Common Archery Issues – How to Fix Them

Common Archery Issues; person holding a bow and taking an aim

A sport that is fully focused on precision and skills, archery requires you to put in a lot of effort and practice in the game to become proficient.

Sure, you’re likely to hit a lot of bumps while practising archery, but there are some common archery issues that most of the people face especially when they’re just starting out.

At Avalanche Adventure, our professional instructors know a thing or two about this sport and have shared the correct archery technique to help you understand how to shoot a bow properly. Through these tips, you’ll not only improve your game but also gain an array of skills.

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1. Bow Torque and Wrist Slap

Common Archery Issues; man holding a bow and focusing on his shot

One of the most common archery mistakes, both bow torque and wrist slap issues are rectified using the same method. However, before you learn how this can be fixed, let’s understand how and when these issues occur.

When it comes to bow torque, this issue often takes place when your hand twists its grip and results in inconsistent left-right hits. Similarly, wrist slap also occurs when you have a poor grip and results in the bowstring hitting your forearm after you’ve released the shot.

Not only is this extremely painful, but can also cause an abrasion if your forearm skin is exposed.

In order to fix both these issues, you need to work on your grip and ensure that you’re holding the bow like a pistol. Since your hand essentially forms a fist, the grip you get from it brings your bowstring closer to your forearm. This is what makes it easier for you to twist the bow in the left or right direction.

Once you’ve nailed the hand positioning, you can easily turn the forearm away from your bowstring. Through this archery technique, you can get rid of the string slap.

2. Punching the Trigger

a boy attaining his follow through position while watching the arrow leave his bow

It doesn’t matter if you use a thumb button or your index finger to set off the mechanical release while using a compound bow, there are high chances of you punching the trigger. This is one of those common archery issues you must fix.

Now when we say punching the trigger, it means you’re slamming your thumb or index finger into the trigger while trying to shoot the bow. In doing so, you’re only causing a flinch and target panic which is likely to result in the arrow flying off line and not hitting the target.

While beginners (even professionals, for that matter) punch the trigger because they want complete control over their shot, doing so will only set off the release instead of activating it. Put simply, the index finger release is only going to hook the finger around your trigger without activating the release. Same is the case with a thumb button, but the only difference is it won’t create a deep hook given that our thumb has just one joint.

This is why it’s best to activate your release by pulling the string backward with your entire arm. By using this technique, you can create a more relaxed and natural shot, and avoid the sudden jerk of punching your trigger.

3. Poor Arrow Flight

Common Archery Issues; an arrow hit right at the centre of the archery target

Once you’ve released your arrow, its flight needs to look perfect from your view; the nock end of the arrow must follow directly behind the point. However, if your arrow flies at a certain angle, then it’s one of the common faults of archery you need to work on.

To fix this issue, you need to firstly ensure that you’re using the correct spine of the bow while shooting the arrow. Here, when we say “spine”, it means the stiffness of your arrow. This means, the higher the draw weight of your bow, the stiffer the arrow’s spine.

If you want to understand the different spine for different draw weights and arrow lengths, you can use the charts recommended by arrow manufacturers.

Now, if we assume that you’re using the correct arrow, the next step is to adjust your arrow-rest to rectify the left-right and fix up-down flight issues. The best way to get these adjustments right would be to learn from the professional instructors at Avalanche.

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4. Wrong Elbow Rotation

girl taking her aim whilst holding a modern bow

Although very simple, having the right elbow rotation is the most important skill that you need when indulging in an archery session.

When it comes to correct elbow rotation, it means you have to keep your bow arm’s elbow as straight up and down as possible to ensure you’re releasing the arrow properly.

If you fail to rotate your bow arm’s elbow the right way, it can result in various issues like an arrow veering to one side and a bruised inner elbow. The best way to fix common archery issues like this, is to start with rotating the elbow straight before you raise or draw the bow.

Once you set the bow arm elbow properly, you can easily maintain its position while taking your shot. Moreover, your upper body will be aligned properly, resulting in better follow through, arrow groups and stronger shots.

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With regular practice and right guidance, you can easily fix these common archery issues and learn how to shoot a bow properly.

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