The Right Ways to Motivate and Inspire Your Staff

A pat on the back or an appraisal have become classic remedies for the wavering motivation syndrome that teams are known to suffer. These are without doubt effective tools to motivate your staff but the problem with employing these methods is that the motivation wears off almost as quickly as it settles in.

At Avalanche Adventure, we believe that praise and appraisals can only go so far to address the faltering motivation of your staff. The good news is that we may have a fix which is likely to last a lot longer and that will also produce better results. We bring teams closer together and as we all know, a team that is close knit always works with a higher level of motivation.

But before you can make them bond over our team building activities, following are certain solutions that you must give a try.

Knowing your Team and their Talents

Effective collaboration may be the key to achieving success as a team but it doesn’t mean that you can afford to be unaware of their individual abilities and talents. Most leaders use an employee’s work history and current job profile to gauge their capability.

But if you wish to set yourself apart, you must make an extra effort to know them personally and understand what brings out the best in them. You must get an idea of what makes them feel important as it’s often the best way to motivate them. In this way, you can use their talents to keep them interested in their work and also raise their performance levels.

Our team building activities will reveal different personality traits of your team members and at the end, you will be better acquainted with what treasures are hidden inside each of them.

Treat Them Differently

Different things work for different people. Recognition and public praise will motivate those with entertainer personalities. Drivers or fighters will be motivated by trophies, plaques and awards. Each of your team member must be made to undergo a personality assessment test so that you have a better understanding of what resonates with them.

Align them towards a Common Vision

If you want a team to follow you, they must feel excited at heading towards the goal that you have in mind for them. Having a compelling and clear vision can raise the excitement of your team. Being able to see themselves work towards the objective and knowing that they will be leveraging their skills and strengths in the process will make them look forward to work.

Give Away Prizes

There are many ways to appreciate the hard work of your team members. While every person likes a pat on their back from time to time, it may not be enough to sustain the much needed motivation.

If you don’t believe in buying gifts time and again, you can try a fun solution such as giving the best performer a championship belt similar to the one they have in professional wrestling. You can also opt for something subtler but remember being innovative can go a long way.

For those top performers who happen to have an interest in adventure activities, you can give them our gift vouchers. It shows them that you care about their likes and interests and this simple act can prove to be an excellent way to amp up their working efforts.

Celebrate Often

If you expect your team to learn from every failure they encounter in their path, you must also make it a point to celebrate every feather of success that your team adds to your hat.

Taking your team out and throwing a party or getting food and drinks for them at the office are some excellent ways to make your team have some fun. It is also a good idea to hand out invitations to their significant others too, if your budget allows.

To truly inspire your staff, you may have to lead by example and what better way can there be than to take on adventure activities at Avalanche Adventure and show your team how adventurous working at your company really can be.