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Corporate Days Out

Planning corporate days with your employees and teammates is a beneficial step to improve team building, reduce stress of employees and give them a change from their everyday schedule. It’s also a great way to reward your employees for their performance and offer them a day out of their daily work environment. At Avalanche Adventure, we have the perfect locations and venues to hold corporate days’ meetings and post meeting activities.


Benefits of Corporate Days

Corporate days are always an excellent opportunity for people to connect outside the workplace and learn to communicate better with each other. There is much more than these small advantages, as corporate days offer a plenty of things for everybody. Take a look at the benefits of corporate days that can have a positive effect on your team in many ways.

If every employee gets an opportunity to leave their normal work environment and interact with other people in a completely different setting then it can help them to think differently and of course, help them improve personal and professional skills. And corporate days are the best choice for offering such opportunities to your employees and teammates.

If you wish to unleash the hidden potential of your team and want them to perform well inside and outside the office then corporate days can help you achieve that. Participating in team building programs, no matter what they are, is the best way to learn new things about themselves which they may not have previously realised.

Many people often believe that planning corporate days for employees is not beneficial; they are just a luxury and not a necessity. However, to promote better work relationship between employees, to share a positive experience that your employees talk about for a very long time, and to allow people to better understand where their strengths and weaknesses lie. So planning corporate days is not a waste of time or money but affects a working environment in a positive way.


If you want to reward your employees for their better performance and their dedication towards work then also it a great option for you. Rewarding your employees on such events will make them feel that you and the company really care for them.

Corporate days offer an ideal forum of sharing ideas and improving teamwork and the time out of the workplace can help you make positive changes in your business. They make it possible for a wide range of opinions and emotions to be shared between employees.


So gather your team and start organising corporate days for them whenever you think the time is right and your employees can enjoy the time without any worries and workload.

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Organising corporate days are neither difficult nor easy, they require a cohesive vision, careful planning and attention to detail. Before organizing a day out for your employees, you need to have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve, or else the expenditure will be difficult to justify. To organize successful corporate days, you need to understand the expectations of employees or you can hire an event planner or manager to organize the perfect day out for your employees. Consider these points to plan perfect corporate days for your employees.

To plan a better event for your employees, it’s necessary to understand the goals of gathering. The important goals of any gathering can be; sharing important company updates, getting information from participants, providing training for individuals or teams, fostering the company culture, making decisions, or having fun and engaging employees. Whatever the reasons for your corporate days, you need to understand them and make decisions according to the objective, so it can support your business goals.

For hosting the most effective corporate days, they should be catered to the right audience. At Avalanche Adventure, we create an experience for a meeting of executives that is different from an experience that they would create for industry-specific safety training. All you need to do for such a fantastic day is to gather some basic information such as; how many employees you want to invite to the day out, what types of roles they want to perform, and the range of their experience levels. Having this information will allow you to decide what types of training sessions, presentations, food, entertainment and other activities, you should include for the corporate day’s events.

Fixing a date without any planning can never turn out to be good. There is a lot more than just fixing a date for the day of gathering. There are so many things which you need to plan first such as; when the speakers will be arriving? If any employee wants to give any special presentation then how much time he needs to prepare that presentation?

What kind of meals your employees love and arranging them on corporate days is your responsibility. The larger the event the more details and time you will need, so that you can prepare in advance as much as possible.

Taking ideas from staff to create activities could be valuable when you are planning corporate days for your employees. When it comes to choosing staff members for creative ideas then it’s important to choose someone who is valuable to the company as well as a valuable team member. Because such employees will have a better idea of what will motivate and involve your employees.

Adding a different perspective during planning can help to create corporate day’s ideas that will really make the most of it. You can also opt for employees’ opinions or ask them to vote for their favourite activities or ideas they want should get implemented in the event day. It will excite people about the itinerary of the day and allow them to feel involved in the process of planning the event.

Organizing corporate days for employees is a lot different from planning a company picnic. While both of them can be considered as corporate events and both require logistics and planning but organizing an event for your employees is intended to impact performance in the workplace. In order to achieve the business objectives through your event day, there are some things which you should keep in mind.

What kind of skills do you want to teach to your employees?

