6 Company Outings That Guarantee Employees An Amazing Time

Company Outing; group of people sitting atop a mountain watching the sunset


If you’ve started noticing droopy shoulders in your workplace, then it’s time to organise a company outing!

A corporate day out is not only an excellent way to facilitate bonding between your employees but it can also lower their stress levels and offer them an opportunity to know one another better.

However, what type of team building events can guarantee an incredible time for your employees?

Perhaps you can search for “employee engagement activities” on Google, but you’re only going to stumble across generic ideas like professional development events and field trips. This might sound interesting at first, but where’s the thrill and excitement in that?

At Avalanche Adventure, we know exactly what your employees need to blow off some steam and have a great, fun time. 

Whether you have a small or large group of employees, we have the perfect outdoor activities for an amazing company outing for everyone; these are sure to improve your teamwork!

Let’s take a look.

1. Unique Power Turn Buggy Driving

group of people driving a power turn buggy

A completely unique driving experience, our power turn buggies are whacky machines with twin-engine, twin-seats and six wheels.

What’s more, each driver has their own joystick to control the engine and the rear wheel, meaning this activity requires solid teamwork and communication from your employees to make this work.

Why not book your slots for an incredible power turn buggy driving experience?

You can see whether your team can conquer our winding course or will they keep spinning in circles?

2. Go-Kart Racing

Company Outing; person driving a go-kart with other competitors in the background

Another amazing company outing idea that you can consider is go-kart racing with your teammates.

Through this team building event, your employees will feel amped up as they have a great time trying to beat each other. What’s more, your team can engage in a friendly competition and that will be fun to watch and experience. 

If you want, you could even make go-kart racing an annual employee engagement event; that way, you can have a prize for the fastest teammate.

Since many go-karting facilities have a bar and other video games, it will also work in favour of the employees who wish to avoid getting behind the wheels.

3. Opposite Steer Buggy Driving

man driving an opposite steer buggy

As the name suggests, the steering wheel in this buggy works in the opposite way when compared to other cars. This means, if you steer right, the buggy goes left and vice versa.

That said, in this activity, your team needs great hand-eye coordination because only then can they get the directions right and complete the race.

If you’re ready to test the driving skills of your team while putting them in the headspace for a small, friendly competition, then head to our booking page and confirm your slots today!

4. Bowling

Company Outing; a group of people indulging in a game of bowling

Bowling is a lot of fun and also counts as an excellent company outing because it’s a win-win for everyone.

Put simply, if you’ve got a team who have some mean bowling skills up their sleeve, then they can try bowling a perfect 300. If not, it could be a goofy experience, provided there’s a bar or snack counter around. 

Additionally, this team building event is an amazing opportunity for upbeat and lightweight interaction between employees while they wait for their turn.

5. Camping With a BBQ Evening

group of friends enjoying a campfire

If you want to conduct a chill day out with your employees, then camping and a BBQ evening at our campsite can be the best work social event.

However, to make this more interesting, you can have your team participate in our lost explorer experience. In this activity, they can learn all about the ultimate survival like shelter building, fire skills, water source challenge and more – all in a half or full day’s session!

Visit our website and book a slot for your team today!

6. Arcade

Company Outing; an arcade with different types of games

You can never be too old to visit the nearby arcade and indulge in different games it has to offer.

That said, why not conduct a company outing at the arcade and split your team into two groups to see who wins the most tickets. At the end of the day, whichever team has the maximum tickets, you can give them a prize like a lunch together or perhaps an activity voucher to Avalanche Adventure.

There are fun arcades all around; all you need to do is run a Google search and find one that’s the most convenient to everyone.

To Conclude

Employee happiness is an extremely crucial thing, and what better way to make them feel motivated than going on a company outing.

Team building events like the ones we’ve mentioned above can help reduce the stress of your team while sustaining that good feeling in them. That said, ensure that you’re frequently conducting these activities to keep the morale of your team high!

Contact Avalanche Adventure for Team Building Activities

If you’ve decided to take your employees for a fun corporate day out, then do get in touch with our team.

Offering an array of employee engagement activities perfect for everyone in your office, we make sure that you and your team have one hell of a time at our activity centre.

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