What is a DTV Shredder?

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About DTV Shredder

The DTV shredder is one of the most popular and adventurous activities at Avalanche Adventures. It is a dual tracked vehicle which can shred any surface you can think of! It is an off-road, crossover vehicle which is specifically designed for action and power sports.

The DTV shredder is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, the thrills and the excitement of riding it cannot be described in words. It is hard for someone to grasp just how different the shredder is from anything else they’ve ever seen.

The Shredder is a combination of tank, skateboard and motocross bike, and it is the all year-round, all-terrain vehicle. It is specially designed with advanced technologies and features; the powerful 4-stroke 196cc engine, skateboard deck and two aggressive tank-treads make it capable of travelling through sand, snow, trials and even mountainsides at high speed.

DTV stands for a dual-tracked vehicle because of its pair of tank treads. The rubber tracks are driven by a petite 196cc 4-stroke, single cylinder engine that puts down somewhere around 14 horsepower. This power is split by a pair of continuously variable transmissions, distributing power between the left and right tracks depending on the angle of lean of the big skate deck upon which you stand.

DTV shredders are very small in size as compared to other off-road vehicles that we have here at Avalanche Adventure such as; Land Rover and opposite steer buggies. But with so many features inside such a small vehicle, it is quite an impressive machine and has proved that size isn’t everything.

Safety Guidelines for Driving DTV Shredder

There are always risks involved when participating in such activities, but we offer only the very best safety equipment and we deliver thorough safety briefings. If you’re going to ride the shredder for the first time then it could be difficult for you to handle it properly. However, our instructors will give you complete training on how to ride it. But still, there are some safety guidelines which you should keep in mind while riding a DTV shredder outside an established activity centre.

Wear Protective Clothing

Always wear a helmet and tight clothes when riding a DTV Shredder. Loose clothing can get caught in moving parts below the deck. Wearing a helmet can prevent injuries to the head. When riding a DTV make it a point to always wear a helmet that meets or exceeds established safety standards. Protective clothing such as long sleeve shirts, gloves, long pants, over the ankle boots and knee pads can help protect the rider from injury. Always wear shatter proof eye protection when riding a shredder such as a face shield or goggles. While driving a Shredder you can get hit in the eyes by dust, branches, rocks, debris, etc.

Speed of the DTV Shredder

The small monster has a 4-stroke 196 cc powerful engine so you can imagine the power output. Never operate the shredder at high speeds as your skills or weather conditions may not always be right. Always take your time and pay attention to unfamiliar terrain and be alert to changing terrain conditions when operating the shredder.

The shredder is not meant for riding on public roads or paved surfaces as a collision can occur with another vehicle. Riding on paved surfaces, including car parks, paths, driveways and streets can cause loss of control resulting in severe injuries. The shredder is designed for off-road use only as pavements may cause the shredder to become unstable.

While riding on a shredder avoid performing any kind of stunt; as jumping, doing wheelies or other stunts on the shredder could cause loss of control and result in accidents. It can also cause damage to the DTV. People often try to perform jumping stunts on the shredder or drop it from the height; this can be very dangerous for both the rider and the shredder and can lead to major damage.

Use of Brakes

If you’re driving the shredder at a high speed then avoid using brakes and use caution when applying brakes. Sudden braking may result in a rollover and personal injury. Always attempt to decrease speed by gradually letting off the throttle first. A sudden release of the throttle may also result in a rollover. Smooth throttle control is paramount to maintaining control of the vehicle. Never try to operate the shredder at night or in low light conditions.

Basic Techniques

Always ensure that the handle is securely locked before riding and be careful not to press handle lock lever while riding the shredder. Keep both hands on the handlebars and both feet on the deck when driving a shredder, doing so will help you to be ready for unexpected situations. Always try to avoid or go slow on terrain that is not recognisable, be alert; an obstacle could come up unpredictably.

On The Day of Your Ride

Riding the DTV shredder will be a whole new experience for you if you’re going to do it for the first time. As the shredder is an off-road vehicle you can ride it on any surface such as sand, snow and mountainsides. If you’re joining us on the day of your ride, you will go through a process where you will be required to complete, registration process, safety briefing and certain amount of preparation. But there are certain key points for driving it at every surface that you should keep in mind.

Riding on Hills

If you’re planning to climb a hill with the shredder then evaluate the hill first before attempting the climb. Make sure the hill is not too steep, the terrain is not loose or slippery and that there are no obstacles. Approach the hill at a steady speed and maintain speed throughout the climb. During the climb, Shift your body weight forward and adjust the angle of handle forward using the handle lock release lever. But, never try to operate a shredder on steep hills or any hill that is beyond your ability.

Riding Over Obstacles

Finding obstacles on off-road trails is normal if you meet an obstacle that is too large then turn the shredder and do not attempt it. But, if an obstacle is not too large and you have the knowledge and ability and want to cross the obstacle then go slow while approaching the obstacle. Right before the obstacle give the shredder some throttle and pull back on the handlebars so the tracks go up over the obstacle. Keep going slowly until the rear of the track clears the obstacle.

Riding over large obstacles could be hazardous and could cause loss of control which could result in a severe injury. Always ignore to ride over large obstacles, such as large rocks or fallen trees.

Riding Through Water

Riding the DTV shredder through water can be hazardous, and can cause damage to the engine if it is moving too fast or too deep in the water. Before riding it through the water, make sure that the water is shallow and is not more than 4inch deep. Travelling too fast through the water will allow it to enter the airbox scoop. Before crossing any water look at the terrain entering and exiting the water, the terrain should have a gradual slope with no obstacles. If you don’t know the terrain or are not sure about the bottom of the pool or river, do not attempt to enter.

Riding in Cold Weather

Riding the shredder in cold weather can be very dangerous for your health. If the body gets exposed to cold weather for a short period of time, it can result in hypothermia. When the body temperature drops below normal, hypothermia can set in. Hypothermia is a condition where the body temperature drops low enough to cause injury or death. If you want to ride the shredder in cold weather then we advise you to wear warm water-resistant clothing such as a snowmobile suit, lined boots, wool socks, coat, warm gloves, warm hat and face protection.

Riding on Snow and Ice

If you want to drive the shredder on ice or snow then be careful while riding it. The ice on the frozen lake or river could break causing the shredder to fall through which could result in serious damage. Always check the thickness of the ice by consulting with local authorities on ice conditions. If the terrain is covered with snow, some obstacles such as holes, large rocks, logs, etc. could be hidden below it. Running into one of these obstacles could result in loss of control which could result in a serious accident. Always go slow when riding over snow-covered terrain, be alert to changing terrain. Snow and ice sunny conditions are extremely bright, wear shaded eye protection such as a tinted face shield or goggles to help protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

One good thing about the shredder is that you will ride solo which will make your experience even more enjoyable. At Avalanche Adventure, we assure that you will enjoy your ride and stay safe during the ride, because we provide all the necessary safety gear and body armour. So even if you fall or couldn’t control the shredder, you’ll be safe.

If you want to experience something more thrilling and something more different than a quad biking or Land Rover ride then embarking on a DTV shredder is all you need. At Avalanche Adventure, we cater for all kind of groups, as small as two or as large as two hundred. Our activity centre is situated in the heart of England and offers a wide choice of activities, from Hovercraft experience to blindfold driving and even Paintballing. Our instructors are fully trained to the highest standard and will give you complete assistance and a brief on every activity before starting it. So what you’re waiting for, gather your squad and get in touch with us today.