How Paintball Changes your Team Dynamics

Most teams across the world follow Newton’s first law of motion – they remain at rest until an external force acts on them. Too scientific a take? What we mean to say is that sometimes even the best teams need a little push.

If you have tried many solutions to revive your team’s spirit but haven’t been able to do so yet, you should consider adopting a different approach.

Maybe what each member of your team really needs is just to have a good time together. A game of paintball can give your team exactly that.

Those who have played paintball will tell you that it’s an absolute adrenaline rush. There’s a lot that a team can learn on the paintball field that will help them to deal with situations at the office later.

Following are some ways in which paintball changes the dynamics of your team:

A fearless team

It is quite possible that most of your team members will be playing paintball for the first time. Now you may assume that there is no reason to be scared since there are no real bullets being fired. But only a person who has never played this game will tell you so.

Let’s say you’re playing the game for the first time and you’re really enjoying it. You feel like Rambo and the next instant, out of nowhere, you find yourself at gunpoint. You’ll be partly disappointed because your game is over but you will also be partly scared wondering ‘what does a paintball shot feel like?’

Some first-timers are so scared of being struck by a paintball bullet that they take cover behind a bush and only turn up when the match is over! But going past your fears and launching an assault will be a lot more fun than this lame approach.

When you learn to take charge of the field, you also learn how to move from one action to another without fear. And isn’t a fearless team what every leader really wants?


When you’re hiding behind a cover, you’re certainly protecting your body. Not only are you not enjoying the game but you are also limiting your vision of the battlefield. And when you can’t see your opponent, there’s no way you can ever beat them.

Being truly involved in the game has many benefits besides having loads of fun. Your eyes are always moving from corner to corner to spot your enemies and your ears are on constant alert to pick up the faintest sound that they might make. Once you are on their scent, you spring into action and launch an attack.

In a very fun way, you are also learning how to use your senses to your advantage and leaders just love alert employees, don’t they?

Different tactics create different results

One way of playing paintball is to pitch one team against the other. They will try to neutralise their opponents and in the process learn to be fearless. But there are other ways of playing paintball too. They can have different objectives like protecting a VIP, capturing a zone or even retaining a flag.

Different objectives teach you different things and bring out different results. Whether it is becoming fearless enough to go on a rampage or developing a sense of responsibility towards a hostage, you are always taking away something valuable from a paintball field.

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