Things You Shouldn’t Do on a Stag Night

Inside every man is an untamed bull which makes them charge towards anything which is remotely fun, even if it clearly spells their own destruction. Nothing can stop them once that wild beast has taken over.

Every group has that one sane headed chap who urges the rest of his clan to ‘take it easy’. But to the rest of his group, it’s like he is waving a red flag and before he can even blink an eye, they are doing exactly the thing that he warned them against.

There’s hardly a combination in this world which can get as wild as alcohol and the desire to do something crazy. This is exactly what makes stag nights so unpredictable.

It can only result in two outcomes… either the stag and his friends will have a night to remember for the rest of their lives – or a night to seriously regret. Think The Hangover when he gets a tattoo his fiance clearly isn’t going to be impressed with…

In this blog, we take you through the various things that can go wrong on your stag night and things that you must avoid doing at all costs:

Getting logistics wrong

There’s an entire night of drunken stupidity ahead of you. But more stupid than the stupidest thing that you can do whilst you are intoxicated, is assuming that there will be an angel in your group who will not drink only to take you back to the hotel safely.

Talk to your group before the party begins and ask if anyone is ready to sign up for being sober and responsible. If the thought of doing this cracks your entire group up, pick up the phone and arrange for a chauffeur instead.

There’s a way you can make your stag night more memorable and also make things simple at the same time. Like true stags, spend your last night of freedom in the woods. Experience camping at Avalanche Adventure. With nowhere to get back to, you can sit by the bonfire under the stars and get as stupid drunk as you fancy – though it’s worth remembering that if you have activities planned for the weekend, it’s probably best to take it easy on the beer.

Lose a member of the stag party

You’re most likely to have an itinerary that takes you to multiple clubs and bars in the night. If your group is large, it’s always best to keep a head count. Every group has that ‘wanderer’ who has a knack for disappearing even in broad daylight and you don’t want to leave anyone behind.

Such lost souls are what most groups have in common and any person who has watched The Hangover will tell you how disastrous losing a stag can be for your bachelor night.

If there’s anything the movie teaches us, it is to ‘keep our friends close and the drunk ones even closer’.

A plan that puts you to sleep

It isn’t an ordinary day. A close friend of yours is about to get married and you may not get such an opportunity again where each of you gets together and has the license to party like there’s no tomorrow. Since the occasion is so big, you have no excuse to not have an awesome plan in place.

Drinking all night and barely talking can hardly be called a plan. These are not the things that you can rely on to make the night memorable. You want to be making memories with your friends, not drinking the night away into oblivion.  

That is why it is important to have activities and adventures lined up before the big night. Don’t just include those activities which the soon-to-be groom is fond of, but also those that the entire group can enjoy together.

At Avalanche Adventure, you can strike the perfect balance between an unconventional and conventional stag do. You will find the perfect combination of fun activities, the space to be yourself and that unique element which you would very much like to add to this very much anticipated event. Let boys be boys and enjoy themselves, after all!