Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Next Corporate Day Out

A corporate day out is often portrayed as some kind of magic pill that makes office woes disappear overnight. But that’s rarely how it works and merely taking your team out is not where the responsibility ends either.

It is equally important that they have a great time while they are out, which means solving problems and completing puzzles will not do the trick – and this is exactly where we come into the picture.

At Avalanche Adventure, we believe that activities should be such that the whole effort of bringing the office out of the office seems worth it. If you allow us to be the host for your corporate day out, your team can partake in many fun activities that have been specifically tailored to bring teams closer together.

Build Your Team

What age does to wine, team spirit does to the performance of a team. It takes a lot of effort on behalf of the leader and also its members to strengthen the bonds that define this team spirit. A healthy rapport cannot be built unless team members get to know each other on a fairly personal level.

But pressure and deadlines can make it difficult for us to take time out of our busy work schedule and indulge in hearty chit chat during office hours. Due to this, creating a friendly team atmosphere in the office may seem like a near impossibility.

Corporate days out present the perfect opportunities and breathing space for team members to grow closer. In fact, it is the primary purpose of corporate retreats to bring teams closer together.

The goal of any leader should be to attract and retain talent and a surefire way to make it happen is to make the employees feel like they are a part of a big happy family.

Put The Stress Ball Down

A common issue that most people have with their office is that it becomes a stressful place. There are always times of the year which are busier than usual and in these times, employees can become irritable and stressed for no real rhyme or reason. In such times, they may even have second thoughts about continuing their employment with your organisation.

The only way to unwind a stressed-out workforce is to take them away from the environment that induces stress. The times immediately following the annual busy period is a conducive time to organise such a company retreat. Maybe a match of paintball is all they need to emerge from the stress.

Improving Company Morale

Nowadays, jobs are not scarce and workers have higher expectations from their employers, making them more demanding than the workforces of earlier generations.

Expecting your employees to work relentlessly without rewarding them may not be the type of mindset that will do wonders for your business.

We will merely be echoing the words of many articles on the internet if we were to list down the benefits of working with a team whose morale is high. There are many ways in which you can raise employees’ morales and a corporate retreat is arguably one of the best ways to raise the sinking morale of a workforce.

By organising such retreats you are showing your employees that you care about their wellbeing and will not refrain from bestowing them with rewards and treats if they earn them.

You shouldn’t look at it as something that you need to do but something that you should do as a good employer who cares about their employees.

Time to Reflect

Taking time away from work and thinking about what has been done in the past few months can make a huge difference to how your team gets things done at work.

While running to a cabin in the woods or boarding a luxury yacht may sound like the modus operandi of a CEO to unwind, there are other far more affordable alternatives of which you can explore to make your team relax after a stressful period at the office.

To reduce the stress of your team and improve overall productivity, book a corporate day out with Avalanche Adventure today. And for those members of the team that go above and beyond constantly, reward them with vouchers to visit us so they can reap the benefits of their hard work with loved ones at home.