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Team Building

Getting a group of people to work together is a challenge in itself. It is only when a team has come together and worked together that great things have been achieved. If you have high aspirations about your company’s growth then you may have to spend some time out of the box to think of ways to get your team closer.

Worried about what you should do? Well you shouldn’t be because Avalanche Adventure is here by your side in this quest that you’ve undertaken. We have hosted many corporate days out and team building activities so we know our way around them.

True Objective of Team Building Activities

At Avalanche Adventure we believe that it is unfair to label these activities as team building. Building is something that is done to the team from the outside and that is quite contrary to the objective of these activities. For this reason we prefer to call them team development activities and development can only be achieved by offering the opportunities to share and work together.

This is exactly what we wish to give you, an opportunity to share ideas, laughter and joy and at the end of it we hope you walk away with a completely different team. One with increased enthusiasm, better cooperation and a whole new level of compatibility.

In order to truly develop your team it is essential to know your team well. Being aware of its strengths and weaknesses, its goals and the role that each member has to play to successfully achieve them. Even though it is a process that gets you acquainted with each member’s personality it also requires a basic understanding of their traits. You need to know how effectively your team puts up with challenges and work their way around difficulties.

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Great Customer Service and very welcoming. The Giant Jigsaw and Blindfold driving are especially challenging and are loads of fun. The buffet was very good loads of selection and the Victoria sponge was amazing. Would definitely come again.

The moment we come across the word team building activities we are forced to think of ways to get the team closer, improve their cooperation and grow their inter compatibility. But there’s a lot more to it.

Team building is also about developing an understanding between colleagues, appreciating each other’s strengths, developing a mentality to stick together through hurdles and maximising the impact of the team as a whole.

Following are some ways in which our team building activities have helped our clients in the past and how they can potentially help you too:


If you ask any team that has ever achieved anything worthwhile they will all tell you the same thing. They were able to achieve what they did because they worked like a family.

Just like in a family we are naturally and completely open about ourselves and our views, we need to strive to bring about the same change in our team at office. It is only when communication flows freely and openly that we can perform better as a team.

The team building activities at Avalanche Adventure are aimed at breaking the barriers between people and creating an atmosphere that encourages honest conversations.


Many organisers overlook this benefit but at Avalanche Adventure we believe there is nothing that gets people closer than the fact that they are enjoying together. If you look back at the memories that you are most fond of, a majority of them are the ones where you were really enjoying yourself.

This is precisely the objective of conducting team building activities, to take the laughter beyond the activity centre and into the office. When you achieve this, you know your team building has been successful.


A team that is enthusiastic and positive is bound to create a good morale in the workplace. When you participate in the team building activities of Avalanche Adventure you will identify which are the biggest barriers to creating a positive morale. Once you’ve identified those areas you are in a better position to create a strategy that brings in positivity and fun in day-to-day work.


It’s a known fact that you fear what you do not know. At Avalanche Adventure you will experience a non-threatening and comfortable situation and participating in exercises in such an environment is bound to give you a lot of confidence.

It’s not just about the confidence that you have in yourself. Sometimes as a leader you may have experienced difficulty in trusting a person with a crucial task. It stems from the fact that you do not have much confidence in their abilities.

The various team building exercises at Avalanche Adventure will bring forth traits of people you never knew existed and maybe with this newfound confidence you may be able to trust them better.


Different team building exercises require different capabilities. When you are entrusted with the task of winning a game you are also developing a sense of responsibility.

Not only do you become responsible for others performance but also towards your own self. Irrespective of whether you win or lose there’s always something to take away from it. And it becomes your responsibility to integrate those lessons in your work ethic.


Office does not present equal opportunities to every employee to exhibit their leadership qualities. However, the scenario is quite different when it comes to team building activities.

People who are never seen taking an initiative in office may suddenly seem to take charge of the situation. Thus team building activities can be considered to be a form of litmus test that identifies hidden leadership qualities in individuals. Every team member has something different to offer and it is this contribution that brings to our attention their leadership traits.

Team Work

When you are confined to ‘your’ cubicle in office, staring at ‘your’ laptop screen, doing ‘your’ work, it is easy to get lost in your own pursuit forsaking the direction in which your team is headed. It is easy to place your priorities and ambitions above those of your team. You’re unaware of how much exactly a team can achieve as against an individual.

