Amazing Birthday Adventure Escapades

Remember those days when birthday parties were filled with wonder and adventure?

Sure, things have changed in the past few years and birthday celebrations have become synonymous with clubbing, a few bottles of beer, a hearty meal and perhaps a few games with friends. However, nothing can beat an adventurous birthday celebration that’s fuelled with adrenaline!

No matter your age, indulging in adventurous outdoor activities with your friends that are both adventurous and full of laughs is sure to make your birthday a memorable one.

At Avalanche Adventure, we’ve put together a list of outdoor birthday party ideas (both land and water-based activities) to give you some inspiration.

Let’s dive in!

Land Based Outdoor Activities

Off Road Driving

If you’re a car enthusiast, then you should absolutely indulge in an incredible off roading driving adventure for your birthday.

One of the best adventurous birthday celebration ideas, going off roading with friends on a rocky terrain is sure to let you experience that adrenaline rush while enabling you to embrace speed in the best way possible.

At Avalanche, our spectacular 400 acre site offers the best off road experience alongside other incredible facilities like camping, barbecues, refreshments and more. So, why not head to our website and book your slots for an adventurous day out?


This birthday, why not challenge yourself and your family/friends to take an underground adventure and explore the twists and turns of caving?

Not only is it one of the most unique and adventurous birthday ideas, but also an excellent way to give yourself the opportunity to explore the great outdoors and the natural wonders of caves!

What’s more, caving offers the chance for a true adventure; so why not don the hard hat and go on a mission of discovering what lies beneath?

Water Based Outdoor Activities

Hovercraft Experience

Have you ever fancied trying an exhilarating outdoor activity? If yes, how about indulging in a hovercraft experience with your friends?

Being capable of travelling over water as well as on land, the hovercraft vehicle floats on a cushion of slow moving, high pressure air and is controlled by a rudder and throttle; it has no breaks!

Moreover, it also requires you to have good judgement and be forward thinking so that you can guide the vehicle smoothly across the course.

At Avalanche Adventure, we have an experienced team of instructors who will advise you on the entire process and make sure that you’re having an amazing time.

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Perhaps you’ve tried canoeing when you were a child and would now like to master it.

While canoeing could be as challenging or as relaxing as you’d want it to be, it certainly makes for one of the best adventurous birthday ideas. It’s also the most exciting and fun outdoor activity you can participate in with your friends.

If you’re ready to make a splash and have a birthday that’s worth remembering, then check out these top places to go canoeing with friends.

Other Adventurous Birthday Celebration Ideas

Camping and Bonfire BBQ

Camping is yet another outdoor activity to consider for your birthday celebrations. Not only do you get to escape the stress of everyday life but also get to spend a weekend away with your friends.

Moreover, at our camping site, we also offer you access to a marquee, a bar and various adrenaline fuelled activities like quad biking, archery, clay pigeon shooting and more – the perfect way for you and your group to let off some competitive steam! 

Once you’re done with your activities for the day, you can crack open a couple of beer or wine bottles all while enjoying our onsite bbq.

Vineyard Hopping

If you’re someone who prefers wine over beer, then vineyard hopping with your mates is nothing short of an adventurous outdoor birthday party idea.

Perhaps you could aim for three vineyards; after all, you don’t want to tire everyone out (or get them too tipsy!). While you’re at it, ensure that you have at least one stop option for lunch – or perhaps stock up on food in between stops.

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