Here’s Why Blindfold Driving Is A Good Idea For Team Building

Burning the extra steam is always a good idea; and what better way to experience thrill than blindfold driving!

If you are on the lookout for an activity that not only gets your team’s adrenaline rushing but also helps increase their overall efficiency, then why not give blindfold driving a try for improved team building?

The amount of fun you will have with your team will leave you speechless!

At Avalanche Adventure, we have a specially curated process to make blindfold driving both fun and safe. 

However, when we talk about driving blindfolded, there are a bunch of questions that need to be addressed beforehand. That said, to make it easier for you and your team, we have attempted to answer those questions in this blog. 

Along with this, we’ve also listed some skills that are needed and some that will be developed when you participate in this fun yet challenging team building activity

What is Blindfold Driving?

Blindfold driving is a collaborative team building activity. It is a progressive challenge, meaning the members of your team will learn as they go. 

At our Leicester activity centre, the driver is blindfolded and has to try and avoid obstacles along the way, with the help of the instructions given by other team members. 

This means that with each recurring drive on the course, all the members are put on the spot to collaboratively come up with solutions to tackle the hurdles.

At Avalanche, our qualified instructors will walk you through a 10 minute briefing about the entire activity. They will show you the course made out of tyres, which acts as obstacles that the blindfolded driver needs to drive past. 

Our instructors will also be present to help you with the operations while ensuring you’re having the time of your life!

If you see your team having fun with this activity, book your slots right away!

Blindfold Driving for Team Building – How It Helps!

Since blindfold driving is based on how well your team communicates with one another, whether or not you successfully complete all laps will be based on the instructions given by your team members. 

What’s more, when driving the Land Rover Defender, the driver from your team will be asked to set the vehicle in second gear, leaving the car to drive itself – no control over the accelerator, clutch or brake until the end of the lap! 

With one member blindfolded and others navigating them around the course, it is amazing how quickly the driver forgets simple ‘left’ and ‘right’ directions. 

Since this sport tests the internal understanding of your team, it builds a certain set of skills. This is what makes blindfold driving perfect as a team building activity.

3 Skills That Can Be Developed With Blindfold Driving

1. Communication

The biggest improvement that blindfold driving brings in a team is communication. Put simply, this activity enables your team members to not only enjoy each other’s company but also understand cues that facilitate better coordination. 

While it also helps improve the driver’s listening skills, this activity creates an environment where your team works together to win and along the way, find their rhythm to put a point across.

2. Patience

More than one person speaking at a time is only going to create chaos. 

However, when it comes to blindfold driving, people’s leadership skills are bound to surface and everyone has to learn to be patient to move ahead in the challenge.

This will enable your team to create a space where everyone is allowed to speak their mind and one person doesn’t end up overpowering the conversation.

3. Shared Experiences 

Blindfold driving for team building could become one of those memories that the team appreciates for a long time. 

This activity gives your team a platform to celebrate the combined team effort and provides you with memories that you’ll cherish forever! Plus, an experience like this is bound to harbour close friendships and understanding which is bound to reflect in a working relationship. 

Contact Avalanche Adventure for a Blindfold Driving Session

Blindfold driving is perfect for a group of people looking for a thrilling adventure. 

Since it doesn’t specifically require any physical training beforehand, it is easy to experience this fun activity without many requirements. 

At Avalanche Adventure, apart from blindfold driving, we also offer other team building activities to keep productivity and team bonding in check!

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