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Team Building Activities

A team that functions together is more viable, productive, effective and also more joyful and amusing to work with. Team bonding activities bring people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. At Avalanche Adventure we believe that the best way to create a special bond between team members is by participating in team building activities. Here at Avalanche Adventure activity centre we offer team development to people by training them as well.

Why Team Building Activities are Important?

A group that works together comprehends the strengths and weakness of each other. Teamwork in a working environment offers an organisation a chance to learn how to work together. The importance of teamwork at a workplace is vital to the success of a company and team building activities can build up that teamwork in your employees.

For creating a closely-knit, happy and productive team, team building activities are very important. They are a great way to extract the best out of your employees. Team building in a workplace helps to foster better and open communication between the employees themselves, as well as between the employees and higher management. It goes a long way to enhance proficient relations, collaboration, and cooperation, and this is very much reflected in the quality of work being done. Team building activities for individuals significantly contributes towards their motivation, inspiration and building trust among others, thereby ensuring better productivity.

A team building activity is a collective term for different kind of activities; indoor or outdoor, which are used to enhance social relations and to define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. Team building activities often intend to uncover and address relational issues within the group. A normal definition of team building can be defined in these four points:

  • Finding solutions to team problems.
  • Building an effective working relationship.
  • Aligning around goals.
  • Reducing team members’ role ambiguity.

Team building activities are one of the most widely used group-development activities which can enhance better teamwork between groups. And we are proud to offer such activities to our customers.

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A great man once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”. So, team building is not just about working together, it’s about getting success by working together. Many people and organisations often think that investing in team building activities is a waste of money. But, at Avalanche Adventure we think it’s the best possible utilisation of money. It’s an investment which you are making to make your workforce work more efficiently, more productively and to achieve great success. Team building activities help employees, students and organisations in many different ways. Take a look at major benefits of team building exercises.

Communication and Working Together:

Every organisation wants its employees to communicate and work in a cordial way and that’s the primary reason why they sign up for team building activities. Everybody wants a friendly environment, where people are comfortable and happy to talk to and work with anyone. And fun activities are a great way to achieve that rapport between people.

Networking, Socializing, and Getting to Know Each Other Better:

Socializing and making friends in a workplace is one of the best ways to increase productivity in the office. It not only increases the morale of employees, but also enables them to tackle the everyday workplace issues in a much efficient way. At the Avalanche Adventure activity centre, we create an environment for people in which they will be able to see each other in a way they’ve never seen before.

Collaboration and the Fostering Innovation and Creativity:

People often tend to have a larger and better imagination when they are around people they are comfortable with. So, a successful team building activity not only brings people close to each other but they also lead to more successful and creative workplace ideas. Also, a healthy collaboration between team members is the key to a successful business.

Teamwork and Boosting Team Performance:

A team building activity also helps in improving workplace projects that involve teamwork. After completing such activities together, people better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This understanding helps them to work with an even better understanding on future progress that is vital to an organisation.

Allocation of Responsibility:

One of the major benefits of team building activities is that team leaders and members know each other better and develop an understanding as to which task should be allotted to a particular individual. Without strong teamwork, it can be difficult for managers and executives to determine which staff members can best accomplish job tasks.

Competition and Vaporing Rights:

Team building activities pose a challenge to people to perform better than others and it is widely accepted that competition increases productivity. So, by channelling that increased production into a fun, inclusive team building activity, employees can bond in a way impossible by other means.

Increases Team Efficiency:

When a job is assigned to an all rounded, prepared and productive group, the team’s work rate assures that the task will be completed rapidly and precisely. This allows the company to take on more work and generate more revenue without having to add more stuff. This becomes helpful when proficient teams from different departments work together. Each group is very much aware of its own capabilities and they can work together effectively, instead of dysfunctional groups of employees who may not be acquainted with how to work together.

Problem Solving:

People in a workplace often meet to discuss how to solve the various issues that their company faces. Team building activities can help them in identifying the major problems and to find their solutions by working together. When a team works well together, it allows staff members to feel more comfortable in offering suggestions. Team members become familiarized with the concept of handling complicated data and eventually the company benefits from the variety of perspectives that come from different individuals.

Team Spirit, Fun, and Motivation:

It is natural for any team to celebrate their victory and have fun after winning a game. After all a family that celebrates together stays together. This motivates them to want to win at everything that they do together. The celebration, cheering, and fun that comes with every team bonding event motivates employees to take their performance to the next level.

