Here’s How Team Building Activities Boosts Morale

Team Building Activities; A group of people playing tug of war.

Team building activities, to some people, might seem like a ‘nice break’ from work but in reality, it’s so much more. These activities are to increase collaboration while allowing you to understand your team better. 

At Avalanche, we encourage corporate team building through our activities. We offer an open space for your team to have opportunities to communicate.

Moreover, any outdoor space other than your office will allow your team members to understand each other and when paired with our adventures, their skills of communication, solidarity and team building will be tested

That said, conducting these team building activities also boost the morale of your colleagues or employees in unimaginable ways. 

Below we have listed a few of them for your assistance, so let’s dive right in! 

1. Boosts Motivation

Team Building Activities; Relaxed group of people on a hill.

Establishing company culture is one thing but maintaining it takes a whole lot of effort; not to mention trial and error to find the one method that works best for you. 

With these many time-consuming tasks, you often fail to engage your employees in important team building.

Fun yet meaningful team building activities like blindfold driving is not just an activity, but it takes your team on a journey. 

From trusting the blindfolded driver to communicating and navigating with the help of other team members, blindfold driving is an adventure that helps your team bond with one another while polishing the skills that are necessary for your everyday business. 

Once the activity is over, it creates a sense of achievement that is felt by every member and makes them feel connected to one another. 

Lastly, the team will also realise that the organisation is looking out for them and is willing to invest time for their improvement. This will, in turn, motivate them to give their best at work, meaning it’s a win-win for both the parties.

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2. Connects Remote Teams 

Team Building Activities; People sitting around a bonfire; connecting and talking.

Generally, with larger companies, the employees get divided into teams and sub-teams which creates a disconnect between them. In this case, remote team building activities can help make your corporate colleagues feel more connected and therefore, efficient

Put simply, it has the power to improve the overall team productivity, retention and eventual morale of the team. 

Additionally, it can become that great excuse to force the members of the team to spend time together who often shy away from working closely. 

Similarly, if you have a wide base of networks, like employees split across multiple locations, taking time to connect them all through these activities can give a sense of belongingness and personal touch. 

Not only that, but taking this time will also allow them to build relationships with one another that will eventually reflect on the company projects.

3. Offers Positive Reinforcement 

Hands on a tree branch.

Team building activities’ underlying purpose is also to observe the behaviours of the employees towards the company and their colleagues. 

It can be therefore used to recognise a certain pattern that has been repeating in the background that you are probably unaware of. 

All these observations can be used as positive reinforcements. This means, by recognising these patterns, you can send a strong message to a particular employee that repeats some unfavourable pattern and reminds them of your company values.

In doing so, they will be reminded of what needs to be done for the success of your company and while at it, improve themselves in the process. 

4. Improves Communication 

A group of people sitting outdoors enjoying together

Communication is extremely important between employees and it is pretty evident that communication plays a vital role to carry out our activities. 

For instance, a certain team member might have preconceived skills and experiences that might be beneficial for another member in a team building activity. However, if these skills are not communicated to one another, they’re of no use.

When it comes to outdoor activities though, like the ones we offer, it pushes your team members to communicate in an environment  full of healthy competition

Additionally, through team building activities, there is an improved communication which leads to boost your emploee’s’ morale and eventually their overall productivity. 

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