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Avalanche Adventure

Hovercraft Experience


Experience the most varied and exciting Hovercraft adventures in the country.
Ever fancied trying something very exhilarating with a difference,well how about a hovercraft experience?

Unlike any other vehicle the hovercraft floats on a cushion of air so it is a very different and unusual sensation.

After a short introduction,demonstration and safety briefing you will be ready to start your solo challenge around our land based course scoring points if you don't hit the posts..

With the crafts basic controls of a throttle and a rudder, there are no brakes!! You need to be forward thinking and have good judgment to guide yourself smoothly and accurately around the course. Where you think you should slow down you actually need to accelerate!!

We advise that anyone taking part wears appropriate outdoor clothing, boots, wellies or trainers depending on the weather. (minimum group size of 6 people)


The minimum age for a solo driver is 14 due to our insurance but the younger person can experience the hovercraft as a passenger with one of our instructorsBook Now

  • Fun for all the family!
  • Our Fleet
  • An experience like no other!

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