Team Building – The Most Important Investment You’ll Ever Make!

Inside the walls of an office, a team learns to work together. But it is outside the perimeters of the office that the bond actually becomes stronger. It may take a fantastic leader to put together a great team, but it takes a visionary to understand just how important it is for the team to be close.

Bringing employees closer as friends can be a daunting task. After all, it isn’t necessary that a tried and tested method of motivation will trigger the same response from each team.

Being crusaders of an adrenaline-based lifestyle, we would like to introduce you to an ancient wisdom, an age-old technique to strengthen the bond between employees… It is to get your staff OUT of the office!

Following are some reasons that make Team Building activities the most important investment that a business can make:

Dare To Be Different

Some of us have developed immunity towards the run-of-the-mill team building activities that we can easily look up on the internet. These activities can be so dull that they can actually weaken the team instead of making it stronger.

If only you could respectfully turn down a team building solution such as ‘solving this big puzzle together will get us closer…’ and find something better.

If only you could tell them how the modern-day employee needs more than just board games to make office colleagues fond of each other.

Well, guess what? You can do exactly that as there really is a better solution awaiting you and your team that doesn’t involve sitting around a table solving puzzles…

Be Adventurous

Subjecting your employees to an environment in which they spend five days a week can hardly be conducive for hosting team building activities.

So, trying to build a stronger team without changing their surroundings may not be very effective. Also, making them participate in mundane games will only worsen the problem as they really would rather be cracking on with work if working together on puzzles is the only alternative.

Here’s how you can use the outdoors to your advantage when looking to bridge the distance between employees.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

When you are short listing an activity that you believe your employees would have fun participating in, it may be a good idea to take into consideration any common interests that your team members may share.

Making them perform an activity which is familiar to them already can make them more competitive, as well as more comfortable and that is when the real fun begins, as employees only begin to get closer when they reveal their true selves.

For example, a team that shares a passion for driving cars can be made to participate in blindfold driving, which brings people together as teamwork is the only way that car is staying on the road!

Most leaders think that including a speech that highlights the importance of setting professional goals will direct them to a common objective and bring them closer as a team, but unsurprisingly, it hardly ever works.

If you take them out on the adventure playground that Avalanche Adventure is, maybe you will rekindle the child within them. Maybe you will get to see the childlike glee on their face that just won’t show itself in office. And as we already know, excitable children become friends far easier than grown adults.

Plan Ahead

Suppose you are instructing your blindfolded friend behind the steering wheel about the path ahead. You can’t change your plans midway and jump out of a moving car. In this way, our team building activities will not only bring them closer as individuals, but it will also make them better at sticking to their plans. That is why a corporate day out should be at the top of your list.

Suppose you decide to include archery as a team building activity on your corporate day out.

Are your team members keen to try archery but have no clue how it works? Don’t worry, we can guide each and every one of your teams through it, form demonstrating how the bow should be held, to how the arrow can be shot so that it doesn’t miss the target.

Safety First

Here at Avalanche Adventure, once you have shown the team how they can have fun together by participating in adventure, we move onto the next step of providing them with necessary safety gear that relieves them of worry and makes them enjoy an activity without being paranoid about getting hurt.

If you have recently watched Avengers Infinity Wars, you could be a bit sceptical about the whole suit-can-save-lives concept. But unless you have the same enemies as Black Panther, our safety gear should and will work just fine.

Makes their Appraisal Better

Employees have long conceded to the fact that appraisals are not at all about being praised, as the name may suggest. Some wake up screaming at the memory of their last one, while some only keep dreaming of a perfect appraisal.

When you’re making a team stronger at Avalanche Adventure, you’re also increasing the risk of more money rolling out of your pockets during appraisal. We explain how.

When a team begins to enjoy spending time together, they also learn to work well together. With greater co-operation, your team members may find it easier to achieve their professional goals and get better appraisals than the ones they’ve previously had in the past.

So, to make your employees connect better with each other, connect with us now by either requesting a voucher or filling out our booking form.