9 Hen Do Tips You Must Follow to Avoid Any Last Minute Tantrums

9 Hen Do Tips You Must Follow to Avoid Any Last Minute Tantrums

Planning for a wedding is a humungous task, which is why the bride-to-be needs to take a break from the hustle and bustle and celebrate the last few days left of her singledom. To celebrate her last few days of being an unmarried woman, a hen party is in order.

But organising the perfect hen do comes with its fair share of stress. Worry not, however, as we are here to save the day and put an end to all the last-minute bridal party tantrums with these 9 simple tips.

Make it as inexpensive as possible

So, you dreamt of a hen party that was going to take place in some exotic faraway location because you feel your best friend deserves it, but as much as that may be true, you need to understand that not everybody has the budget for lavish celebrations, so take this into consideration.

Hen parties can be an expensive affair. If the budget is tight, you can have a small weekend get together with some fun activities like archery and blindfold driving, which cost just £25 per person!

It should be fun for everyone

We understand that this event is all about the bride to be, but it is important to try make it fun for everyone involved. Pick activities that all the girls will enjoy and we guarantee that you will be left with some pleasant memories to look back on. Unless the bride specifically wants to do a particular activity, ask around and see what everyone has in mind.

Maybe Sarah’s idea of a great hen do is to go bar hopping and get drunk, but Emma wants to go shoot some clay pigeons. You need to find a middle ground and make sure that you honour everybody’s wishes so that it’s fun and entertaining for everyone.

Clean the dust off from some of those board games or get that karaoke machine fixed and you are in for an evening full of laughter and amusement.

Plan a pre-party introduction

A hen party is going to be an event where lots of different people from different parts of your best friend’s life will get together to celebrate. You will need to get a list from your best friend so that you can make sure you are not leaving out important uni friends or ex work colleagues that your friend may want there.

Given that many members of the hen-party may be strangers, it only makes sense that they get to know each other before the event. So, call for a small pre-introduction party – it might be difficult to organise, but it will be worth it when the introductions are out of the way and everyone is familiar with each other, meaning everyone will enjoy the weekend away much more.


Ensure that you are organised and but not too bossy as it might not go down too well with the others. Two heads are always better than one, so if you can speak to other bridesmaids and close friends/relatives of the bride to get ideas, we certainly suggest you do!

Delegating the responsibility to other members of the hen-do will take the pressure off, which will mean you can enjoy your time there too.

Don’t compromise on your forty winks

You may be thinking “yeah right, as if that’s going to happen!” But trust us when we say, you wouldn’t want your day’s activities to be ruined by the hangover you’ve been nursing from the previous night. So, get a good night’s sleep!

When arranging a weekend or week away, make sure that you plan time for essential rest as you don’t want everyone feeling exhausted and grumpy by the end of day two!

Buy thank you gifts

If you can find the money, create some thank you gifts for the other hen’s for helping you to plan such a wonderful hen-do party for your best friend. This can be something that they can use at the hen party itself, such as matching costumes to wear on the day or a box of chocolates to share over a bottle of wine after a day of outdoor activities….

Have an extra stash of cash

Ensure that you have some extra cash on you when planning for a hen party. Be it for a cab to get one of the drunk girl’s home, or funds to pay for an emergency flight. It’s good to plan ahead, so try to be the responsible member of the hen party if you can.


Be it a full blown adventurous activity weekend, or a quaint little gathering, make sure that you dot the i’s and cross the t’s to avoid any last-minute hold ups.

If it is adventure that you seek, get in touch with us today. You can check the price list for hen parties right here or get your hands on our vouchers here!