Work Hard, Party Harder with Avalanche

It is said that one must strike a perfect balance between work and play. But isn’t it every employee’s dream that the balance should tilt more in favour of partying than working?

Leaders however, may think very differently. The fact that their team members work hard definitely works in their favour but what they often fail to realise is that it is also their responsibility to ensure that their colleagues spend some quality time together.

At Avalanche Adventure, we believe that professionals can only get better at what they do if they have enough fun to balance out how hard they work. As a leader, making your team work as efficiently as they are capable of is an ongoing challenge, but if you’re out of ideas as to how you can inject some life into the mundane day-to-day, drop by and give us a visit!


For most of us, paintballing is either a fun activity or a combat exercise exclusively meant for military enthusiasts. But the fact is that paintballing is a sport that goes much beyond either of these two ideas.

To start with, you will get to witness many sweet transitions. Your employees will finally get their eyes off their laptop screens and can instead lock them onto real targets, which will make a pleasant change from the neverending ones which they encounter in the office.

Thus paintballing is the perfect team building exercise which can grow the confidence of an-always-quiet team member and also help you to discover the hidden leadership traits in members of whom you had never thought of as leaders before.

The activity is so much fun that there might be times when you will almost forget that you’re not holding a real gun. You’re bound to develop a sense of camaraderie, as if you’re part of an army fighting against a common enemy. In those times, you will see for yourself how their confidence touches new heights.

Gemini Race Buggies

At Avalanche Adventure, we consider ourselves to be magicians and we have a unique magic trick to bring teams closer together. We throw in an 800m race circuit, some 400cc gemini buggies, put some employees in them and voilà, a team that functions as one!

Even though it is called a race, it is actually just a healthy bit of competition in reality. When you are zooming around the circuit with some colleagues ahead of you and some close on your heels, each of you will cherish the time that you spend behind the wheel.

As you shout out to those who whizz past you and smile forgivingly at those who splash mud across your entire face, every action will give the team some kickass memories to relish later. With nothing to stop the wind from kissing your face, the grin on it will naturally broaden and your levels of adrenaline will spike too.

There are several other fun activities such as Blindfold driving, Land Rover off road driving and Clay pigeon shooting that we organise at our Leicestershire activity centre that can improve the communication between your team members and thereby strengthen the bond that they share.

The team building activities at Avalanche Adventure can break down the barriers that often exist between members that come from different backgrounds, belong to different age groups and lead different lifestyles.

Get in touch with us today and book the perfect corporate day out.