Things Every Man Should Do Before He Turns 40

They say 40 is the new 20 and it isn’t without good reason either. Twenty years is too small a time to do all the crazy and stupid things life has to offer, right? It’s no wonder that many claim you need at least 40 years if you wish to wreak some proper havoc in life.

But hey, a little bit of excitement is what keeps life amazing and at Avalanche Adventure, we make it our mission to ensure that all of our guests leave smiling.

The modern man is no longer content with just a roof over his head and some food on his plate. He has goals and dreams to achieve. He wants to tell interesting stories too. He doesn’t want to just talk about the office or discuss his impending promotion… He wants to flaunt his wild and carefree personality too.

If you’re reading this with a hint of guilt because you have let years pass by without really putting yourself first, then stay tuned. In this blog, we list plenty of things all men should do before they hit the big 40.

Take a road trip

It is not just you whose life is incomplete without a road trip. Even a car hasn’t fulfilled its destiny if it leaves one garage only to get parked in another.

All you need is the company of some good friends and a map. So, put those wheels in motion and embark on a journey that’s perhaps even better than the destination itself.

Listen to a band play live

Sound technology may have become really sophisticated, but it still doesn’t come close to the experience of hearing live instruments being played right before your very eyes. Every note leaves behind a certain resonance in the air and you can only capture this feeling by seeing and hearing it all for yourself. Get tickets for that band you’ve always loved listening to on the radio and go have the time of your life rocking out to them.

Party all night

Partying with your favourite lads through the night is another feather that you must have in your hat by the time you’re 40. Remember, the amount of liquor you can handle goes down with every year that passe – or so they say. If you haven’t put your capacity to the test yet, now is the time to do it.

At Avalanche Adventure, we have a campsite with all the facilities you and your mates need for a weekend of fun. You can take part in our thrilling activities by day, then return to our campsite with a gazebo, barbeque and fully functioning toilets as the beers do tend to get the waterworks going, eh?

Flip a coin

Ever left your fate to the flip of a coin? It may sound like an absolutely crazy idea but isn’t that the purpose of this list, to have interesting stories to tell? Now we aren’t suggesting that you flip the coin before you say ‘I do’ to your long-term girlfriend at the altar, as that really would just be stupid.

But you can at least try it to make decisions on how to have fun. Perhaps you’re not sure whether to travel to America or Thailand this year? Well, don’t fret about it and let the coin decide.

A day for a good cause

If you’re among those who have a desire to do something good for society, you can make donations to a charitable cause or offer a service to those who are underprivileged. A day spent bringing a smile to someone’s face is certainly a day well spent indeed.

A sports final

Now sports coverage on television may well be impressive with all the close-ups and recaps of jaw-dropping moments. But just like there’s a world of difference between listening to music in your car and listening to a band play live, watching your favourite sport in a stadium is a feeling which is truly out of this world.

You will not miss those recaps and close angles when you have hundreds of enthusiastic fans by your side, screaming for the same team you want to win. Seriously, there’s nothing quite like it, especially if your team win!

Do something adventurous

You can set out on any adventure, be it scaling the height of a mountain, crossing a river in a boat or skydiving from a plane. Where there is an adventure, there is always a good story!

But we understand that climbing the Himalayas is not perhaps always the most viable option for the majority of people. But don’t let that stop you from having fun and partaking in adventurous activities.

Whether its paintballing, quad bikes or our blindfold driving, we have plenty to keep your heart racing with pure adrenaline.

Get in touch with Avalanche Adventure today to start ticking off the must-do’s on your list.