Team Building: It’s Not Just About Bonding

Bringing members of a team closer together is only one of the many advantages that team building has to offer. Besides improving interpersonal relationships, there are several other aspects of an individual’s personality that these exercises work on, making the investment of time and money more than just worth it.

At Avalanche Adventure, we believe that when a group of individuals are having a great time together, the bond automatically strengthens. For this reason, we have designed our activities in a way that you’re bound to have an incredible amount of fun.

Following are some of the positive effects that team building activities have on a group of individuals that work together:

Reveal Strengths and Weaknesses

In the daily office routine there is little scope for employees to attempt tasks that fall outside their responsibility sphere. As a result, we are never able to have a complete picture of their strengths and weaknesses.

A major benefit of putting a team through a team building exercise is that you will be able to identify the core competencies of the employees that work in your organisation. These competencies can include integrity, competitiveness, problem-solving, goal setting and many more.

Business leaders have a knack for identifying these traits and they can make use of this invaluable information when they are looking to build a stronger team.

Boost Company Morale

Staff are more likely to be productive if they are content and engaged. It takes more than just good bonding to bring about these changes in a team. Team building activities should be such that they are engaging and fun for everyone involved.

Team members are often asked to take part in activities which sound exciting and fun but turn out to be quite mundane when they get round to performing them. Such activities can have the opposite effect than what is desired as they will associate team building with boredom and time wasting.

Activities that are based on whacky ideas are the ones that influence team members to come up with creative solutions.

Imagine the laughter that will erupt in your group when the perpetually confused guy in your team is made to sit behind the wheel of a strange machine that turns left when you steer right!

Develop Trust

Let’s suppose that your team is playing a game of paintball. Will you ever trust the teammate who hides behind you just in time so that you are the one who gets shot?

Also, if you suspect that certain team members have trust issues, put them behind the wheel of a Land Rover and blindfold them. If they turn left despite you shouting ‘right’ at the top of your voice, you should know that there is a lack of trust in your team – or at the very least an inability to listen to orders.

Team members tend to put down their guard and relax when they are made to work on tasks other than the official ones within their job specification. When they are not faced with the pressure of being evaluated, they are more likely to express themselves without restraint.

Engaging in a fearless manner will mean that your team members improve their problem solving ability.

More Confidence

It’s scary to think about stepping outside your comfort zone. But those who are able to take the leap and succeed at it, despite the odds, are almost always rewarded with confidence. It serves as an inspiration to others and people slowly begin to follow suit.


If you think that these moments will vanish into thin air the moment you step outside our gates then you could not be more mistaken.

The new found confidence in your team members will find their way into their day-to-day work life.

Get in touch with us at Avalanche Adventure and sign up for the most memorable corporate experience you can have as a team.