7 Ways to Improve Employee Morale

ways to reconnect with employees; a group of people in matching shirts taking a hike

Some companies don’t realise just how important it is to boost employee morale. If your employees are feeling a little down in the dumps, it will have a direct impact on their productivity.

In order to avoid this situation, there are some simple and effective techniques that you can apply as these are guaranteed to give employee morale a boost almost instantly. These simple methods will surely spark a positive change in all of them.

Take a look at the different ways that can help you in your quest to improve the employee morale in your organisation.

Have a weekly group discussion

When spirits are low in a workplace, keeping things quiet only worsens the situation. So, remedy this situation by having mini catch-up sessions where you can talk about the steps that are being taken to address any issues that have been raised.

Huddle together over a cup of coffee once a week and it will do wonders in raising the spirits of all employees. If they feel they are being listened to, they will feel that their opinions are respected and will feel valued – something of which will hugely improve work efficiency.

Break the routine

When people are in a bad place, they need to take a break from the daily grind and all the rules and regulations that come along with it.

Switch up the routine every now and again – beat the Monday blues by letting employees start late once a month. This will help them get their affairs in order at home, meaning they can come to work with a clear head – and yes, this also applies to those dreaded two-day hangovers!

Believe in the power of a ‘thank you’

This one is the easiest on the list as it takes the uttering of just two simple words. Say it out loud and make sure that you mean it. Feeling appreciated is one of the greatest motivators, so if you find that you often hold back giving positive feedback because you’re too busy doing your own thing, spare a few minutes to thank others when it’s deserved.

Just remember that it’s not all about money, as appreciation boosts employee morale like nothing else does.

Take one for the team

This one will take a bit of work on your part as you will need to figure out what the biggest stress point is for your employees and then take it upon yourself to fix it for them. Is it the monotony of filling out tedious time-sheets? Is it a particularly difficult client who nobody likes to handle? Be the bigger person, take a deep breath and tackle the problem yourself. It may just work wonders for team morale!

Have some fun

When the physical environment of a workspace stays the same, it can have an impact on the emotions of all employees.

Change the scene up a little by organising an unforgettable corporate day out. It could either be for a unique activity or maybe for some volunteering work for the greater good.

Being a company that offers amazing perks like a day of paintballing or some team-building over a quad-bike safari will mean that you get better results from your workers than other businesses who don’t do this.

Let the employees nap

If you have the space, put together a common room with a sofa or two where employees can go get some shut-eye. If you have the budget, splurge on a good recliner and some blankets too.

A 20-minute nap during their lunch break will help rejuvenate their mind-set and if you have employees who work overtime, this could perhaps be the best idea to help increase their productivity and their overall mood.

Organise something a bit out of the ordinary

Treating your employees to cupcakes one afternoon is indeed a nice gesture but it might not be enough to lift their spirits. Try something different – if your employees sit staring at screens all day long, it might be a good idea to hire a masseuse or a massage therapist so that the employees can enjoy a quick and satisfying back and shoulder rub.

Or maybe take them out on an adventure day where they can participate in various group activities for an entire day.

Small gestures and changes here and there can go a long way in improving employee morale. So, put in some thought and help towards making your employees happy and productive.

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