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Opposite Steer Buggy

Steer Left and the Buggy Goes Right!

The Opposite Steer Buggy is an interesting and challenging activity, good for stag/hen or corporate days out. As you steer left it goes right and vice versa, testing your reactions and your brain power. Everything you learnt whilst learning to drive will be disregarded and you will be going against what seems natural. The Opposite Steer Buggy requires good concentration in order to be able to get the hang of how this vehicle works. This little buggy is running an A Series Mini Engine on a space frame so still goes fairly quick. Come and drive it around our challenging course of canes and reverse the buggy into our make shift garage.

A Qualified Instructor is always close to offer helpful hints and tips for driving this little but nippy Opposite Steer Buggy. We always go through the controls and course in our 10 minute brief just to give you an idea of how to control the buggy.

14 Years and Over

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An exciting and exhilarating day doing something a bit different. We had a go at the Opposite Steer Buggy. Although a couple of us got a little confused as to which way to steer etc it was so funny and the instructors were amazing. Would definitely do again maybe with another activity to make a day of it.