The Ultimate Stag Do Checklist

Now that your best friend has told you of his plans to have you as his best man, it’s time to get your head down, because the role brings with it a lot of responsibility – and no, that doesn’t just involve delivering a kick ass speech either.

With great power comes great responsibility and do not make the mistake of underestimating this very important milestone in your best friend’s life. Prepare yourself to be drowning in demands, some of which are not the most exciting… we’re talking suit fittings, guarding the ring with your life and of course, guiding your best pal through the inevitable cold-feet scenario.

But there’s one extremely important job that needs to be done but this one is at least something that you’ll enjoy, once it’s all sorted that is…

Planning the perfect stag do is no easy task, as it’s not going to be just any weekend. But it doesn’t have to be the most daunting task in the world if you approach it with some careful consideration.

To save you some brain space, we’ve compiled the ultimate stag do checklist that will save you more than just one headache… And yes, you can thank us later.

Who’s Coming?

You need to figure out who to invite. And remember, this isn’t YOUR stag-do, so the guest list should not just be full of people you like. If your best mate has a friend that you’ve never got on with, bite the bullet and invite him anyway.

The next thing that needs to be done is to work out how big stag do is going to be and then accordingly send across invites to all the lads. You can keep it small and quaint with just close friends and family or go ahead and invite friends from work and school.

In any case, let them all know about the stag do as soon as you can, so everyone can make it to your best pal’s celebration. It’s their last day of freedom after all, so who would want to miss that?

When Is It?

Next on the list is to figure out when to host the stag do party. If your plan is to indulge in some adventurous outdoor activities , it will be best to do it in summer. If you’re planning to do something that involves a lot of alcohol and some clubs, then you’ll be best to do it over the weekend so that those involved have some time to recover.

Try not to pick a date that is dangerously close to the wedding date. Give the main man the space he will need to get over his hangover in peace before walking down the aisle and saying those all-important two words.

What’s the Budget?

This part may be a little awkward, but it’s super important. You can’t properly plan the ultimate stag-do without knowing how much each member is willing to pay.

You might get lucky and find that everyone involved is open to spending a fair whack to have a good time, and if so, happy days! But you will need to consider everyone involved as there may be others who really can’t afford to splash the cash.

Budget will be the biggest factor when deciding on the stag-do venue. Whilst some of the lads in the group may be thinking Vegas, there are others that may be thinking of celebrating with something fun, but a little more easy on the wallet, such as an activity day out.

Many companies and hotels offer rather good discounts for stag dos, so come up with a list of possibilities and ask for everybody’s opinion.

Plan for Fun Activities

If there’s any activity that is long overdue, now is the time to cross it off everyone’s list. Take your pick from activities like off road driving , bubble football, breakout rooms, archery, water-sports and beer pong – the options are endless.

There are many places that offer paintball, laser tag and crazy golf, all of which are perfect for stag dos. Make sure the stag-do involves some team games and group activities as they always go down a treat with everyone, but especially the competitive guys within the group.

Surprise, Surprise!

So, you’ve got the people on board, the location is booked and so are all the activities – the only thing left to do is plan a few dares or forfeits and get that horrendously embarrassing maid outfit for your unlucky mate to wear.

If you’re stuck for forfeits, try organising a harmless drinking game or an eating contest. A stag do is incomplete without a few entertaining moments that make the groom go red in the face.

So, there you have it. This is the ultimate checklist that will make your job as the best man fairly easy, if followed correctly.

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