5 Reasons Why A Corporate Day Out Should Be Your Company’s Priority

We have all been subjected to it – the conventional dose of corporate jargon associated with planning fun team-building days for your staff.

Even the articles written to try make the idea seem more feasible can drain the life out of any business-savvy individual reading it.

The team at Avalanche Adventure could not bear to read another one, so we thought we would put together a blog on why corporate days out that include adrenaline pumping activities are great for improving workplace performance.

Most articles on the Internet about corporate days out would read something like this:

“ 1. Boosts productivity

  1. Increases communication
  2. Relieves stress and anxiety
  3. Helps build a better team
  4. blah.. blah.. blah..”

But our list of 5 reasons cannot be like the rest, for fear of boring you all to death. So we decided to talk directly about the activities on offer at our site and how they can improve workplace efficiency.

Take the Off-Roading Experience

We have grown so accustomed to pavements that we may have forgotten what the soft earth on an unguarded trail feels like under our feet. A Land Rover off-road driving experience will certainly remind you of what it feels like to run a little wild.

Work Benefit:

If a person in your team has been experiencing a temperament issue at office, our Off-Roading experience is bound to lower their blood pressure.

We are so used to being shown the path ahead that we may have forgotten what venturing into the wild feels like. With incessant deadlines that never seem to relent, this sort of activity could definitely improve the morale of most of your workers.

Relieve their stress by jumping on the fun bandwagon like everyone else, which in our case is a beast that goes by the name of Land Rover Defender.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

We may not express it so openly, but many of us harbours a fascination to hold a gun in our hand at least once during our lifetime… especially those of us who are particularly into action movies! To listen to the sound of a gun firing fills most individuals with adrenaline, which will surely get your staff rearing to go at work, too.

Work Benefit:

Suppose there is a person in your team with an imbalanced work-life balance and you wish to give that person a little more excitement in their life – simply hand over a gun and ask them to fire at the next clay pigeon they see.

For those staff who find it hard to struggle, perhaps the recoil from the shot will be enough to bring them back to their senses.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or a seasoned shooter. It is always a good time to see and learn something new.

Work Benefit:

Clay pigeon shooting is not always as easy as it looks. It sometimes feels like those clay pigeons have a will of their own. They will test your teams patience, so to increase focus and patience amongst your staff, this is the perfect activity for it.


Alright! So, if your workers don’t feel ready to take that step to real shooting yet and fear holding a real gun, paintballing could be the ideal choice instead.

Paintballing is an amazingly fun activity that will leave you and the office staff laughing for days to come – though watch out, you will all have the bruises on your legs to prove it!

Work Benefit:

If there is a little tension in the office at the moment between certain members of staff, this could be the perfect opportunity for them to “have it out” – without causing any real issues at work.

This activity is also brilliant for individuals who have a hugely competitive streak. Rather than competing too strenuously at work (because whilst competition is good, taking things too seriously can be unhealthy), your staff can prove their worth on the battlefield instead during a corporate day out.

Disclaimer: If you’re a boss that is renowned for being unrelenting, be prepared to come out of this activity a little more than just a bit bruised…

Opposite Steer Buggy

Sometimes, no matter whether we love our jobs or not, we all start to feel a little disgruntled with the day-to-day activities of mundane life.

The opposite steer buggy is great fun because it just doesn’t feel quite right! You go left when you want to go right and the whole thing is a little mind warping. Going back to basics and learning how to drive again can be fantastically fun, plus it means that your workers have to actually concentrate hard to achieve what they want.

Work Benefit:

When you’re driving a machine that does exactly the opposite of what you intend it to, it challenges your mind to think at another level. This sort of activity is great for building problem solving skills.

For those who haven’t tried off-roading before and want to take it slow, the opposite steer buggy is a great choice.

Blindfold Driving

If we were to tell you that blindfolding yourself and driving can be great fun, you’d probably think of us as plain crazy. But don’t worry, we don’t send you in there alone.

You’ll be in a car with one of your work colleagues who will guide the way for you (or not, depending on how nice they are feeling!)

Work Benefit:

When our eyes are shut, we panic. Our body refuses to move an inch. But if you actually do it, walk with your eyes closed that is, you’d feel the fear melt away. If walking with eyes closed can make your fear vanish, driving with your eyes closed could make you feel invincible.

This could impact onto challenges at work that your staff encounter. Having confidence in themselves can mean they get a lot more done and if you have members of staff who are reluctant to take on new challenges, this could help them be more receptive the next time they arise.