Indoor Vs Outdoor Activities – Which One Should You Choose For Team Building?

Indoor Vs Outdoor Team Building Activities; A fitness session of people being held outdoors

If you’re finding that you’re stuck in a routine, it is essential that you and your employees take a break to rejuvenate, relax and come back to work with a fresh and motivated mindset. 

That said, what better way to rejuvenate than spending a day with them filled with fun activities

Sure there are an ample number of activities for you to choose from but when it comes to choosing the correct location, you should be well-versed with everything that comes under two major categories – indoor vs outdoor team building activities.  

At Avalanche, for your assistance, we have curated this small guide filled with all the important information including the pros and cons to compare and choose between indoor vs outdoor team building activities. 

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Indoor Activities for Team Building 

Indoor Vs Outdoor Team Building Activities; People engaged in an indoor activity.

Indoor activities like table tennis, squash and pool are as engaging as the activities that are played outdoors. They are definitely fun, filled with adrenaline and engages your entire core to bring your desired results

If you hold a team building session indoors, it solves many issues that outdoor activities might have, such as temperature control, rains and the occasional discomfort that people might experience from being out in the open. All these issues are completely ruled out. 

Now, although indoors can be ideal for some people, before choosing the location you need to take several things into consideration for your day to work out perfectly. Some of them are listed below – 

  • The venue should have a perfect amount of open space; not too little or not too much. This is to ensure that your team members fit in a way that they feel connected to one another and also not congested at the same time. 
  • It should have enough electrical outlets, ventilation, A/V equipment and spaces for a break, if needed.
  • It should be away from your office to keep your team members away from the emails and daily routine; you need to ensure that it’s engaging them fully..

These are just a few of the requirements you might have to cover before signing up for an indoor team building activity. 

However, there is a chance that shortly after the activity has begun, your team will suddenly feel the need to go out in the open, to cool off after the physical activity. 

We have a sure shot solution to this. You can try one of the activities like our Gemini Off Road Racing Buggies, as they work on a completely different approach compared to indoor go-karting and help you make the most of your day. 

Outdoor Activities for Team Building 

Indoor Vs Outdoor Team Building Activities; A group of people in muddy clothes after playing an outdoor activity.

Unlike indoor activities, outdoor activities enable you to get a breath of fresh air for your body to feel rejuvenated and your mind feel motivated. 

The weather, picture-esque locations and nature only add to the appeal for your team members who might have been tired of being stuck inside a concrete building. Moreover, an open space can give them the opportunity to experience the luxury of moving around freely, catching the wind during these activities.  

While weather is the prime advantage of choosing outdoor activities, it also has another side to it. 

It is nearly impossible to predict whether it’ll change or remain the same;in fact, even one hour of rain on your scheduled day could require you to change your venue. This, however, shouldn’t stop you from having fun outside; all you need is planning and remembering to keep the following list in check. 

  • Be prepared for the seasonal allergies that might affect your team members.
  • Check the availability of hygienic restrooms and ensure that they are maintained properly.
  • Ensure the venue has a time-out space with a shade to cool off.
  • Check for mosquitos and bugs.
  • Check for sources of electricity that you might require for sound, visual and other equipment. 

Contact Avalanche Adventure for Fun Outdoor Activities

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Be it shooting, camping, off-roading or any other team-building activities, we have exceptional trainers for each of them, guiding you along the course of the activity while ensuring you’re having fun and a day full of memorable experiences! 

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