4 Quirky Hen Do Ideas For An Amazing Time With Friends

Quirky hen do ideas; a silhouette of a group of girls with the arms raised in the air


With the wedding details and related technicalities sorted out, every bride-to-be needs to spend quality time with her nearest and dearest. In doing so, she can let go of stress and just have an overall fun time before her big day. 

This means that an amazing and quirky hen party is exactly what she needs!

Since every person is unique, you need not necessarily go for a cliched hen party that they might not like. With so many unique hen do ideas, every bride-to-be can have a great time with her friends trying out different activities and adventures.

From a fun quad bike safari to a home bake-off, there’s a lot of quirky and fun activities you can try out to have a memorable day.

At Avalanche Adventure, we have hosted a fair share of hen dos and know about all the right elements that can lead to a unique experience. In this blog, we’ve put together a few quirky hen do ideas that you can consider trying out.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Quad Biking In The Countryside

Quirky hen do ideas; people riding ATVs on an open muddy field

If a thrilling adventure is what you seek, why not try an amazing quad biking adventure in the countryside? With picturesque locations and muddy trails, every bride and her group of friends can enjoy a great day out.

With safety instructions and gear in place, you and your squad can speed across the open fields and maybe even compete with each other. This is not only a good way to let off some steam but also a great way of having fun with your friends.

If you’re looking to try out this exhilarating adventure, join us at Avalanche! With us, you’re guaranteed an amazing time with your friends. Book a slot today!

2. Glamorous Camping With Friends

Sunlight hitting an empty tent placed on a high hill

Glamorous camping or glamping is another popular trend for brides looking to try out something unique and fun. Although part of classy hen do ideas, this twist to the traditional camping is something every bride and her hens will enjoy.

With glamping, you get to experience the outdoors in the best way possible, surrounded by amazing amenities and facilities. Imagine enjoying the scenic English countryside luxuriously while also being outdoors. Sounds blissful, doesn’t it?

You get to relax and unwind with your dearest while also making the most of the outdoors by camping; it doesn’t get any better than this.

3. An Off Road Trip

Quirky hen do ideas; a group of people standing near their 4x4 on a beach

An off road trip is always fun, especially when accompanied by your best friends. For every bride and her hens looking for something unique, off roading can leave you with lasting memories and amazing experiences.

Whether it is a day trip or longer, speeding across different terrain and exploring the great outdoors is an experience everyone is sure to enjoy. However, you will need a few essentials and safety items, the right off roading vehicle, and know about basic instructions for a safe trip. 

Once you’re set with these, you have the freedom to journey wherever you want with your squad.

Another great off roading idea that you can consider is our 4×4 play days. Book your slots at Avalanche today for a guaranteed fun day out with your hens.

4. A Classic Home Bake-Off

A person holding a muffin over in their hand with a muffin tray placed beneath

If the bride and her group are fans of desserts and reality shows, you could try out a home bake-off inspired by The Great British Bake Off as one of your quirky hen do ideas

From cupcakes and tea cakes to pies and brownies, every hen party can have a fun home bake-off and try out classic and easy dessert recipes. If there are people following a strict diet, there are many vegan and sugar-friendly recipes that you could opt for.

To make things more interesting and fun, you can set up a place like the show and maybe even have a host and multiple judges to create a similar atmosphere.

All the hens can participate and compete with each other. At the end of the activity, you have numerous scrumptious desserts to try out, making it the perfect ending to the day.

Visit Avalanche Adventure To Try Out Thrilling Outdoor Activities For A Hen Do

If adrenaline-filled activities are perfect for your quirky hen do ideas, Avalanche Adventure is the perfect destination for you.

From thrilling activities like clay pigeon shooting and archery to fun adventures like onsite camping and paintball – with us, you’re guaranteed an amazing time!

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