We believe that a team building activity actually works to accomplish improved communication. At Avalanche Adventures we first provide complete training to our customers before they start performing the activity.

There are many outdoor and indoor activities for team building. But, which activities make the best team building activities? Which are the most effective, low cost and low time-consuming activities? And how exactly do they benefit your team? The best team building exercises not only encourage communication amongst colleagues but also create some incredible memories which are fondly recollected and shared in the future. Here at Avalanche Adventure, we have everything from small team building activities to problem solving exercises. We have an ultimate list of fun loving activities for the members to laugh, learn, and connect with other team members. Take a look at the best team building activities for your employees.

Blindfold Driving:

If you love driving a car and have the skills to drive it in any situation then Blindfold driving is best option for you. It is a challenging and fun loving activity which requires at least 4 people to perform. Blindfold driving is best for those who want to improve communication with each other in the most unusual of the ways. It requires skills, communication, teamwork and most of all, patience. In blindfold driving, one of the team members is blindfolded for driving and other team members navigate the driver around our course. We provide a Land Rover to a team and set it to second gear to drive itself with no use of accelerator, clutch or brake until you reach the end of the lap. Before starting this activity our instructor will tell about the whole process of this team building activity.

Swinging Bridge:

In bridge swinging activity, you have to cross a bridge which is connected from one end to the other over a river. But, you may not find it to be as simple as it sounds. It requires focus, dedication and sheer will to cross the bridge. Bridge swinging is a great activity to top off a day of river rafting. Bridge swinging is an adrenaline driving experience where you jump off high suspension bridges secured by climbing ropes and gear. The rope will be fixed at the middle of the bridge, while the jumper walks towards the end of the bridge pulling the rope tight before jumping. A maximum of 5 people can perform this task together.

Opposite Steer Buggy:

This is an interesting activity for those who love to face challenges. In opposite steer buggy, we will provide you a buggy to drive, but driving it is not simple. Because, as you steer left it will go right and vice-versa. It is a good team building activity to test your reactions, your patience, and your brain power. It requires good concentration in order to be able to get the hang of how this vehicle works.

Giant Jigsaw Puzzle:

It is one of the best team building activities as it requires the cooperation of each team member. In the giant jigsaw puzzle, a puzzle is given to each group with the same difficulty level. The task of each team is to assemble the puzzle as quickly as possible. The goal is to see which group can complete their jigsaw puzzle the fastest. However, the pieces will be mixed around in other group’s jigsaw puzzle. It’s up to the team how they get those pieces, either through negotiating, trading, or exchanging team members. This team building activity relies on problem solving and leadership skills.

Quad Bike Safari:

A quad bike is an off-road vehicle that can either be a dirt motorbike or a Land Rover. It is a great team building activity for those who love adventure and wish to have a thrilling experience in their life. Doing quad bike safari together in a team creates bond between team mates and makes them share their enthusiasm towards life. Quad bikes are designed in such a way that you can drive them in desert areas, concrete roads, grasslands, rugged terrain, etc. They are designed to handle all types of roads and can also absorb bumps and dips. So gather your team and book a quad bike safari for them at the Avalanche Adventure’s activity centre today.

Avalanche adventure activity centre is built in an area of 400 acres and located right in the middle of England. We are not just an activity centre that offers team development; we are an organisation that trains its customers sincerely.

With our team building activities we are able to create an effective team development, leadership training and outdoor management development exercises that unblock the potential of your team and direct them towards exceptional performance.

The staff at Avalanche Adventures has over 20 years of experience in training development, including delivering ILM courses and working as coaches and facilitators for major UK and European organisations. We believe in providing your team with the best adventure experience that they have ever had.

A person may feel the need to rest after performing such activities and to provide you such facilities we have designed air conditioned log cabins which will offer you the comfort that you will be seeking after these activities. If you want to perform many activities in a day then you should be well fed and to ensure that we offer refreshments to all our customers during the team building activities.

Avalanche Adventure offers many other activities apart from team building activities for your day out such as; Quad bike safari, Off road driving, Paintballing, Clay pigeon shooting, Archery, etc. If you want to experience a thrilling adventure in your life then Contact us today and walk home with the best memory you’ve had in recent times.