The Ultimate Family Camping Checklist

Camping is great fun and is always a popular classic amongst people of all ages. It’s the go-to outdoor activity for many as there’s always something to learn when you’re out and about in nature. With your family, the experience can become all the more enjoyable.

From hiking and stargazing to sitting around the campfire with marshmallows and smores, there’s a lot of things to try out. However, for better comfort and safety, having all the basic camping essentials is a must.

From camping equipment and gear to food and safety products, knowing all the basic tips for family camping can help you have an even more enjoyable and safe experience. Moreover, if you have kids with you, it’s important to stay prepared for any kind of situation. 

That said, if you’re looking for the best family camping hacks, we’ve got you covered.

At Avalanche Adventure, we know all about camping tips and tricks for a safe yet fun camping experience. We’ve put together a family camping checklist that will help you carry all that you need for a memorable camping adventure.

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Cover All The Camping Basics

If you’re a camping regular, you’ll likely already have the basics in terms of equipment and products that you’ll require. From tents and tent pegs to sleeping bags and a camping stove, these are absolute necessities for a fun camping experience.

However, you also need to make sure you have water carriers, bin bags, torches, tent fans or heaters, cooking utensils and pans with you. Based on the weather, you might need to adjust accordingly and carry supplies that will make your experience more comfortable.

Moreover, depending on the number of people and the facilities available on the camping ground, you’ll have to make arrangements that cover everybody’s needs.

2. Consider Extra Products And Equipment

If you’re having a longer camping trip for more than a couple of days, having extra supplies and products will always be helpful. For example, a tent footprint can make your stay more comfortable by adding a soft layer between your tent and the ground.

Additionally, a camping table can let you keep your snacks and meals more organised while letting you fully immerse yourself in the outdoor camping experience. You can also consider opting for a tent porch. While many family tents usually do have an extra porch, you can purchase one separately for extra space.

Moreover, consider stocking firewood and having glow sticks as emergency backup options.

3. Kitchen Supplies And Tools

One can never go wrong with additional kitchen supplies and tools. Gas for your stove and charcoal for a barbecue is definitely worth carrying along. 

Moreover, tin and bottle openers and wet wipes can prove useful during meal times. Aside from these, supplies like matches and a lighter, duct tape, a mallet and a penknife can also come in handy in the most unexpected situations. 

Bug repellant is another much-needed product that you should carry. It’s a given that there will be insects on your camping site and this repellant can keep your family members protected.

4. Medicine And Safety Kits

It goes without saying you’ll want to take any prescription medicine any of your family need with you, but you’ll also want a few extras. You’ll also want to consider carrying allergy tablets, in case anyone ends up having a bad reaction, or even just for hay fever!

A travel-sized first aid kit is another important product you need to carry with you. Make sure you have enough antiseptic and band-aids for all. Aside from these, anti-bacterial handwash and sunscreen are a few more items that will prove to be useful during the camping trip, preparing you for every situation.

Additional Tips For Camping With Family

While the points mentioned above cover most items that need to be in your family camping checklist, there are a few additional things you need to keep in mind for your trip. They are –

  • Arrive and set up tents before evening to make the process much easier 
  • Wear weather-appropriate clothing to stay comfortable but carry extra clothes in case required
  • Clear out any large objects or rocks from your campsite as safety precautions
  • Ensure you have enough cleaning supplies for ease during pack-up
  • Explore the area but don’t stray outside the campsite
  • Try out fun outdoor activities for a better experience

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