Ways to Socialise with Coworkers Outside of Work

Within the office walls, there is limited scope for you to really get to know your office colleagues. The office environment, no matter how informal you try to make it, doesn’t reveal the fun side of your coworkers and we always come to work in “professional” mode to at least some degree.

You will be in for a surprise when you bring them out of the office atmosphere into one which doesn’t have complete professionalism in its air.

Interacting outside of the office boundaries is essential if you wish to share a more productive and enjoyable professional relationship with your coworkers.

But you may need something more than those weekly get-togethers over food and drinks to harness the true power of informal interactions.

Luckily for you, at Avalanche Adventure, we have just the right solutions to ensure that you socialise with your office colleagues in a fun and effective way. But before we get to those, the following are some other options that you can try too:

Defy the norms

The most commonly prescribed way to bond with your coworkers is business lunches and after work drinks. But you can add a certain twist to these run-of-the-mill techniques. Go for a high tea, have theme-based dinner parties or host a cheese and wine tasting event.

You can also sign up for classes together such as Zumba or group cooking. You should keep in mind the varied interests of your team and also their habits and beliefs before you finalise the event.

Fun physical activities

An effective way to nurture a team bond while having fun at the same time is to sign up for hands-on activities. It will have a positive effect on the minds of your coworkers and they will most certainly carry that positivity over to the workplace.

Many health clubs offer corporate memberships which you can sign up for along with your team. You can also create office teams and play sports such as football, cricket or softball. It is quite a popular way to promote group participation and fitness.

If you have an adventurous work crew or one that is young, you can also organise indoor rock-climbing or skydiving, office scavenger hunts or laser tag.

You can also bring your crew to Avalanche Adventure! We organise activities which are suitable for every adult age group and personality type. You are sure to find something that each member of your team finds interesting with us.

Business days socialising

There are several other ways in which coworkers can connect with each other and work on their professional relationships, such as commuting to work together.

Carpooling with coworkers is an excellent way to get to know each other personally whilst sticking to your daily work routine.

Besides travelling together, coworkers can also indulge in activities such as lunchtime workouts, evening walks around campus or getting together over a coffee or lunch.

These activities are most suited for those individuals who want to enjoy the benefits that socialising with coworkers has to offer without spending much time with them outside the office, as we all have separate friends and family wanting our time too.

Family oriented activities

Employers have finally become conscious of the fact that they need to encourage their employees to have a healthier balance between their personal and professional lives.

In order to have the right work-life balance, it is important that employees spend quality time with their families. You can take your team out for fun family activities such as mini-golf or bowling. You can also take them out to watch a sporting event which all of them may like.

At Avalanche Adventure, we can organise family days out or weekends for your employees and their families. We have fun activities that will keep the adults entertained, whilst the younguns can hang out at our campsite and wreak havoc running around in some good old fresh air.

Get in touch with us today to take your team bonding to a whole new level.