4 Fun Outdoor Activities To Reconnect With Your Employees

ways to reconnect with employees; a group of people in matching shirts taking a hike


Working remotely for the past few months may have been the norm for many businesses but with things getting back to normal, going back and working in the office is now possible.

Having said that, months of interaction over devices and laptops have somewhere made us feel disconnected from one another; working on that has now become more essential to improve communication and teamwork between employees and colleagues.

That said, you need not go down the traditional route with boring corporate activities that feel robotic. Rather, why not opt for something a little more fun that not only ensures you reconnect with your employees but also guarantees an enjoyable day out?

If you’re looking for fun ways to reconnect with employees, we’ve got you covered. Here we’ve put together a list of fun outdoor activities that lets you reconnect with your employees in the best way possible.

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. An Off Road Racing Adventure

ways to reconnect with employees; a 4x4 off roading in a rocky course

If you and your team’s idea of fun involves adrenaline rushes with a slightly competitive atmosphere, off road racing can be the perfect adventure for you.

Whether it is on a Land Rover across uneven terrain or a muddy course in high-octane Gemini buggies, you and your team can have an absolute blast racing each other. With this, you also get a great chance to break any awkwardness or ice to reconnect with your colleagues.

It doesn’t stop here though. At Avalanche Adventure, we also offer a fun 4×4 pay and play day that lets you drive around on a course that guarantees an incredible day out. 

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2. A Quad Biking Experience

ways to reconnect with employees; a person riding an ATV

If experiencing the best of nature on an ATV sounds like something right up your alley, a quad biking experience with your employees can be something you could consider.

The unique design of an ATV makes it different from traditional vehicles; the experience of riding a fun quad bike across the scenic countryside with your colleagues can create memories and a fun atmosphere that everyone will remember.

Additionally, with the views, the fun and the laughs, you can reconnect with your employees in a fun way.

3. A Blindfold Driving Session

a person driving a VW car

If you’re looking for something more serious yet fun to reconnect with employees and improve communication, a blindfolding driving session can be something you and your team can try out.

Blindfold driving aims to improve teamwork, communication and trust skills for better relationships among your team members. Since this activity requires one to be blindfolded and driving the car with the other giving instructions on how to navigate the path, the activity definitely helps build trust between team members.

Additionally, with a unique course that is tight and twisty, the activity serves as the perfect challenging atmosphere for your employees.

4. Outdoor Team Development And Training Activities

A group of people having food and drinks together

Outdoor team training activities are conventional yet fun ways to reconnect with employees. Since these activities aim to improve team skills and perform better together, opting for these training activities is always a good idea.

What’s more, opportunities or activities that let people collaborate and brainstorm always help with reconnecting and rebuilding relations that may have become detached. To make this all the more exciting, you could add outdoor sessions to the mix and provide your team with a better environment to work on their skills together.

After these outdoor team building activities, going out with the team for food and drinks can be the perfect end to the day and while hanging out together, you can go over the newly formed memories.

Visit Avalanche Adventure For Amazing Outdoor Activities

With so many fun ways to reconnect with employees, all you need to do is find the right activity that appeals to you and your team. This makes Avalanche Adventure the perfect place for you!

From fun outdoor adventures including quad biking and clay pigeon shooting to our team building and training session, with us, you’re guaranteed to find an incredible outdoor adventure that helps you reconnect with your employees.

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