Things Every Hen Party Should Do

Would you like to simply follow the norm or be remembered for arranging the most amazing hen party ever for the bride-to-be? How does a super adventurous, adrenaline filled hen party sound to you?

Also, how about participating in activities that will not only leave you gasping for breath but also have you laughing at the memories for years to come?

Well, that is what Avalanche Adventure is all about – offering our customers some kickass fun that everyone will reminisce about for years to come.

But fret not, your hen do will not be completely filled with water, mud and adrenaline if you take on board the various suggestions we’ve provided below.

Plan a countryside getaway

When planning for a hen weekend, why not head into the wild and reconnect with nature? From rustic treehouses to riverboats, there are several unique places that you can choose from.

With endless choices all across Europe, there’s only one thing you’ve got to do – figure out where you’d like to go and book it before it’s too late. In the end, all that’s left to do is to start traversing the outdoors with your girl gang.

Sign up for a boot camp session

Are you willing to take up a difficult challenge? Well, if you answered yes, get ready to sweat it out whilst having fun by signing up for a boot camp session with your girlies. What’s more, you get to earn the treats and bubbles you will be indulging in afterwards from just one sesh, meaning you can have a guilt-free weekend of tasty treats.

However, if your goal is to get messy, then nothing is better than going for a major series run on a track that’s full of mud. These 5k and 10k award-winning courses are full of hurdles. Also, did we mention there is plenty of mud? Forget the mud masks and think mud baths!

Go paintballing

Taking into consideration the fact that the ‘bride-to-be’ is likely to savour activities that have a hint of adventure to them, you would not want to miss out on paintballing, would you? Imagine the entire gang with guns in hand, running around in a muddy field – now, isn’t that a memory that you’d like to cherish forever?

Moreover, this is the furthest you can get from those traditional hen-do party ideas of having fun watching naked male butlers. And rather than wearing those devil horns, you’ll be all suited up, which we feel makes for a perfect Instagram post.

Join a cocktail-making class

If your girl gang loves Friday night tipples, go and try making cocktails by arranging a cocktail-making class before you head to some clubs for an old-school dance night.

Go camping and reconnect with your friends

Nothing feels better than spending an entire night with your girls under the stars. So, why not take up the chance of gets a good, peaceful nights sleep at  our campsite? You’d sure as hell be making the most out of your best friends last night of freedom and those sorts of setting often provide the atmosphere needed for a good old heart to heart.

You see, weddings are a once in a lifetime thing, meaning it’s fair that your friend gets to experience the best night of her life beforehand.

Groove to some hip-hop music

Sign up for hip-hop lessons and inspire your gang to get moving to the beat. Along with having some kickass entertainment, you will get to know who’s got the better moves and who has two left feet.

Even more, you can have a personalised dance session added to your schedule and perform the same learnt routine on your best friends big day!

And that wraps up the things that every hen party must have. For more information on the kind of activities you can opt for when planning a hen-do party, get in touch with the team at Avalanche Adventure team today!