Effective Habits of Successful Teams

It takes a lot of patience and work to put together a good team. Transforming a group of individuals into a well functioning team is not something that happens overnight.

But by following some well-known principles, you can definitely get there just in time to give your business a boost.

The measures given below are not one-time fixes. Like habits, they need to be inculcated into your daily routine and practised regularly to ensure that things are on track on a permanent basis.

Following are the habits that should help you to transform your team and push them to achieve even more:

Being proactive

The worst trait that a team can have is to wait for things to happen. To seize the opportunities that come your way, you need to grab the bull by the horns and act fast. If despite your best efforts things don’t go as planned, you need to step up and take responsibility.

You need to take complete accountability for all the decisions you have taken and own up to the consequences of those decisions. Pay complete attention only to those things that you can influence for good.

Have the finish line in mind

Before you get started with what you and your team wish to achieve, set out clear goals and also decide the approach that you will be adopting to achieve them. Breaking down bigger goals into smaller achievable chunks is a good strategy to set the wheels in motion.

Working on your goals backwards towards the point from where you would like to begin is a good way to accomplish them. You will see this strategy in action when you make your team solve a giant jigsaw puzzle at our activity centre. To put the right piece in the right place they will need to first visualise what the solved puzzle should look like.

First things first

Think of the process of meeting your goals as a chain of events that will ultimately lead you to the finish line. Your concentration is precious and you must put your mind to matters that deserve it.

It’s quite like sticking to your trail when you sign up for a Land Rover off-road driving experience. There will be many distractions on your path but as long as your focus is in place and you have good control over the machine, you can get past any obstacle that stands in your way.

Think of it as a win-win

In order to arrive at the result which is a win for everybody involved, you need to put your point across the team each time you are about to approach a new task.

Functioning in this manner will help you to earn their respect and also increases the possibility of building long-term relationships. A slow but steady approach works better than making a blind dash for it.

Understanding is more important than being understood

To make your team successful you need to instil in them the key habit of listening effectively. The only way to reach a satisfactory conclusion when it comes to a customer’s demand is to be empathetic towards it.

Once you have clearly understood their point of view, you can proceed to make yourself understood. Remember, effective communication is a two-way street.

Each person knows what to do

A group cannot be successful unless every member of the group has a good understanding of what their role is and what is expected of them. Working together is important but so is building a team that functions around individual qualities. As their leader, you should be aware of their core strengths and this will also contribute to developing a certain level of cohesion within the team.

Paintballing is one such activity which brings you face to face with the strengths of each team member. After just one match you will know who is fit to be a leader, who can think on their feet and who can keep their calm under pressure.  


When you have figured out each member’s strengths you can proceed to implement the goals together and this is what qualifies as positive teamwork.

This way there is not one member in the team which feels like they are handling a huge burden and the entire group shoulders it together. To further enforce the bond between team members you must focus on collaborating effectively with them.

One such activity which puts team members in a position where they have no option but to collaborate effectively is Blindfold Driving.

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