Here’s Why You Should Have a Corporate Day Out

When you’re in office and it doesn’t feel like you’re working with co-workers but with your friends, the week suddenly has five more days to look forward to. And if you think that it’s work and all the work related discussion that brings about the transformation, you couldn’t be more mistaken.

Breaking Association

When it comes to spaces and people, we tend to associate them with the reason why we’re interacting with them. Day after day when we interact with our colleagues in the office space, we begin to associate them with work and it is this association that we need to break.

Avalanche Adventure gives you the hammer and chisel to work at it. The more distance you put between your team and the office walls, the weaker this association gets.

Also, when you ditch the work to play, the conversations begin to stray away from work and touch upon different topics. You not only get to know each other better but you also begin to like each other better. And whilst not talking about work might seem a little uneffective to begin with, the bonding it creates amongst working teams will soon prove otherwise.


The activity that you’re involved in decides to quite an extent the scope of the communication that takes place. You may have noticed how our conversations in the office tend to revolve around work. Even the jokes that we exchange are such that those outside the office may not really understand them.

However, when your team is performing a fun activity at our Leicestershire activity centre, the talks will no longer be restricted to work and it’s only when work goes out of the equation that fun can really begin to flow in.

With better communication, each member of your team will feel more confident about being in the presence of their superiors and in this way, will familiarise themselves with people they were previously too intimidated to even initiate a conversation with.

When they get back to work the following day, they will find that the barriers are gone and what they have instead is the ability to communicate freely and openly with each other.

Finding Potential

Adventure activities bear a great resemblance to the quests of life. Like there’s always a first penguin that dives into water to see if it is going to become the prey or the predator and show the way to its fellow penguins, there’s always the first one to skydive out of a plane or bungee jump off the platform.

Our activities will help you to find that first penguin in your team, the one who is fearless enough to take on any challenge. There are many others that you may discover in the process such as the one to always take cover in a paintball match and never as much as reveal his face for the whole length of the game. You will also be able to identify the persistent cribbers, the natural leaders, the quick problem solvers and the logical thinkers.


Most leaders struggle with this dilemma and ponder endlessly over which role they should assign to a particular member. This is where team building activities and corporate days can give you the much needed clarity. In less formal surroundings it becomes easier for people to reveal their true self and demonstrate their strengths and weaknesses.

Each of our activities tests a different aspect of our personality. If archery and Clay Pigeon Shooting puts your focus to test, our off roading activities evaluate your ability to think on the spur of the moment.


They say when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, but what nobody tells you is what the tough do when the going is not tough. They have some kickass fun and it’s exactly what your team needs to do if they are the ones you count on to keep the ship afloat in troubled waters.

Besides the range of activities that we offer, we also give you the opportunity to turn the corporate days out into corporate nights out with the launch of our new camping site.   

Get in touch with us and give your team what you know they secretly desire.