drive and can handle the inconsistencies of a path better than a two wheeler.

This makes All Terrain Vehicles a popular choice among those who wish to combine adventure with safety.

Even a person who derives more pleasure from a two wheeler ride will enjoy this safer adventure that is offered by a quad bike. Such people generally love a varied experience and quad biking is the perfect way to satisfy the urge of exploring off roads in a completely different style. It can also be a great experience for a person who prefers driving a car such as a Sports Utility Vehicle as a quad bike is more open and has a structure that is more suitable and steady in pits and off roads. Quad bike has a versatility that is not comparable with any other type of vehicle and this makes it extremely suitable for all types of terrain.

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All-Terrain Vehicles have tough bodies that have been designed keeping in mind the various types of terrain that are covered in a Quad Bike Safari. They offer a reasonable amount of resistance to the various road stresses and this makes them suitable for rough mountainous terrains as well as smooth roads.

Due to this reason they find vast application in farming, border patrolling and other agricultural activities. People who need to access remote areas can be greatly benefited from such types of vehicles as they are versatile and have rugged mechanisms that make them tough.

All-Terrain Vehicles such as the Honda 250cc that is provided by Avalanche Adventure provides a lot of comfort and fun to the driver and can be a good alternative to generic vehicles. Their build and design can make your adventure activities a lot more entertaining.

The popularity of All Terrain Vehicles or ATV’s has been on a rise and its sales have surged tremendously over the last few years. They have many benefits apart from their recreational value and this makes the ATV a truly versatile vehicle. Here are some reasons why Quad Bike Safaris have risen so high in popularity and features that make an ATV such a cool vehicle to drive:


There are some people who seek that divine adrenaline rush and feel uncomfortable on smooth roads. Unlike those who cringe at the smallest bumps on the roads, they feel more at home on off roads. Quad bikes makes it possible for them to navigate across any type of landscape irrespective of whether it is mountainous, coastal, off road or rural. With the safety offered by a quad bike you can make the most out of your adventure ride and indulge in dune bashing.


Apart from being low maintenance and dependable, All Terrain Vehicles are capable of handling a lot of weight and they can pull, push and lift up to several hundred pounds. In order to maintain the high performance of quad bikes they have a wide variety of tyres that can be fitted to handle any weather condition.


The potential of All Terrain Vehicles to give an adventurous experience has been well-utilised by manufacturing companies. They have come up with an impressive range of ATV’s that offer high performance. They are reliable high-speed machines that can also be relied upon in a race. The latest ATV’s are equipped with four-wheel independent suspension, electronic fuel injection and power steering that greatly improve the handling of the vehicle. If you’re already tempted about driving this vehicle then you can sign up for a Quad Bike Safari at Avalanche Adventure’s Quad Biking Venue.

If you believe that Quad Biking is going to be similar to hopping into your SUV and taking it for a spin, then you could not be more wrong. Not everything that moves on four wheels functions in the same way and this is especially true in the case of quad bikes. They are quite different from the Sports Utility Vehicle and you will understand this when you hop into a quad bike.

It is definitely a lot safer than two wheelers and have better stability and control. Compared to motorcycles there’s a very little chance of crashing and they are quite simple to learn. For this reason Avalanche Adventure invites all the adrenaline junkies to come and indulge in the adventure of a Quad Bike Safari. We also provide the required tutorials that will enable you to enjoy this activity to the fullest.

This tutorial is important to acquaint beginners with the dynamics of a quad bike. It prevents them from committing common mistakes that beginners make which includes roll overs, crashes and injury. Following are some mistakes that should be avoided to prevent your day from ending your stag party early and making you spoil what could have been a great day:

Nerf Bars

These are not the same cushy addons that are used while playing football. Nerf bars that are used by quad bikers are gigantic foot pegs that provide much better foothold than the traditional foot pegs. Traditional foot pegs do not provide much protection as they constantly slip off. Generally quad bikes are extremely safe and after wearing all the protective gears you are bound to get that ‘I feel safe’ feeling. At this time it is important to remember that care still needs to be taken in order to avoid injuries. In a Quad Bike Safari you should not let your feet or hands be outside the vehicle or let your feet drag while riding. Nerf bars will allow you to get maximum control over the ATV and stabilise your feet.

Rolling over

Rolling over is the biggest security concern faced by ATV riders and it usually happens to those who hop into the ATV with no training or experience. If you have been adequately guided on riding an ATV then chances are quite less that you will roll over your ATV and get to bottom of a sandwich.

In the training you will be briefed on how to avoid this situation and if somehow you manage to get yourself in this position then what should be done in order to avoid a roll over. The most common way inexperienced riders end up in a rolled over ATV in a Quad Bike Safari is looping out. This happens when the rider has no idea about the power of an ATV and hits more gas than is required. The front spikes get into the stance of an excited horse putting its front high up in the air, the back wheels continue racing and the ATV pins the rider to the floor like a UFC champion.

Not Controlling the Throttle

Nobody likes being a novice. We all love the feeling of being an expert whether it is a sport or an adventure. Sometimes this haste results in ignoring all the information that we have gained in the amateur stage and pretending to be an expert. Since we lack the basic experience required we tend to throttle the quad bike a little more than we are supposed to.

It is easy to flow in the excitement and try to release pent up childhood inhibitions but care should be taken to ensure that you do not suffer any injuries. The training that is provided before a Quad Bike Safari at our activity centre is sufficient to prevent you from landing up underneath the ATV or introducing your quad bike to a tree.

Not wearing the right equipment

It is understandable that you want to make your day memorable and want your pictures to be in your best outfits. But the safety guidelines prohibit you from wearing jeans, sneakers, t-shirts as they do not provide the required protection. Protective equipment is extremely important when you are riding a machine on uneven terrain and for this reason Avalanche Adventure provides everything that is necessary to keep you safe in this activity such as goggles, goggles, helmet and riding boots.

Avalanche Adventure has an impressive site which is home to many adventure activities apart from quad biking such as Archery, Land Rover off road driving, Clay pigeon shooting, Gemini off road buggies, Amphibious vehicle driving, Hovercraft experience, Paintballing, Caterpillar club days, DTV shredder riding, Blindfold driving and Opposite steer buggy. We have also constructed a brand new air conditioned log cabinthat offers refreshment and comfort to those who want to put up their feet and relax in between activities. Our activity centre can play a perfect host for your corporate day out or team building exercise and we also offer vouchers for group bookings.

We believe in providing our adventure enthusiast customers with an experience of their lifetime that helps them to get in touch with their extremities. With Avalanche Adventure you are bound to get the feeling of being in safe hands as our staff is CIPD qualified that have over 20 years of experience in training development. They have worked as coaches and facilitators for major European and UK organisations and have also delivered ILM courses. We believe that whether it is an adventure activity or sports, it is the mind that requires more training than the body and our training has been designed in a way that you understand properly, each activity that you sign up for, as this can help you to enjoy an activity to the fullest.