Fathers Day: Gifts To Get A Dad Who Wants Nothing

So, you’ve finally grown old enough to truly spoil your father on the one day that was created to celebrate him.

For every year of your life, you’ve probably pondered hard on what to gift him for Father’s Day. After all, what can you gift your first role model?

It’s a difficult choice, we know! Especially when there is so much out there. Do you send him away for a no-expenses spared vacation, to a land where his feet have never been? The very feet that probably walked alongside yours when you took your first steps. Or would a day of golf be more his thing?

We understand the pressure that comes along with planning something special, for a special person, on a special day. For this reason, we have put together some of the best ideas possible to make sure the day is magical for your first ever superhero.

Activities: The Perfect Gift

When you think of the times that you have spent with your father, chances are high that you will find some of the best of them in your childhood. You may not even remember it, but when your father used to play games with you and throw you up into the air, you had a big wide smile on your chubby little baby face.

There’s something special about participating in an activity together that is memorable. It makes us connect to others in an instant. Whether it was that fishing trip you took together or that trip to Disneyland that you both never forgot, you revelled in joy when spending time with your father, even if he did tell you off for being naughty a little too often for your liking.

So, why not reconnect with your father in an old-fashioned way by spending some one-on-one time doing something he enjoys?

‘But my Dad isn’t into Adventure’

Not all fathers are created equal. In fact, that applies to every single human being on this planet. There are some who’d rather have a few beers down the pub, but that’s what makes life so interesting – there is something for everyone, and you know your dad best.

So, you must be wondering why you should choose Avalanche Adventure for a day as special as this?

The reason is simple. Even for those fathers who aren’t exactly seeking cut-throat adventure, there are many fun activities that they can participate in that will make a change from sitting in front of the TV.

Hovercraft Experience

Do not judge an activity by its name. If you’re unfamiliar with what a hovercraft is, you may think of it as a complex machine that belongs on a different planet.

But alas, it is not (sorry for all those Sci-Fi loving dads and kids out there). It is a unique experience because it defies the regular tyre road interaction that we are all so accustomed to. It is so different that you may not even be able to put it into words when you are asked to talk about it afterwards.

It doesn’t require having an extreme adventure streak to sit on what looks like an inflated balloon and be taken for a ride on land and water. It is an activity performed under expert supervision to ensure that you have a memorable experience, all while being completely safe.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

If your father is fascinated with firearms or has mentioned previously that he would love to go shooting, you may find you have trouble stopping him running to the shooting range once you tell him about your plans to take him.

But even if he isn’t a huge fan of guns, you can still gift him this unique experience and add a tinge of excitement to his special day. You never know, it might end up being something he loves or something he was always wanted to do.

Busy dads don’t always get the time to explore the things they are interested in, but now that you’re a little more grown up, you can encourage him to indulge in his desires.

For those fathers who prefer to have a quiet time in the lap of Mother Nature, this shooting activity offers a perfect getaway from the hustle bustle of busy adult life.

Once you enter the shooting ground, you will only have trees and the sound of nature as company. For the dads out there, who love to be in and amongst nature, regardless of what the elements are up to, then clay pigeon shooting is definitely the sort of present he will be chuffed with.


Archery is one such activity that can be enjoyed across all age groups. One doesn’t need to be an Olympic athlete to take aim and strike the board (or miss it, as even that can be fun!)

Once your father holds the bow in his hand, the thought of striking that sweet spot on the board won’t allow him to rest until he actually does. The only problem with this is that your father may become a little addicted with hitting that beloved bullseye!

Archery is the perfect way to spend some quiet time together as it requires less physical effort but also engages the mind at the same time.

It keeps your focus in place and fills you with a competitive spirit to strike the bullseye. If you and your dad were always competitive when playing games whilst you were growing up, this will reignite all of those wonderful memories from years ago.

Quad Bike Safari

Roads take you where they want to take you. But off-road tracks are not so limiting, which is why quad bikes are so bloody fun!

So, if you’ve become tired of treading on concrete roads and wish to explore some beaten tracks, hop onto one of our state-of-the-art quad bikes and prepare to get muddy.

At Avalanche Adventure, we ensure that all guests are accompanied during their quad bike experience at all times, so your dad will be in safe hands and will be guided the entire time. We also provide you with the safety gear required, as we believe it is important for you to suit up before enjoying such rides.

Our Activity Centre

The Activity Centre at Avalanche Adventure is huge – 400 acres to be specific. It is a playground for thrill-seeking adventurous adults, as well as those who love to be in amongst nature as often as possible. It is always abuzz with life and the reason behind it is the activities that thrill seekers gladly indulge in.

There’s an activity for every type of dad out there. For those dads who love food, they can binge on the barbeque and chill out in the marquee after a day’s worth of awesome activities. It will certainly not be a Father’s Day that your dad will forget any time soon…

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