Budget Hen Party Ideas Any Bride-To-Be Will Love

All of us have been in this situation before – your best friend excitedly tells you that she’s engaged and that she wants you to be the chief bridesmaid. When all the excitement passes, you’re left with the reality of the situation, which is that you’ve got to plan the perfect hen party!

Whilst others might see this as an honour, other’s see the responsibility as something that is insanely nerve-racking.

But it doesn’t have to be terrifying at all and with the right planning and support, you may actually enjoy the experience.

Of course, you’ll have to plan things with the bride in mind and it is certainly worth talking to the other bridesmaids to see what nuggets of information they may hold about the bride-to-be.

The key is to get a comprehensive idea as to what the bride wants and plan the day accordingly in line with her requirements. Hopefully her list isn’t too extensive, but hey, there are some diva brides out there, so be prepared for some brides to go all Mariah Carey on you!

At Avalanche Adventure, we understand that hen parties are absurdly heavy on your pockets and usually a little embarrassing for the future bride – especially if male dancers are invited along…

So, to help you steer clear of making any huge mistakes, we’ve prepared a fail-safe list of ideas that cater to every sort of bride out there. Not only that, but they are budget-friendly hen party ideas that every bride-to-be will love.

Weekend Away

At first, this might not look like a budget-friendly option. But believe us when we say that there’s no need for you to shell out an absolute fortune on air travel to enjoy a nice weekend away.

There are dozens of breath-taking options that are perfect for hen party’s being organised on a budget.

One such option is to take the bride-to-be and all the other members of the hen party to the water. If you want to keep dry, all you need to do is hire a boat and grab a bottle of champagne or two… If you’re feeling more adventurous, there are all sorts of water activities to be getting involved in, such as jet-skiing, canoeing or scuba diving.

If you don’t fancy an entire weekend on the water, simply hire a boat for that day and make plans for the weekend any way in which you and the bride will love – whether that’s grabbing some tasty grub in a nice country pub or partying the night away in super clubs. It’s your choice!

A Mother-Friendly Party

If the bride-to-be’s mum, aunt and even 80 year old nan are coming to the hen party, you may need to revaluate your options. Perhaps those topless butlers aren’t quite as suitable as you originally thought…

A great alternative is a group class session that you can all get involved in.

Give your friend the gift of her own perfume, by spending an entire day making the perfect scent.  Learn the art of mixing natural ingredients, then you can all create your own, bottle it and take it home as an awesome souvenir. Better yet, you can even name the scents you create.

But it doesn’t just have to be perfume you create – you can learn to make wine or even take an afternoon cooking class. The world is your oyster.

Activity Day Out

The bride to be may be somewhat of an adrenaline junkie and if that’s the case, afternoon tea and some light-hearted chit-chat just won’t cut it.

Or perhaps the bride-to-be doesn’t get out as much as she would like, and she is wanting to do something different.

Whatever the case, there are activities out there to suit every thrill seeker. You can choose from dozens of fun activities, including quad bike experiences, archery and paintballing.

Karaoke Night Out

This hen party is technically the bride’s last night of freedom, so make sure that you give her the greatest send off. Organise a hen party that is worth remembering!

Speaking of organising a memorable hen do, why not arrange a karaoke night out? Look for a place that is renowned for delivering an amazing karaoke experience, then get everyone to belt their favourite tunes out to their hearts content.

There are several places that not only have incredibly themed cocktails to sip whilst you’re singing, but that also offer private booths with entertaining props and accessories to make the night even more hilarious.

From Metallica to Motown, the list is never-ending, meaning there should be no excuses from the other party members. Not to mention, the booth can hold up to 15 people only, so don’t worry about others hearing your dulcet tones! These sort of booth’s provide the perfect location for a hen party venue.

There we have it! Now, if you’re being told to organise your friend’s hen party venue, do not panic! Simply pick up any of the above-mentioned hen party ideas and make it a day she won’t ever forget. For more ideas, feel free to contact us and rest assured, you won’t go wrong!