4 Fun Outdoor Activities To Bring Out Your Competitive Side

Bringing out your competitive side from time-to-time helps you stay motivated and optimistic about achieving your goals. What better way to go about this than participating in some fun, yet competitive activities?

Adventures and sports that keep you on your toes are the best kind as they help you improve your skills in an engaging and entertaining way. Moreover, fun outdoor activities that challenge you to step out of your comfort zone help you develop qualities like perseverance and resilience.

With this in mind, at Avalanche Adventure, we understand the importance of letting out your competitive side to develop skills that will help you with your future goals. 

Since activities are a great way to start working towards these goals, we’ve put together a list of fun outdoor activities that are sure to bring out your competitive side and keep you going.

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Target Archery

Target Archery is a sport that improves hand-eye coordination and balance while also improving your focus.

Target archery is a fun outdoor activity that challenges you to focus and improve body balance; a person aiming their arrow at a target

Shooting an arrow to hit a target requires the use of your entire body while maintaining utmost concentration. When it comes to target archery, having a competitive spirit is important to move ahead of your competitors by hitting your target every single time.

Moreover, this challenging sport requires intensive training but the results that come out of all the hard work you put in, make the effort worth it. The overall experience makes target archery a fun sport that challenges you to perform your best.

If you’re looking to try out archery, at Avalanche Adventure, we offer this sport at our activity centre in Leicester. You can compete with your friends or family to improve your archery skills and concentration in a fun environment. To find out more, contact us here.

2. Gemini Off Road Racing

If you’re a motorhead who loves adrenaline thrills, this activity will work great for you. Gemini off road racing involves manoeuvring buggies across a challenging course, typically filled with natural obstacles and plenty of mud. Thrilling and competitive, this fun outdoor activity is something you must consider trying out.

Gemini off road racing is a fun outdoor activity that is filled with adrenaline thrills; a Gemini buggy on an open course

Racing by itself is an adrenaline-filled activity and when you add Gemini off road racing buggies into the mix, you’re sure to experience a thrill like never before. Moreover, competing with your close friends and family to see who can get across the course the fastest, creates an exciting and competitive atmosphere.

3. Riding An Opposite Steer Buggy

Riding an opposite steer buggy is an incredibly challenging and competitive activity that will require all your focus. Competing with your friends or family on these buggies is sure to bring out your competitive side as the controls of the buggies are reversed – if you turn left, your buggy will move right.

Opposite steer buggy racing is a unique and fun outdoor activity through which you can compete with your close ones; a person riding an opposite steer buggy on a muddy course

Handling the reversed controls of the steer buggy will help you work on your reflexes while also testing your multitasking skills. Since these buggies are unconventional, leveraging them to improve yourself will provide you with a fun and memorable experience.

Additionally, a muddy course can increase the challenge level and motivate you to get better timing than the others.

4. Paintballing

One of the most exciting sports worldwide, paintballing with friends or even coworkers is an exciting activity that you must try. While the game by itself is very entertaining, paintballing also allows you to bring out your competitive side by strategising against your opponents.

Paintball with friends and family is a competitive yet fun outdoor game; a person aiming the paintball gun at their opponent.

Since the goal is to take out all your opponents to win the game, the competitive atmosphere requires good planning. With the surprise factor of paints splashing on you, the game is sure to leave you with some great memories.

However, one thing you need to keep in mind is to protect yourself by wearing appropriate clothes and gear to avoid any injuries or bruises.

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Participating in outdoor activities can be incredibly fun and help you improve your skills, as well as bring out your competitive side. These activities help you improve your skills in the most fun way possible!

If you’re looking for similar activities, Avalanche Adventure is the place for you. Book your slots in advance to make sure you’re guaranteed an exciting adventure.