What kind of behaviour do you want to change in the workplace?

How much time you have for training in the agenda?

How are you going to implement all these changes in the office culture through the event?

All this knowledge will help you organise immersive, fun, and engaging experiential learning corporate days that will be both memorable and effective. Create an event planning template that will ensure that all the key players are on the same page about what needs to happen and when. Corporate days planning are a team effort; when done well, participants will have a seamless, memorable experience that adds value to their work.

Having adventure activities to perform on corporate days helps in building confidence, strength and also creates bonding between employees. Before making arrangements for scheduling your activities; do a research on your employees about what kind of activities they love. This research is an incredible resource when it comes to planning corporate days activities. Looking at the company age and culture can be the key to choosing activities, is your company a more young and informal one or more mature and structured?

Thinking about these carefully will allow you to form groups easily and plan activities that will really get the most out of your corporate day. At Avalanche Adventures, we have a variety of activities for your employees to perform which require strength, stamina, focus, sheer will and a good bonding between team members. Take a look at the best corporate days activities.

Air Rifle Shooting

In Air rifle shooting different teams participate to shoot a given target and the team which scores more points wins the game. It is a fun and challenging target shooting activity and good for those who love to aim for something.

Every individual of a team needs to try and shoot the target from a specific distance and earn points for their team. Air rifle shooting lays emphasis on the importance of decision making when working with a team. It also determines if you have what it takes to hit the bulls-eye.

Blindfold Driving

Blindfold driving is all about trust, communication, patience and skills and an activity that requires at least four members including the blindfolded driver. A Land Rover which will be in second gear is given to the blindfold driver to drive it without using accelerator, clutch or brake until he reaches the last lap.

The other team members help the driver to navigate around the track using clear and direct instructions. Before starting the Blindfold Driving activity our instructor will take you through a 10 minutes brief and will tell you everything about the activity. Blindfold driving requires listening skills, verbal communication and coordination skills and is great for a corporate days activity.

Giant Jigsaw Puzzle

This activity requires focus, decision making and complete concentration on the game. In Giant Jigsaw Puzzle, teams have to work together to solve a puzzle as quickly as possible. Teams are first divided into groups and then separate bags will be given to them containing puzzle pieces.

At first, the teams will think that they have to solve the puzzle individually, but soon they will realize that there is no way of completing the puzzle unless they work in synchronization with other sub-teams as they are likely to hold the missing pieces of the puzzle.

At Avalanche Adventure, we conduct the activity at places which are big enough to accommodate all team members and can also make viewing the puzzle easier which will make the solving more fun. Giant Jigsaw Puzzle is one of the best corporate day’s activity in which teams are challenged on their organizational, leadership, and team skills.

Opposite Steer Buggy

In Opposite Steer Buggy, a buggy will be given to the team members. But, driving it may not be as simple as it sounds, as you steer to the left, the buggy goes to the right and vice versa. To perform this activity you have to go against everything that you have learnt about driving.

It is an interesting and challenging activity which requires copious amount of concentration. The little buggy runs on a series mini engine on a space frame and is fairly quick. Our expert instructor will help you understand and will give you tips for driving this buggy. Opposite steer buggy is a good corporate days’ activity for your employees that will show how much they can concentrate until they lose patience.

Avalanche Adventure’s activity centre is built across an area of 400 acres and situated in the heart of England. We have the perfect building, space and all facilities for holding a meeting pre or post activities, as well as excellent caterers which offer you a good meal.

No matter what is the size of your group, we cater for groups of all shapes and sizes. Avalanche Adventure’s activity centre is a great place for holding Christmas parties and to reward your staff for their performance or just to spent a day out from their daily work environment.

Avalanche Adventure is not just perfect for meetings and events, we have all the exhilarating and exciting activities which are designed for pure enjoyment and the ultimate adrenaline rush for your corporate days. These activities are helpful in team bonding, better communication, motivation, and organization for your employees as well as business.

Apart from holding corporate days at Avalanche Adventures, we offer many other activities and events such as; 4×4 Pay and Play, Team building activities, amphibious vehicle driving, Off road driving, etc. So Contact us today and book our venue for your corporate days.