The team building activities we host at Avalanche Adventure may have many benefits but the biggest benefit in our opinion is the realisation of a team’s potential. It helps us align ourselves to a common objective and it is in such situations that true unity is nurtured.


It is quite difficult to feel affection in the office. Almost as if you are warming up to a predator. That’s how you see nearly everybody in the office. But at Avalanche Adventure activity centre your perception about your peers will change.

An office requires you to be at your best behaviour but fun activities are quite different. When you see the most rigid guys drop their guards you just follow suit. Seeing your colleagues in this all new avatar you will forced to develop a liking for them which eventually leads to better bonding.


No matter how much we deny it, what we ultimately work towards is results. Even before we set off on a challenge we calculate what we have to gain from it and what we might lose.

Team building exercises motivate us as a team to achieve a common goal and that is to win. The same mentality gets carried to the office floor. The best part about participating in team building exercises at Avalanche Adventure is that you have nothing to lose but only to gain.

Avalanche Adventure offers many exciting team building activities such as Blindfold Driving, Swinging Bridge, Electric Triangles, Quad Limbo, Atomic Bomb and many others.

Blindfold Driving

This activity is a true test of the cooperation and communication between members of a team. It is the kind of activity in which the most dysfunctional of the teams will return with better compatibility.

The driver of the vehicle is blindfolded and the other members of the team will be asked to sit in the rear of the vehicle. Only the blindfolded member can drive the car and in the absence of vision all that can be relied upon is the verbal communication of his remaining team members.

If you have any member in the team who has been giving excuses of fitness to not participate in any activity then you can easily rope him in for this one. It is ideal for people of all fitness levels.

Swinging Bridge

In this activity you are required to cross a river from one end of the bridge to the other. Even though it sounds simple it is quite challenging in reality. You actually need a lot of dedication, concentration and will power to make it to the other end of the bridge.

This activity will pump your veins with adrenaline and give you an experience you’re not likely to forget anytime soon. The activity requires you to be completely equipped with safety gear and ropes as you will have to jump off high suspension bridges.

The rope is fixed right in the middle of the bridge and the jumper has to walk towards the end and jump off after ensuring the rope has been pulled tight. The maximum number of people who can perform this activity simultaneously is five.

Opposite Steer Buggy

Have you ever set foot in a vehicle that moves left when you steer right? We assure this activity is as much fun as it is unusual. The activity challenges the participant on many levels. It begins by testing their presence of mind and eventually tests their patience as well.

In order to successfully complete this activity you need to sharpen your brain power and reactions and most importantly, remembering to steer left when you need to move right. It challenges your existing knowledge of vehicles and makes way for a completely different driving experience

Other Activities

Basically all activities that we offer at our activity centre can be used for team development. Apart from the activities mentioned above, the other prominent group activities that we host are paintballing, giant jigsaw puzzle, air rifle shooting and a variety of adult sized inflatable games.

We have gained a lot of expertise in conducting team building activities and creating exercises that are aimed at achieving effective team development, leadership training and outdoor management development. This activities have been carefully crafted to bring out the true potential of each team member and hone their ability to deliver an exceptional performance.

Avalanche Adventure is the ideal venue for hosting your corporate day out, stag do and hen do parties with its 400 acre site. Apart from the team building activities we offer a number of adventure activities such as Land Rover off road driving, Archery, Gemini off road buggies, Clay pigeon shooting, Hovercraft experience, Amphibious vehicle driving, Paintballing, Caterpillar club days, Opposite Steer buggy, DTV shredder riding and many others.

Our newly constructed air conditioned log cabin allows you to put your feet up and relax in between activities. We also offer refreshments to our customers as it is important to be well fed when talking part in physical activities. Do check out our vouchers to get the best deals on group bookings.

Before we let any of our customers perform an activity we ensure that they have been adequately trained to avoid any mishaps during the activities. Our highly trained staff has over 20 years of experience in training development. They have a lot of experience of working as coaches and facilitators and have worked with major UK and European organisations.

We believe it is our responsibility to provide our adventure enthusiast customers with an experience that they truly deserve at affordable prices. When it comes to adventure sports and activities, half the battle is won when the participants are trained and this has motivated us to develop a training program that empowers them to enjoy each activity to the fullest. Sign up for activities and experience the difference.