6 Stag Do Activities Every Guy Will Approve Of

So, your best mate has pulled off a spectacular proposal and is in line to tie the knot soon… What’s more, he has bestowed upon you the highest honour of being his best man. Firstly, congratulations are in order!

With that, your friend deserves a stag do that he is going to remember for a long time to come as hopefully he is only ever going to have the one. So, now it’s up to you to plan one hell of a stag do for the entire gang.

We’ve put together these 6 adrenaline-inducing activities for the guys to get high on and we have no doubts that each one of them will be thanking you for years to come…


Throughout the years, paintballing has been one of the most popular activities and it provides the perfect activity for a stag do venue. This action-packed, adrenaline pumping, fast paced activity has got all the elements that will keep the lads busy for a long time.

And let’s all be honest here, when we get the chance to shoot our best mates (and not kill them), we wouldn’t pass up on it too easily now, would we? Use this as a chance to settle some overdue scores and be remembered for your spectacular performance! Just try not embarrass the groom too much, will you?


Try as you might, the need for speed is something that cannot be fully quenched from bog-standard driving alone.

Have fun going around the laps and race to see who in your group is the speediest of them all. Though a quick disclaimer, this is a stag do activity that brings out the competitive side of your buddies, so be prepared for some ego’s to be a little hurt afterwards…

Bubble Soccer

This is one activity that is going to give you all a stitch with laughter. You are essentially put inside an inflatable zorb ball and then have to try your best to score goals against the opposite team.

The guys will be flying all over the place and crashing into each other, which is pretty hilarious when you’re safely tucked inside a giant zorb ball.

Stag vs. Food Challenge

This activity is quickly catching on as the star attraction of all the stag do venues. The groom will have to take on an impossible chomp fest that will stretch both his limit and his belt to the breaking point.

Watch your buddy trying hard to get it all down as he attempts to win a place on the wall and a t-shirt to sport his eating prowess. Feel free to get some photographic evidence of him chowing down on a disgusting amount of food whilst you’re at it.

Quad Bike Safari

This activity is one that is filled with fun and thrills and it’s certainly one that every guy will appreciate. A quad bike safari is the perfect stag do venue. You can zoom off the beaten track while enjoying the riveting fresh country air.

This activity is as exciting as it gets with its steep ascents, rocky tracks, muddy water and side slopes – a real test of your abilities we should add!


If you want the best of the outdoor thrills then canoeing is your go to activity. It gives you the chance to reacquaint yourself with nature and it is also a great excuse to get absolutely soaking wet, especially in the summer.

You will have your Bear Grylls moment with this one, we promise! This activity has more to it than just bobbing about on the water. You get to cruise alongside a magnificent landscape and witness nature’s best work, all whilst experiencing the biggest rush. Definitely an activity that should be on your stag do itinerary.

With these fun-filled activities to look forward to, your stag do plan will get the seal of approval from everyone and the groom will pat himself on the back for choosing you as his best man.

So, with all that in mind, stop dragging your heels and book a  stag do venue that everyone will be laughing about for many years to come.